Alright I don't know about you but I didn't like how the Invisible ended. I can understand why they killed her but I still wish she hadn't. So, I'm going to put a new ending on this movie! I hope you like it!!

Annie knew she was going to die; it was just a matter of time.

She had tried to kill an innocent man, shot and killed her boyfriend, and threatened countless others. If there was a God, she thought, he was probably not going to forgive her and let her live, or go to Heaven. She didn't deserve it.

But she had conflicting thoughts.

On the one hand, she thought her time had come. She had done her one good deed. It was her fault that Nick ended up where he did, but she had set her wrong right. She was ready to go. To leave the pain, the sorrow, all the stuff she didn't really want to deal with anymore.

On the other hand, Annie would miss her brother. She didn't want to leave him with her uncaring dad and his ungrateful wife. Who knows what they would do with him. He was one of the only people she ever really loved.

And then there was Nick. She still didn't quite believe that he forgave her for what she did. She had very near killed him, after all. She wanted to know why though. She wanted to figure him out. He wasn't who she thought he was.

And so her mind fought. To live or not to live, that was the question.

Ok so I know it probably sucks, but it's just the introductory. Tell me if you like it and I should keep going! Pretty Please ??