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The smile that spread across Sasuke's face was light and dreamy as he watched Hinata's joyous expression from across the room. She sat on her cousin's couch cuddling a giggling toddler tightly in her lap, her nose wrinkling delightfully every time the little girl began babbling in broken baby talk. Ten Ten laughed gently from her place on the floor.

Sasuke still had a hard time tracing back events in his mind when he tried remembering what things used to be like. He had a difficult time trying to think of his life before Hinata. There was a great whirlwind of emotions in his heart whenever he tried to describe how he felt about her. How many things they'd gone through. How thankful he was to have her. Neji walked up next to Sasuke, leaning in the same manner as he on the counter that separated the living room from the kitchen.

"How was Paris?" Neji asked quietly, eyes softening when his wife ran weary fingers through brown, silken hair. Sasuke snorted, smile never leaving his face as he answered quietly without gathering the women's attention.

"Like here I guess… Except people speak French and the word 'romantic' is used a lot more." Neji chuckled.

"Sounds like the perfect honeymoon for her…" Sasuke nodded, continuing his study on his adorable wife.

"I had to rip the pen and paper away from her, would not stop scribbling things down except for… Well you know." He watched Neji warily from the corner of his eye and almost sighed in relief when it appeared Hinata's over protective cousin seemed to have brushed the comment aside with only the slightest tick under his left eye. Sasuke continued on. " She was ecstatic about getting out of the country, kept saying how long it's been… How is the whole father thing going?"

"Tiring. Mia is… a handful." He cringed when he heard Hinata let out a soft gasp followed by gentle pleading for the little girl to release her auntie's hair. "Two year olds are curious creatures." He finished with finality. Sasuke pressed his lips into a thin line and hoped his children would not cause him to have such a haunted expression on his face when someone asked about them.

"Mia t-that hurts…" Ten Ten laughed as she stood and untangled her daughter's pudgy fingers from Hinata's hair, taking the girl into her arms and taking a place beside Hinata on the couch. Mia immediately hid her face in her mother's neck, snuggling closer and yawning tiredly. "She's very beautiful Ten Ten, you must be so happy."

Ten Ten waved her hand dismissively in the air. "Oh, yes. Happy gum drops and all fun, whatever. Now tell me about your honeymoon while those two are distracted in 'man' talk." She jerked her head over towards Neji and Sasuke who seemed immersed in a mumbled conversation. A familiar blush crept along Hinata's cheeks, she pushed her index fingers together, clearing her throat and fighting the smirk wanting to play across her lips.

"There are so many different sights to see. We visited a lot of churches and we ate at a lot of different restaurants. The city is beautiful at night. I had a really good time…"

"Well I'm sure you did, you should see the look on your face." She teased, leaning her cheek against Mia's head. "I wish we had been able to go away on some romantic get away, but, of course, I was pregnant and sick as a dog most of the time." She sighed dreamily, smoothing her daughter's brown hair. "Then again, I guess I wouldn't change a thing."

"I think this is the last box…" Hinata began rummaging through the contents of said box in the middle of her and Sasuke's new apartment. She had spent the better of two weeks trying to get everything in proper working order. She was determined not to become buried in clutter as she had once been only a few years before.

"I think that one just have a bunch of junk we didn't know what to do with." Sasuke began flipping channels, yawning in to his mouth while Hinata continued her sorting.

"They're old toys, why do we have toys… Oh… they're yours." She giggled as a pillow made contact with the back of her head. Sasuke grumbled a few obscenities before stopping short at a particular channel.

"It's Sakura." Hinata dumped the toys back into their box and crawled over to where Sasuke sat, climbing into his lap.

"Let's watch, I haven't been following what's been going on though…" Both of them almost let their jaws drop when Sakura came on the screen, her pink hair cut short, a murderous gleam in those emerald eyes of hers. The 'bad boy' character with spiky hair stood across the room fom her, a cigarette hanging lazily on his lips. He seemed unsurprised to see her.

"You should know better than to smoke around me now." She spat, throwing the coat she had been holding aside. Her hands immediately found her hips, lips pouting in a way all too familiar to Sasuke. "It's like you don't even care. I thought you loved me… Obviously that's not the case if you don't even care enough to quit smoking for your child's health."

"Did she just say child?" Hinata's ears had perked up at the word and she was looking imploringly at Sasuke. "What could that mean? Do you think she's pregnant?" Sasuke shrugged. He hadn't bothered to contact his best friend or his ex since the night of their wedding.

His phone rang out suddenly and he dug around the sofa until he found it.

"Well speak of the devil." He pressed the phone to his ear and winced with the onslaught that was Naruto's voice.

"Hey Teme! Why didn't you tell me you were back? We're outside your door, let us in!" Hinata giggled at Sasuke's deepening scowl.

"No. Go away. Call before you come visit."

"Aw, come on Sasuke! It's been ages." Sakura's voice chimed. He looked to Hinata for help but groaned when he found she was already headed to the door.

"Hinata!" Sakura had Hinata in an embrace faster than Sasuke could blink. He came up behind them and was almost knocked down when Naruto decided to pounce on him.

"Teme! How the hell have you been?" He shoved his friend away roughly.

"Get off me dobe." Naruto was grinning from ear to ear and Sakura was shinning next to him. He always knew they would become an exuberant couple, he just wished they would go be exuberant else where. Sakura turned to Hinata.

"We have the best news!"

"You're pregnant!" Hinata answered in a matter of fact tone, clapping her hands over Sakura's. The woman's face fell considerably.

"Ino blabbed didn't she? Ugh, I fucking told her I wanted to tell people!"

"N-no!" Hinata shook her head vehemently. "We just saw on your show a-and put two and two together."

"Oh shoot, I forgot about that! How disappointing. I should have asked for more time before they wrote that in!"

Hinata ushered the two in to the living room with Sasuke trailing behind, hands shoved in to his pocket and looking as displeased as ever. Though deep down he was happy to be able to catch up with everyone.

They had had dinner with his family two nights before and he was thoroughly mortified when his mother kept badgering them for grandchildren. First it was when they were going to tie the knot and now grandchildren. He shook his head at the memory. At least it was better than the next night with her family.

Hiashi was all business and did not care much for dinner conversation. As for Hanabi, all she could manage were sly looks from her sister to him with the slightest hint of mirth beneath her smirk. She seemed to love to make the both of them squirm with her sexual innuendos.

He had to admit, hearing Sakura gush about Naruto was like music to his ears, so he sat back and enjoyed the evening. Life moved on in every aspect and he was content to have his fingers entwined with Hinata's. To sit next to her and pretend to pay attention when in actuality he was just watching her. To be able to kiss her as he pleased. To grumble to her about his brother's latest tyranny at work and Naruto's latest forwarded text message that went off during an important meeting.

"What do you think?" His brows furrowed together in confusion.

"About what?" He pulled her close to him, wrapping her in his tight embrace as the door clicked, signaling t their friend's departure.

"Starting a family?" Sasuke nuzzled his nose into her hair.

"We just got married." He felt her smile against his neck.

"I know…" She leaned away from him so she could gaze at him with her pearl colored eyes, capturing his undivided attention. He sighed.

"I wouldn't mind… trying…"

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