Before I knew it I was being brought to my feet, a cold arm wrapped around mine. The feeling of the touch was different than anything that I had ever felt. It was cold, and hard, but it did not push in against my skin like another pressure, it was like two equally sturdy forces were being pressed against each other. It was still dark, but I could see around the room fairly well. We headed towards a door on the far side of the room.

I had so many questions but I had no idea where to start. Where were we going? What just happened to me? Who are you? What do you want with me? I began to ask but before I could get even the first word out of my mouth I was cut off.

"Don't say anything. It will all be explained to you soon enough. Just come with me. The burning and the thirst will stop the faster we go."

He didn't say anything else. My eyes were still a bit blurry but I could make out his general figures. He had a hard look on his face; his blonde hair fell gracefully against his face. It wasn't until we were out on the street, well, dark alley, that I noticed his eyes again. The red was inhuman, monstrous almost. We walked about two blocks until we reached another old building. We went down a flight of stairs on the side of the building into another dark basement. This time, there were several others. Closest to the door were three boys, just standing, not saying anything to each other. They watched me as I entered the room.

The door slammed shut behind me. "We've got another," his voice echoed behind me, "Play nice." At the sound of his voice everyone in the room looked up.

He turned me around before I had time to actually see anyone in particular, to see their faces. "I have a lot to explain, and very little time." I looked up at him, meeting his blood red eyes again. "My name is Riley."

I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. My mind temporarily forgot all of my questions and confusion as I lost myself in his glare.

"Are you with me so far?" there was a short pause, and then he shook me.

Realizing he required a request I nodded my head, when I tried to make words they got caught in my throat.

"What you felt earlier, the pain, it is difficult to explain, but you will never feel that again, I promise you, but there is also no way of going back."

His words confused me. I said them over and over again in my head. He had given me a minute between each of his statements, I assume so that I could try to process what he was saying. It was a relief, of course, that I wouldn't have to endure it, but "What was it, though?" the sound of my own voice was unrecognizable.

"The thirst you have now?"

I considered it, and I had a burning still in my throat, as though all of the pain had never subsided. I nodded.

"It is a thirst like you have never had before. There is little else that I can explain without you being shown yourself, but Bree, you no longer will eat the same things that you used to, you won't have the same sensations, or the same feelings; you will be different than you have ever been. And you must get used to this, because it is your only choice.

I couldn't understand his words, and I assume that he read this on my face.

"I don't know how else to explain this, so I will merely have to show you myself. Stay here." He turned around, walked through the door, and closed it shut behind him. Time was passing, I couldn't say how long because I was unable to move, a stranger in my own body that couldn't understand how to function. The only change was a slow rise in volume around me. The boys by the door stayed quiet, but I could hear those behind me starting up conversation again.

The door re-opened, Riley stepped through the door, but in his arms was a boy. He looked so small in Riley's arms, but this though was soon lost to the smell.

There was one of the most delicious smells that I have ever experienced wafting my way. It seemed to be coming from where Riley was, but there was nothing that could explain it in sight.

"You see," Riley smiled, "it's different than before, nothing you've ever experienced, right?"

I nodded. The burning in my throat continued, but seemed more intense now with the addition of the scent. I realized that it was indeed coming from near Riley, it was coming from the boy.

"You want him, don't you?"

I could sense others slowly gathering towards us. The burning was getting more and more intense until I could barely stand it. I needed it. I needed him.

Before I could stop myself I was running, sprinting towards Riley. I tore the boy from his arms and …

The warm liquid filled my mouth and ran down my throat. It was an unbelievable sensation. I continued, unable to get my fill. The feeling was wonderful, such satisfaction.

"You see," I heard Riley again, "it's irresistible, you have to understand that this is who you are now."

I didn't understand what he was saying. Now that the thirst had gone away, I looked behind him to see him smiling down at me. Slowly, I turned back around to see the boy, bloody at my feet. My scream echoed through the empty room.