Dangerous Times at Singer Salvage.

Chapter one

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Author's Note: Dean is 9 and Sammy is 5 in this story. This story is dedicated to 1PAGAN3 for giving me the challenge, but mostly for agreeing to my Johnny request--a sequel to Bullet With Butterfly Wings! Check it out if you haven't already!


The year was 1987, and it was a hot June day at Singer's Auto Salvage yard. Bobby singer was working on an old 1969 Chevy Chevelle. The car had a rusted out interior, the floorboards were rusting out and the paint job was in desperate need of repair. The motor was in need of a total overhaul, but the customer was willing to pay a huge sum for a job well done. Bobby was dressed in greasy overalls with a hole in the right front pocket. He had his usual ball cap on as he was working under the hood when he heard a sound he knew quite well. It was the sound of the Winchester's driving up in their classic 1967 Chevy Impala. Bobby was looking forward to seeing the boys, it had been quite a while since he had seen them last. As he waited for the car to come into view, Bobby remembered his first meeting with the family.

It was a cold February day in day in 1984. Jim Murphy had called to tell Bobby that he was sending a man who needed his help. This man's wife had been killed on the ceiling by a demon in their six month old son's nursery. Jim had told Bobby that the man's name was John Winchester and he wanted to learn the things he needed to become a hunter. Bobby had agreed to the meeting and John Winchester was due to arrive at any minute.

Bobby heard what he thought was a classic Chevrolet Impala from the sounds of it driving up into his yard. As he stepped out onto the porch, he was surprised to see that John Winchester had a young child of about five or six standing beside him. No wait a minute, he had two young sons as was obvious when he saw the oldest Winchester stand up with a toddler who couldn't have been more than two in his arms. Bobby couldn't believe that this man actually thought he could become a hunter when he had such small children to take care of.

John walked up to greet Bobby with his right hand extended, and the left holding Sammy in his arm. Dean was clinging to his leg unsure of the man standing before them. "Hello, My name is John Winchester and these are my sons, Dean and the little one here is Sam. Pastor Jim Murphy told me that you would be willing to help me learn what I need to hunt down that demon that killed my wife."

Bobby stood up closing the hood of the car, wiped his hands on the grease rag and walked over to greet the Winchesters as they pulled up beside him. John opened his car door and shook Bobby's hand. "It's good to see you again Bobby." John then reached into the backseat to wake up a sleeping Sam by ruffling his hair. "Come on kiddo, time to wake up." A sleepy Sammy took his tiny fists and rubbed his eyes and yawned as Dean climbed out the car on the other side.

As Dean walked around to where his father was, he took Sammy by the hand to lead him inside the house as he said "Hi Uncle Bobby" Bobby looked at John with surprise in his eyes. "Uncle Bobby?"

John smiled and said "When I told the boys they would be spending a couple of weeks here, they both became excited and said they couldn't wait to see Uncle Bobby again. Is it okay for them to call you Uncle Bobby?" Bobby nodded his agreement and followed Dean who was still pulling a sleepy Sammy towards the house.

As they climbed up on the porch, Bobby opened the door for the family to enter his house. As usual, the house was somewhat in disarray with books stacked all over the place. These books weren't just any books though, they were books that had been collected through the years on any supernatural creature a person could imagine. The books told of spells and protective symbols that could be used to fight evil as well as ways to kill certain creatures.


Dean walked Sammy over to the couch and helped him to lay down. As Sammy snuggled under A throw blanket, he looked at Bobby with droopy eyes. He let out a big yawn as he said "Hi Uncle Bobby, I miss you berry much! Bobby smiled at the child and pulled the blanket up around his shoulders and palmed his cheek. "I missed you too kid." Sammy was sound asleep before he could even hear the words.

Bobby and John then walked into the kitchen area to talk while Dean kept a watchful eye on his baby brother.

"I can't thank you enough Bobby for agreeing to watch the boys. When Joshua mentioned the hunt for the water demon who preyed on young children, I just couldn't risk taking the boys with me on the hunt."

Bobby smiled and replied "I'm happy to do it John, I've missed those runts running around the house. It's been kind of quiet lately. It'll be good to hear laughter in the old house again."

Bobby asked John how long before he would be leaving and John replied that it would be early in the morning as he had promised to meet Joshua for the hunt in Michigan in two days time.

Knowing that the family must be hungry from their drive, Bobby rummaged around for something to eat. "Hey Dean, how do you feel about hot dogs and fries?" He heard a reply of "Sounds good Uncle Bobby" come from the living room followed by "Sammy loves hot dogs, better make a lot!" Bobby laughed and put on a whole pack of hotdogs to cook while getting some frozen fries out of the freezer.


Later that evening after everybody had eaten, John sat down to talk with his boys. "Dean, Sammy, you know I have to go away tomorrow for a few weeks to help Joshua with the water demon right?"

"Yeah dad, we understand" said Dean as he watched his little brothers eyes tear up. Sammy hated it when his dad had to leave. He didn't like his daddy being away from them for more than a day.

John looked at Sammy. "I know your sad sport, but you know I have to leave and help Joshua" He pulled Sammy into his lap as he saw big tears start rolling down his baby's face. "Please don't cry Sammy. I promise I'll be back as soon as possible and then you, Dean and I will spend the whole day together doing whatever you want to okay kiddo?"

Sammy thought about what his dad said "Anyt'ing, you pinky swear?" as he swiped the tears from his face with his little hands.

"Yeah, I pinky swear" John said linking his small finger with the pinky one on Sammy's hand. John had to smile at the childish gesture that had his son feeling a little better. He would do anything to take the sad look out of his baby's expressive hazel eyes.

"Okay boys, time for your baths and then it's off to bed." Dean took Sammy upstairs and ran the water for his bath making sure the water wasn't too hot for him. As he helped Sammy strip off his clothes, he talked to Sammy about the fun they would have while at Bobby's house. He helped Sammy to bathe himself and then washed his little brother's hair. He then helped Sammy out of the tub. Toweled him dry and dressed him in his Spiderman pajamas.

After carrying a sleepy Sam to bed and then reading him a story until he feel asleep, Dean went to take his bath quickly so that Sammy wouldn't be alone for too long. He liked to be close just in case Sammy had a nightmare. Even though he was only five, Sammy would wake up terrified some nights screaming about monsters and other horrible things.

After drying himself off and dressing in a t-shirt and sleep pants, Dean climbed into the bed across from Sammy and closed his eyes. A few minutes later, John opened the door to check on his boys and Dean looked up at him. "It's okay Dean, it's only me."

John walked over to Sammy and leaned down to kiss his baby on the cheek and said "I love you kiddo." He tucked the blanket around his baby making sure that it wouldn't fall off during the night. He then walked over to Dean's bed and ruffled his hair. "I love you buddy, watch out for Sammy while I'm gone" at which Dean replied, "You know I will dad." John then kissed Dean, who rolled his eye "No chick flick moments dad."

John laughed at his son's reaction knowing that Dean thought he was to big now for his dad to show that kind of affection towards him. He then quietly walked out of the room and closed the door.

John walked back down the stairs and talked to Bobby about the hunt that he and Joshua were going on. After a few beers, he said goodnight to Bobby and went to bed himself. He could rest soundly knowing that his boys would be safe with Bobby.


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