Dangerous Times at Singer Salvage Ch. 12

Sammy had been crying, begging, and pleading for over an hour now. He had been crying so hard for Dean that he was hiccupping as he sobbed. John was beginning to fear that his mental state could affect his recovery so he decided to do the only thing that might calm his baby boy.

"It's alright Sammy, I'm going to take you to your brother. You've got to stop crying baby so I can take you over there, but you'll have to be very careful not disturb the machines that are hooked up to Dean"

John watched Sammy struggled to calm down so he could finally see his Deanie. He started rubbing his baby's back in hopes that it would help him to calm more quickly. After the tears finally stopped, John picked Sammy up gently trying to cause the least amount of pain possible to his youngest.

Sammy winced when John picked him up from the pain that radiated through his abdomen but he kept from crying out. He was determined to breathe through the pain if it meant that he could see Dean once again.

As John walked Sammy over towards Dean's bed, he warned his youngest that Dean would have a tube in his mouth that was helping him to breathe. He knew it would be scary for him, but that Sammy needed to be brave for Dean. As they finally rounded the curtain that had separated the brothers, Sammy's eyes grew huge at seeing Dean.

"Does it hurt Daddy? Sammy asked his dad fearing that Dean was in pain.

"No, he's not hurting sport. The doctor gave him something to keep away the pain" John said to relieve Sammy's fears, as he carefully eased Sammy down onto Dean's bed.

Sammy instantly curled up into his Deanie's side and wrapped an arm protectively over Dean's stomach.

"I'm here Deanie. I keep you safe and make you better." He tightened his arm around Dean and closed his eyes feeling safe and secure once again.

As John watched Sammy, he felt tears pooling in his eyes, realizing for the first time just how strong the bond was between his two boys,. He knew how fierce Dean's determination was to protect Sam, but now he was seeing that same fierce determination coming from his baby too. He realized at that very moment that his boys would always be there for each other no matter what life threw at them.


Dean was floating in a world of cotton. He felt like he was immersed in soft, fluffy clouds of comfort. It had been so long since he felt so peaceful. This place was so beautiful and pain free that he never wanted to leave it, except for that nagging feeling that he was missing something or someone really important.

Just before that fleeting thought was about to leave him, Dean felt something beside him, and then something wrap around him. He recognized that feeling, that was his Sammy. Suddenly, he no longer wanted to stay in this place of beauty, it didn't have the most important thing in his life here. He had to go back to the real world. He had to get back to Sammy.

John and the other hunters were quietly discussing the rumors of bodies being found in a nearby town and that the bodies had been drained of their blood. They were concerned about the possibility of a gang of vampires being so close to the boys. As they talked about the idea of calling Caleb in to help Joshua undertake the hunt. John thought he saw Dean flex his hand.

All eyes turned to Dean when John motioned the others to watch. The hunters held their breaths as Dean once again gently flexed his fingers and then slowly moved his hand up to grasp the hand that Sammy had flung over his stomach. They watched in total amazement as Dean gave Sammy's hand a gentle squeeze before he relaxed and dropped his hand to the bed once again. John looked at Joshua and Bobby to see their eyes glistening at having seen such a tender moment between the brothers while Dean was still basically unconscious.

John couldn't have been happier than he was right at that very moment. He had made the right decision in moving Sammy to Dean's bed. Dean had recognized that his baby brother was there and was fighting hard get back to him. The only thing that would make the moment perfect would be for Dean to open his green eyes once again.


Dean was starting to become conscious of pain as he fought his way back. His chest felt like it was constricted by a rubber band and his throat was hurting really bad. It felt like there was something stuck in his throat and it scared him. He startled awake at the realization he couldn't breathe because of it and began to gag around the tube in his throat.

John was sitting alone in the room with his boys. Joshua and Bobby had left for the evening to go back to Bobby's place to do some research on the possible vampire killings. John was flipping through the channels on the television when he heard a slight rustle. He looked over to see Dean startle awake and heard him gagging around the tube in his throat. He rushed to his son's side to calm him down.

"Relax Dean, the tube is there to help you breathe" he said as he pushed the call button for the nurse.

Dean looked at his dad with unabashed fear in his eyes. He was trembling with fear at the feeling of not being able to breathe. All at once he felt small arms wrap around him.

"It's okay Deanie, please don't be scared., I don't want you to be scared."

Dean forced himself to calm down as he realized that Sammy was with him and that he was scaring his little brother. He grasped Sammy's hand with his and squeezed it in a gesture of comfort for the youngest Winchester. He tried to express through his eyes that everything would be okay.

The nurse came rushing into the room to see what was happening. Noticing immediately that Dean was awake and struggling with the ventilator, she left to get the doctor.

Judson came rushing into Dean's room a few minutes later. "It's good to see you awake Dean. What do you say we get that tube out of your throat?"

Dean nodded his head vigorously letting Judson know how much he wanted it out. John braced his hand on Dean's shoulder to give him comfort as Judson explained what he wanted Dean to do.

"Dean, on the count of three I want you to take a deep breathe and expel it as hard as you can. As you are breathing out, I will remove the tube from your throat. Do you understand?"

Dean nodded once again and waited for Judson to start counting.

"Okay, here we go. One. Two. Three" Dean took a deep breath and released it forcefully. He felt Judson pull on the tube and winced at the feeling of it being removed. After the tube was removed, he started coughing forcefully from the gravelly feeling that it left in his throat. He felt as if somebody had run sand paper over the lining of his throat and it really hurt.

John patted his son's back trying to help him get the coughing spell under control. Dean's eyes were watering and his was having trouble catching his breath.

As the coughing began to subside, John spoon fed some ice chips to cool down the irritation in Dean's throat.

"Thanks Dad" Dean said as he felt the soothing coolness as the ice melted in his mouth.

Judson took Dean's vitals and listened to his breathing sounds to make sure that Dean wasn't struggling more than necessary. As he finished checking him out, he put a nasal canula under Dean's nose to assist in Dean's breathing.

"John, I want Dean to stay on oxygen for another twenty four hours as a precaution to make sure his lungs don't work too hard causing a setback."


Dean and Sam had continued to improve over the course of the week. Dean's lungs were finally clear with no signs of pneumonia being present. Sammy was still a little cranky as his body had not yet adjusted to the medicines he was taking. The boys were finally being released from the hospital and John was looking forward to getting back to Bobby's.

John was carrying Sammy out of the hospital as Dean was being pushed in a wheelchair by Bobby.

"This is so uncool dad. Why can't I just walk?" Dean hated people looking at him as they passed them by.

"You know the rules Dean. Do you want them to keep you here another day or two?" said John knowing that the threat would keep his son sitting in the chair.

"No sir, I'm good" John had to laugh at Dean's immediate reaction.

As they got to the Impala, Bobby opened the door for John to put Sammy in the back seat. As John tried to sit his baby down, Sammy wrapped his arms around John's neck and held on tight.

"No Daddy, I wanna sit wif you." Sammy was enjoying the feeling of being snuggled into his daddy's arms and wasn't ready to relinquish the feeling yet.

"Sammy, you got to sit on the seat and get buckled in." replied John trying to pry his son's arms from around his neck.

Sammy screamed out "No, no, no," as large tears started rolling down his cheeks. "Please let me sit wif you daddy, don't you love Sammy anymore?'

John's heart nearly broke in two at hearing the question, but before he could respond to Sammy's plea, he heard Dean speak to his baby brother.

"Of course Daddy loves you silly! He knows how much I need you back here with me to make me feel better."

Sammy immediately calmed down and released his grip on John's neck knowing that Dean needed him. John looked at Dean with a huge smile and nodded his head in thanks to his oldest child.

The ride back to Bobby's place was uneventful as Sammy fell asleep with his head tucked into Dean's shoulder. When they arrived back at the house, John picked his youngest up and carried him into the house while Bobby helped Dean in. Both boys were carried upstairs to their room where John put Sammy into his bed while Dean climbed into the other. Just the short walk from the car to the house had worn Dean out and he was ready for a nap.


After a couple of weeks had passed, Sammy was taken in for his semi -monthly check-up. Judson was pleased to tell John that he was progressing well and that the medicines were keeping his liver from being damaged any further. He told John to maintain the regimen that he had Sammy on and in time, he should fully heal and have no side effects from the liver failure that he had suffered from.

John and the boys had enjoyed spending time with Bobby, but soon John decided that it was time to move on. He was getting restless and the felt the need to get back on the road.

The boys were sad at the thought of having to leave Bobby, but John promised them that they would visit as often as they could. They helped John pack their things into the Impala and turned around to say their goodbyes.

Sammy reached his arms out for Bobby to pick him up. As Bobby lifted the child in his arms, Sammy wrapped his arms tightly around Bobby's neck and said "I love you Uncle Bobby and I already miss you."

Bobby's eyes began to get misty as he told Sammy he loved him and already missed him too. He then turned too Dean with Sammy still in his arms and said. "I'm going to miss you too sport" as he ruffled Dean's hair "You've been such a help with working on the cars that I don't know what I'll do without you now."

Dean felt a lump in his throat and said "Thanks Bobby, I'll miss helping you fix the cars too. Can I help you again when we come to visit"

"Anytime sport" Bobby said to Dean as helped Sammy into the back seat of the Impala. He buckled the seatbelt securely around Sammy and then walked around the car to speak with John.

John and Bobby shook hands as John said "Thanks for everything you've done for us Bobby. I couldn't have gone through this alone." John then surprised Bobby by pulling him in for a hug which the hunter returned. He quickly climbed into the car waving his goodbye as he started the engine.

Bobby watched the car until the Winchesters drove out of sight and then walked into the house. Things were sure going to be lonely now without those boys to keep him company.


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