Danny sighed as he looked around his now empty apartment. Well, it was done, everything was packed into the back of a U-Haul, ready for him to drive them to his new life in Los Angeles. His resignation had been sent to Mac, but the older man wouldn't get it until he was already long gone. He'd managed to work his final shift without anyone catching on that anything was different, he'd already cleaned out his locker in increments over the past couple of weeks. Now, all that was left to do was to get everything loaded into the moving truck and leave the city and the people he loved, including Lindsay.

Danny grimaced as he thought of Lindsay and all his friends at the Lab. He'd made the decision to not tell anyone he was leaving until it was too late to do anything about it, which meant that he hadn't left a note for anyone, not even Lindsay. It hurt to not say goodbye to her, but Danny was convinced that it was for the best. Ever since news of him cheating on Lindsay had gotten out, very few people in the lab had really wanted to have anything to do with him, including Stella, Mac, Hawkes and Flack. No, there was no point in leaving anyone a note, they were too busy comforting Lindsay to really listen or care about his side of the story.

He quashed the small voice that reminded him that Lindsay had left him a card before she'd left to testify in Montana; this was a totally different situation and given the circumstances, he doubted that she'd honestly care anyway. Pushing away any more thoughts of calling her one more time, he picked up the last box of belongings and headed for the door; it was time to say goodbye to his old life and embrace another.