Love Bites

Death Note


Panda Addict and Knuffel

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Warning: Yaoi. LxLight.

Notes: If you have read this story before all writing in the first 2 chapters is all old. I am very sorry for this, uploading problems. New writing will start in chapter 3. And this story is an RP. (role playing) which means for those who do not know, that this was written by myself and another., who knows I have posted it here and is very happy.

Chapter 1

Falling for you

Light was getting a little distracting. L could smell his blood all the way from where he was sitting, not that it bothered him that much. It smelled good, better than most people's blood. What made him wonder was why was Light so excited?

They were just going over all the Kira reports again with the task force. Nothing too exciting about that. So why was he so worked up?

Shaking his tousled head, L spun around on his chair, grinning at the look Light sent him. It annoyed the boy for some reason and that was basically why he did it even if it may earn him a punch in the face.

Light's scowl became more pronounced. L kept spinning but suddenly felt a rough yank from the handcuff around his wrist. He was yanked hard enough that he was pulled right off the spinning chair and landed face first on the carpet.

There was a yell from somewhere in the direction the chair had gone. Judging by the sound of the yell, it was probably Matsuda. The chair must have either collided with him or he had jumped out of the way.

L lay flat on his stomach, trying to figure out what had just happened. His nose twitched and picked up the scent of blood again. Wait, it was two different blood types.

One was Light's. It was even more pronounced now and the other was his. Where was that coming from?

"L, your wrist is bleeding." Light said, struggling not to laugh as he got down on the floor and squatted next to L. So that was where it was coming from.

L brought his wrist to his face and saw the cuff had cut into his skin a little, leaving a faint trickle of crimson to slide down his arm. Watching it, he couldn't look away.

He would have licked it off his skin if he wasn't still flat on the ground. The white of his sleeve turned a soft pink when the blood touched it, seeping into it.

Light frowned and lifted L's wrist to look at the cut. L watched carefully and noticed the pink on his shirt was the exact same color as Light's lips.

For a man, he really had a beautiful mouth. His lips were soft and full, a soft pink in color, rare to find on a man.

"Are you going to get up now?" Light asked in an annoyed voice.

"Help me up. Fall made me dizzy." L replied. Not the truth but it was his way of getting a small taste of revenge. Light made an exasperated noise but placed his hands under L's armpits and pulled. L shifted his weight in just the right way and the next second, Light was flat on the ground, pinned by L's body.

It wouldn't be that way for long. L knew he was light and that Light could probably push him off in a second. But it appeared that Light was just as disorientated by the sudden change in positions that L had felt when he had hit the ground.

L raised his face from Light's chest, his pure black eyes staring right into Light's. His eyes were as amazing as his lips. The color would be brown if there weren't so many other shades of color swirling in them. L sighed and shifted slightly, bringing his face in line with Light's neck and shoulder. He sniffed lightly, inhaling Light's scent.

Moving even closer, he pressed his nose and lips against the pulse point in Light's neck and inhaled deeply. The scent of Light's blood filled his nose, making him giddy.

It was a beautiful smell, sweet and sharp like strawberries. He felt Light tense as he brushed his lips against the spot. But he also felt the shiver that passed through the body pinned beneath his.

As L's lips touched his neck, Light shivered at the unexpected pleasure, but when L's lips stayed and began to suck gently Light become angry. 'What the hell is wrong with him!' was the one thought flying through his head.

"Umm L, what are you doing?"

L didn't take the hint.

"Get the fuck off of me!! NOW!!"

"Awwwww" was L's only reply.

"You have problems! Why did you kiss me!" he was livid, but even more so at him self, he didn't want L to stop, he wanted more and that scared him

L looked up at him, black eyes searching Light's face.

There was something in Light's eyes that screamed, "Don't stop!" but obviously Light was being a little too thick headed to listen to it. Without warning, Light reared up and L fell off him in a heap on the floor again.

Light rubbed the spot where L had sucked lightly on his neck. Another visible shiver ran through his body and L noticed that with a hint of amusement.

"Intentional bodily harm? 52.4 sure you're Kira now." He said with a smile. One thing he knew was that Light got slightly awkward whenever he smiled.

It was cute to see. And Light didn't disappoint. Jumping to his feet, he stormed out, unconsciously dragging L with him. Clearly he noticed because he rounded angrily on L.

"Why the hell are you following me?!" He shouted.

L held up his wrist to show they were still chained together. Blood was still trailing slightly down his arm.

Without thinking, he brought his wrist to his mouth and quickly licked his wrist clean. The blood tasted good. No matter how much he liked cake and other sweets, blood would always be his favorite.

He heard Light's sharp intake of breath and looked up curiously.

Light was staring at him, wide-eyed, lips slightly parted.

(Ewwwww! Why did he just do that, and why the hell did I like it?) The question raced through his head but Light was so very much turned on watching L lick clean his arm: his pink tongue lightly touching his arm, running up to his wrist, flicking against the metal of his cuffs before retracting back between L's warm lips, now moist with his own blood.

Light's small gasp escaped his lips as L's little show went straight to his groin.

L caught light staring. He must have been cut worse than he thought because blood was still sliding down his wrist. Oh well, it didn't bother him all that much.

And besides, it was fun watching Light's reaction. The guy couldn't look away. L smirked behind his wrist before lowering it so he could look at the cut. Not too bad, all things considered.

L glanced at Light, slowly licking his lips and making sure to get every drop of blood from them. Still, light couldn't look away. L's arm fell to his side, the chain tinkling softly in the silence.

Light shook his head and grabbed his wrist before dragging him to the bathroom in the suite they were in. Not the most romantic of settings but hey, L got the feeling that Light wasn't exactly a very romantic person.

Light stopped in front of a cabinet and yanked it open, pulling out a bandage and some disinfectant. L could see Light's hands were shaking lightly. Not a good thing especially when he poured the disinfectant on the wound.

L jumped at the burning sensation. "That hurts." He mumbled.

"Deal with it." Light replied, wrapping a bandage tightly over the cut. His hands were still shaking.

"You're mean." L whined, examining his wrist and running his fingers up and down the column of his forearm. Lord knew how that one would affect Light. And just as expected, Light froze, unable to take his eyes from it.

No doubt his thoughts were steadily tracking south if the bulge in his pants was any way to judge. Or maybe he just really needed to pee really badly. Not likely.

(Stop that!! OMG what the hell is wrong with me…. I really need to get laid, if L is making me this horny!) Light was having a full on debate with himself, not noticing as L watched him with a smile on his face, as if he knew what Light is thinking, L slowly reached out, and brushed the back of his extended hand against Light's now painfully hard dick.

He gasped and looked down. L had reached for the box of bandages seemingly not knowing what he had caused. L looked up harmlessly, as if to say 'I didn't do it.'

"Watch were you touch, just because we are chained together doesn't mean you can do as you like!" Light snapped.

"What do you mean? I didn't do anything." L answered. He was struggling not to laugh at the look on Light's face.

The guy was so turned on yet so weirded out at the same time. Hiding his smile, he put the box of bandages back, again deliberately coming close enough to Light's groin to brush against him slightly.

Soft enough to make it look like an accident but just hard enough to know Light felt it. Light jumped, staring at him, his eyes even wider than L's. That was pretty wide.

Something caught L's attention. There was a smudge of red on Light's hand. It wasn't Light's, it didn't smell like him.

Then it had to be his. It must have slipped onto Light at some point. Reaching down, he curled his fingers around Light's wrist and lifted it so that it was in front of his face. Light was still staring at him.

L couldn't resist. Pressing Light's hand to his lips, his tongue darted out, slowly licking the spot clean. Jesus, how could someone taste so good?

He felt Light jump and try to pull away but L held fast, refusing to lose the taste of the boy's skin. Light gasped.

What a beautiful sound. Looking up, L realized Light's eyes were closed, his lips parted once again, making that beautiful gasping sound.

'Why does he feel so good!! I can't help myself from wanting more!!' Light couldn't bring himself too fight L off, and L knew this. L slowly pulled Light to him, pressing there body's together.

'OMG!! Is that his… No…I'm NOT gay!'

"N-no. S-stop." Lights voice was weak, as he began shiver.

"And why would I do that? Mmmmm? I know you want it as much as I do." L's hand came to rest on the bulge in Light's pant, slow moving that hand up and down making Light gasp.

"Not n-now! The others are still here! Uhn!" Lights face was so red and cute when L removed his hand he really wanted to shove his hand down Lights pants.

"Fine, we'll continue this later, when were ALONE" Light shuddered, and L smirked with an evil glint in his panda eyes.

Light made to move away but his legs failed him as L let go of him. L caught him just in time, saving him from a nasty crash on the floor.

"Light?" he murmured softly in Light's ear. Light opened his eyes, staring at him.

Well, if the inevitable had to wait till later, the least L could do was at least give Light a taste of what was to come. Slowly, he lowered his head till his lips hovered directly over Lights mouth.

He could feel Light's breath fanning on his face. It was fast and uneven. So nervous yet he wanted it so bad. L obliged, pressing his lips against Light, moving slowly, hearing Light gasp in pleasure.

Gently, L opened his mouth, running his tongue against Light's sealed lips, coaxing them open. Judging from the way Light didn't need any more invitation, it was clear he now really wanted L.

"For someone who has so many girls after him, you're still pretty much a novice when it comes to kissing." L whispered.

Light visibly blushed but didn't move away, pulling L against him and curling his fist in the folds of L's shirt. Once again, L softly stroked Light's groin, eliciting a gasp from him.

Light's fists became claws, pulling at l's shirt, just the way L knew he would.

'Oooh, God!' "L, I….mmmm." Light shuddered as L began to slowly grind against him, chest to chest, bulge to bulge.

"Yes, my dear?" L purred in Lights ear. "Y-you said we would wait b-but….Ahhh!!" L teased Lights chest making the boy jump. An evil grin came a crossed L face, as he formed a plan to make Light beg for him.

"Fine, I'll stop, for now." Light gasped at the sudden feeling of coldness he felt as L stepped back, their bodies no longer touching.

"Wha-what!" Light grabbed a hold on the sink to keep him self up right. "Till later, my dear." L walked out, leaving Light with a painful problem and no one to help him a long.

That had been way too much fun. Teasing Light to the point of him almost having a conniption was worth waiting for. L's pants felt uncomfortably tight as he thought about how Light had responded to his touch.

Though he hadn't wanted to walk away, one thing L was sure of was that there was at least one camera in the bath room. That would have led to a lot of awkward questions coming his way.

That left the problem of where Light could be his. Not much of an option in this place unless you counted the honey moon suites.

Well, that would do nicely. Nice big bed, dim lighting and a whole lot of other fixtures that would work nicely. Hell, some of them even had fetish sets with them.

L felt his already painfully hard dick twitch with thoughts of Light lying sprawled on one of those beds, sweat gleaming on his sensitive skin, body writhing with pleasure. His blood would be pumping wildly. If L bit him at a time like that, Light would be in ecstasy.

Hmm, what was Light doing now?

L shut the bathroom door when he left, leaving Light alone and very hard. So like any man with a penis would, his first thoughts where of taking care of his problem. But just as his hands come to the buttons of his pants, it hit him.

'OMFG! There are cameras in here! Did the others see L and me! OMG! OMG! OMG!'

Light was in full panic mode, which though his horror, made his problem die.

L, who had already returned to the control room, was watching Light pacing across the bathroom floor panicking, and laughing his ass off.

Light stayed there for 10 more minutes worrying before he grew enough balls to face everyone, mainly L's evil grin, he just knew would be on his face.

L laughed at the sight of Light. One thing the guy never did was lose that cool head of his but now that he had, it was just too funny. But if anyone else saw that tape, it would cause a lot of problems.

So, even if questions were raised about the missing time period, L quickly selected the file that the recording was set in and deleted it. Movement in the computer screen to his left caught his attention. Light was banging his head against the wall.

"Not a good idea Light"



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