Love Bites

Death Note


Panda Addict and Knuffel

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Warning: Yaoi. LxLight.

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This story is an RP, so it was written by me Panda Addict and Knuffel.

Chapter 8

New Beginning

Gently, but using enough force, L tilted Light's head up so that their eyes were locked. Smirking, he whispered, "You'd be amazed how spectacular your blood tastes. In general, I prefer sweet tastes but your blood is more alluring than any sweet taste imaginable." He didn't kiss Light, preferring to watch the emotions and thoughts play through Light's eyes. It made him wonder if Light was really Kira. It's been his experience that killer's hind there emotion even during there down time, just in case.

Moving out of his sitting position, he moved away, releasing Light to sit against the headboard of the bed, toying with what was left of Lights cuffs. He turned his eyes on Light, daring him slightly as he reclined, spreading his legs, the ultimate gesture of submission but with also a small amount of dominance. "So tell me Light, do you want to be on top for this round?"

Light couldn't deny that L's little show was a major turn on but for some reason it bothered him. Light didn't like that L was treating this as a purely sexual relationship. But what bothered him more was why he felt that way. Since when did he care what L thought of him or his feelings? Why did he want L to act more like they were lovers instead of fuck buddies? Why?! Light was too wrapped up in his emotional realizations to notice that L was carefully watching the changes happening in Light.

L cocked his head before sitting up and crouching nest to Light. Slowly, he reached out to gently force Light to look at him. "Light? You aren't usually this indecisive." He commented curiously, watching him carefully. "In a normal situation, you would have immediately taken up the offer. Why are you so hesitant?" His voice was gentle as his palm gently stroked Light's cheek

Light blinked up at L in confusion. He had not realized that he had paused. "No-nothing, just thinking I guess." Light stammered out blushing slightly. "L? What are we now? Are we more then what we were? I...I need to know where this is going." Light looked flustered and upset by his own ignorance of male relationships.

L moved his hand away, sitting in his usual crouched position. "Well, that all depends on you Light. Myself, I'm fine with this being just what it is but I do feel more than lust, for we connected on many levels." He waited, watching Light's reacting. "It all depends on whether you want something more than this."

Light looked L in the eyes, trying to figure out if he felt anything for him, but L's eyes were calculating and cold. "Are you, even now, right after we just had sex trying to figure out if I'm Kira?!"

Light jumped off the bed in rage and started to get dressed. "Light?" L watched Light storm around the room trying to find his underwear. "What?!" Light whipped around ready to kill that blood sucking prick, but all he did was point up.

Light looked up grudgingly and started to laugh hysterically. He'd found his missing underwear, hanging from the chandelier.

"Light?" Still laughing, Light looked up, humor and real emotion shining in his eyes.

"Light?" L asked again. "Yes L?"

"I never said anything about you being Kira at any moment, did I?" L answered, standing up in front of Light and looking him right in the eyes. "What I'm not sure about is whether you feel anything more for me besides lust and a measure of contempt for assuming I was thinking you were Kira. However, if you do feel something more, you and I can build on that." He said.

"I do admit that at first all I felt was bloodlust. You smelled and tasted so amazing. But please don't think that I am unwilling to take your own feelings into account." L reassured, touching the small puncture wounds on Lights neck.

Not missing L's denial of having feeling for Light "just my feelings?" Light shoot back. "Didn't you just say we connected? So what? The sex was good enough for a connection but not for feelings?" Light looked away from the vampire, trying to sort his feeling for the leech, now clouded with anger. L brought his now unoccupied hand up to his face, thumb to his lips, thinking. Light growing exasperated with L's silence and emotionless eyes, throw up his arms and turned away, heading towards the bathroom. But before he could take more then one step L's arms were around him, pulling Light tight against L's hard chest.

Before L could even say anything Light looked back right into his eyes and said "You better have something really good to say." L opened his mouth, fangs flashing with the light, to tell his lover his true feelings when Matsuda burst through the door without so much as a warning, gaining a rather intimate view of Light's body before high tailing it out of there. "Well that was interesting." L said blandly, trying to hide the humor in his voice.



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