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Looking back at the beginning of the year Tracy would never have thought that things would end up as they had. It started out as a normal school year for her and Link with classes and dancing but a huge change was in store that neither could have predicted…

Tracy was standing outside Patterson Park High School. She couldn't believe that she was finally a senior. The summer raced by with the help of Link. She had spent almost everyday with her boyfriend of three months. Penny and Seaweed soon joined her.

"Can you believe it!? This is our final year" Penny said.

"This is going to be an interesting year, I feel it" Seaweed replied.

Tracy felt a pair of warm hands circle her waist. She looked up slightly smiling as Link kissed her cheek.

"Morning lil darlin" he said grinning.

"Morning Link" she replied leaning against him.

"Good Morning Link" Penny greeted.

"Hey cracker boy, ready to be a senior" Seaweed asked

Link looked over to Penny and Seaweed. "Morning Penny, Seaweed"

"I bet that this year will be exciting" he added.

"But nothing can beat the end of last year" Tracy said.

Link, Seaweed and Penny nodded.

"That's when my baby and I met" Seaweed responded pulling Penny close and kissing her.

"And me and my baby doll got to know each other" Link added kissing Tracy. She kissed him back.

"And Amber was dethroned by Inez" Penny stated.

Tracy nodded. "And the show was integrated"

"With your help" Link said affectionately.

The bell rang. Link took Tracy's hand as they headed off to their first class. Seaweed and Penny followed behind them.

Tracy and Link's first class was history with Mr. Flak. The couple sat side by side in the back of the room. Link was by the window.

"Hopefully this year I can stay awake" Tracy said yawning.

"Trace you always nap during history. What makes you think this year will be any different" Link asked chuckling a bit.

"I have you to keep me alert" she answered grinning.

"Don't you mean distracted" he inquired.

"I suppose that word fits better but at least by being distracted I won't be napping now will I" she replied.

Link chuckled again. "You got me there"

Class began and Mr. Flak told them that they would be studying the Civil War. Tracy was taking notes when Link grabbed her left hand and bestowed a kiss on it. She looked over and smiled at him. He gazed back and grinned before returning to his notes. Tracy peered down at her notebook trying to pay attention. The rest of the class went by like this with Link and Tracy gazing at each other grinning every so often.

"I'm impressed, you did stay awake" he told her once the bell had rung.

"With your help" she replied

"What am I going to do with the class we don't have together" she added

"It's English, your favorite class. You'll be fine" he answered kissing her gently.

The rest of the school day went by in similar fashion. Link walked Tracy to all of her classes, most they had together.

The next day after school Link drove Tracy, Penny and Seaweed over to the studio. It was the first Corny Collins show of the new school year. All of the council members were called to the dance floor before the opening number.

"Hello everyone. I hope that you had a nice couple weeks off but now its time to work" Corny announced.

"And in a week we are having a hop" Maybelle added after greeting everyone.

Some council members were excited others sighed knowing that a hop meant more work.

"I know it will mean more work but Corny and I would appreciate it if y'all came" Maybelle said in response to the sighs.

Everyone nodded. They knew not to disagree with Corny or Miss Maybelle unless they wanted to watch the others dance while sitting offstage.

"A hop! That's exciting" Tracy quietly squealed.

"I think that we should sing together" Link said.

"Really" she asked

"Doll, you have an amazing voice" he replied. Tracy kissed him and he responded with as much fervor.

Seaweed coughed. Tracy and Link parted slightly still standing close to each other.

"What should we sing" she asked.

"Something that describes us" Link answered.

"Ok now the show is going to start in a few minutes everyone get into place" Corny told them.

All of the council members took their places for the beginning of the show. Link and Tracy stood on the right side. Seaweed stood next to Tracy and Inez stood on the other side of Link. Penny wasn't technically a council member but she was allowed to watch the show. So she sat down behind the cameras.

"Hey there teenage Baltimore don't change that channel its time for the Corny Collins Show" Corny announced.

He started singing the updated version of "Nicest Kids In Town" that included those council members from Negro Day.

After the song Link and Inez danced together since they were the lead dancers. Tracy and Seaweed danced together. Then Link and Tracy danced together to a slower song. Her hands rested on the nape of his neck as his circled her waist. He whispered the words to the song in her ear.

Inez danced with Mike. During the slower song Seaweed grabbed Penny and they danced together. He held her close as he sung along to the lyrics. Corny and Maybelle didn't mind though technically only council members were supposed to dance on the show. But they knew Seaweed and Penny were in love so they let that rule slide.

After the show ended Link, Tracy, Seaweed, Penny and Inez got into Links Chevy. Inez, Penny and Seaweed sat in the back with Tracy and Link up front. Link had immediately intertwined his right fingers with Tracy's left. He drove to the ice cream parlor. Link opened the door for Tracy and then Seaweed slid out helping Penny and Inez out. They walked in together with Link and Tracy holding hands and Seaweed holding Penny's hand. They ordered their desserts and sat down at a nearby table. Tracy ordered a chocolate malt with two straws so that she could share it with Link. Penny and Seaweed ordered a strawberry malt with two straws. Inez ordered a mint chocolate chip sundae.

"Inez are you going to eat all that" Seaweed inquired looking at the size of the sundae. She had three scoops.

"Yes" Inez answered.

"Mom doesn't want you spoiling dinner" he added.

"It won't get spoiled. I'm a growing girl" she replied.

"Oh alright I guess one sundae won't hurt" Seaweed told her. Inez grinned as she took a bite of ice cream.

"We should find a duet to sing" Tracy said after drinking some of the malt.

"How bout I come over your place on Saturday and we can look through some records" Link asked. He then took a sip of chocolaty goodness.

"Sounds great" she answered.

"Penny will you come with me to the hop" Seaweed asked.

"That sounds like fun. I'll tell my mom that I'm going to a bible study class" Penny replied.

"That still works" Seaweed inquired.

"Yep that's where she thinks I am now" she answered grinning.

"Your mom is crazy" Link said.

"You'd think she would have lightened up after all these months" Tracy stated.

"She hasn't though" Penny replied.

"She'll come around eventually. I'm not going anywhere" Seaweed responded. Penny grinned and kissed him.

They finished their ice cream and Link drove to the record store to drop Seaweed and Inez off. They all got out and walked to the door. Link held Tracy's hand while Seaweed held Penny's.

"Goodnight Tracy, Penny, Link" Inez said

"Goodnight" Tracy, Link and Penny replied.

Inez grinned as she walked in the door. Seaweed lingered behind standing close to Penny.

"Goodnight baby" he said kissing her. "I'll see you tomorrow"

Penny nodded. "See you tomorrow"

"Night Seaweed" Tracy and Link said in unison.

"Night guys" he replied. He kissed Penny one more time before walking inside.

Link opened the door and helped Penny slide in the back. He then helped Tracy get in before closing the door. He walked over to his side and got in. He intertwined fingers with Tracy before driving to Penny's house. He parked a few houses down so Mrs. Pingleton wouldn't see them. Link got out and opened the door helping Tracy then Penny out. Tracy hugged Penny as they said their goodnights. Tracy then slid back into Link's car. Link closed her door then slid into the driver's seat. Intertwining fingers again he then drove her home. They pulled up to the curb outside the Hardy-Har-Hut and turned off the engine.

"It feels weird being back at school. I kind of miss the summer" Tracy said.

"Me too. We had fun didn't we" Link replied.

"We did" she responded. She looked at him with sadness in her eyes

"Don't be sad Trace, this year will be great" he told her.

"You're right it will be. Plus we have the show and the hop" she replied brightening up.

"That's my girl" he responded kissing her gently. Tracy kissed him back. He pulled on her lower lip asking for entrance and she gladly gave it to him thus deepening the kiss. Link moved his hand up and down Tracy's back. Her hands were running through his hair. Link moved his hands under her blouse. Tracy shivered under his touch. Link was trying to move Tracy so that he was on top of her when she decided to pull away.

"Link, I think we should stop" Tracy told him.

Link was disappointed.

"It's just that my ma will probably be out here wondering why I haven't come in and this isn't exactly the most romantic place" she added.

"I understand" Link replied. He moved so that he was sitting up. Tracy repositioned herself smoothing down her blouse and skirt. Link ran his hand through his hair so it didn't look as messy.

Link got out and walked over to the passenger's side. He opened the door and helped Tracy out. He then walked her to her door and kissed her.

"See you tomorrow lil darling. I'll pick you up at 7:30" he said

"Night Link I'll be waiting" she replied. He kissed her softly before watching her walk through the door. He walked back to his car and drove home.

Two days later Link was sitting on the floor of Tracy's bedroom with a stack of records in front of him. Tracy sat besides him. The door was opened so her mom wouldn't get suspicious thinking that they were doing more than looking at records.

Link sighed. Tracy looked over at him.

"We'll find something" she told him. She giggled at expression.

"What" he asked smiling a bit.

"You look so cute" she replied.

"I thought I was handsome" he said

"You are that too" Tracy responded kissing him. He returned the kiss.

Tracy picked up a Frank Sinatra record after they had come up for air.

"Perfect" she stated.

"You find a song" Link asked. Tracy nodded and handed the record over to him.

"All The Way. Doesn't Sinatra sing that by himself" he inquired.

"But we can make it into a duet" Tracy answered.

Tracy and Link spent the next week going to classes, dancing on the show and during breaks practicing their duet. Friday came and Tracy sat waiting for Link. She wore a red dress with small sleeves. The dress went down to her knees and she wore red heeled shoes. Her hair hung down her back like it had during the Miss Teenage Hairspray pageant. She heard a knock on the door. Her mother answered it.

"Good evening Link. Come in" she said.

"Hello ma'am" he replied stepping in the front hall. Edna motioned for him to follow her and they walked into the living room where Tracy sat. Tracy stood up when she saw them. Link's jaw dropped.

"Hi Link" Tracy said

"Hi Trace you look beautiful" he told her. She always looked beautiful to him but that night there was something different about how she looked. Link would describe it as almost sexy.

"Thank you. You look handsome" she replied grinning. Link wore a navy blue suit. His hair was slicked back with its signature curl. He grinned and winked.

"Are you ready to go" he asked.

"Yes" she replied.

"Have a good time you two" Edna said

"Thanks Ma" Tracy said kissing her mothers cheek.

"Thanks Mrs. Turnblad" Link said grinning.

Link took Tracy's hand and they walked out to his car. He opened her door. Before she slid in Link pulled her into a kiss. She quickly responded allowing him entrance into her mouth. Several minutes later they had to stop kissing for need of oxygen. Tracy grinned as she slid into her seat. He closed her door then walked over to the driver's side and got in. Link then drove to the high school gym. Penny, Seaweed and Inez got a ride from Maybelle. Link parked near the entrance and opened the door for Tracy helping her out. She took his arm as they walked into the school gym.

A stage was placed on the wall opposite the doors. A podium lay to the right. Above it hung "The Corny Collins Show" sign. The stage was decorated with light green, light blue and yellow. A table with cups and a bowl of punch sat in one corner. Corny, Maybelle, Seaweed, Penny, Inez and most of the others were already there. Penny came running up to Tracy and hugged her. Penny was wearing an aqua short sleeved dress and her hair half swept up.

"Hi Penny" Tracy said.

"Hi guys" she replied stepping back and looking at them.

"Hi Penny" Link greeted her.

"Hey Tracy, cracker boy" Seaweed said walking up to them.

"Hi Seaweed" Link replied.

"Hi Seaweed, the place looks great" Tracy said. Seaweed had helped with the decorating. He was wearing a light brown suit with a red shirt.

"Thanks Trace" Seaweed replied.

"We are just waiting for Amber, Duane, Noreen, IQ, Fender and Doreen" Penny told them.

"Here they come" Link said pointing to the door. The three couples walked in hand in hand.

Corny must have noticed that everyone had arrived for he walked up to the podium.

"Good evening everyone. On behalf on Maybelle and myself I'd like to welcome you to the Fall Hop"

"We'd like to start with some vocals from our own Link Larkin and Tracy Turnblad singing All The Way" Maybelle announced.

Everyone clapped as Link and Tracy walked up onstage. They were handed microphones as a small band started playing the sheet music that Link had picked up from the record store. Link started to sing staring into Tracy's chocolate orbs. Tracy stared back into his baby blues.


"When somebody loves you its no good unless they love you all the way"


"Happy to be near you when you need someone to cheer you all the way"


"Taller than the tallest tree is that's how it's got to feel"


"Deeper than the deep blue sea is that's how deep it goes if it's real"


"When somebody needs you it's no good unless he needs you all the way"


"Through the good or lean years and for all the in-between years come what may"

Link and Tracy:

"Who knows where the road where lead us only a fool would say but if you let me love you it's for sure I'm gonna love you all the way. So if you let me love you it's for sure I'm gonna love you all the way, all the way"

Tracy and Link were so caught up in the song and the feelings they felt for each other that they forgot there was an audience until the others applauded. They faced their friends and fellow council members and took a bow. During the song couples danced. Corny danced with Maybelle.

Link and Tracy walked off the stage as Corny put on a record. They started twisting to the music next to Penny and Seaweed. Inez sang a song and they all danced the Madison. Link sang "Ladies Choice" while Tracy watched him adoringly mouthing the lyrics.

The hop ended around 9:30 after a few more dances. Tracy had permission to spend the night at Penny's house and she used the school's payphone to call her mom just as a reminder. She wasn't ready to go to the Pingleton's just yet. Seaweed and Penny were going to the make out point anyway so Link drove her to his house so that they could spend some time alone. Link's parents were away for the weekend leaving the house empty.

Link pulled into his driveway and opened Tracy's door. He helped her out and she took his hand. They walked to his door and Link opened the door allowing Tracy to walk in first. He followed her in turning on the light in the living room. Tracy sat down on the couch and Link sat down next to her. Tracy laid her head on his shoulder as his arm rested on her shoulder. They both took their shoes off as they cuddled.

"You know you were singing every word to "Ladies Choice"" Link said.

"I was" Tracy asked

"Yes" Link replied grinning.

"I really like that song" she added.

"Well I am the ladies choice" Link said.

"Which lady's choice" Tracy inquired.

"This beautiful lady" Link answered looking at her and grinning

Tracy smiled as she kissed him gently then laid her head back on his shoulder. Link tipped her head up and kissed her pulling at her lower lip asking for entrance which Tracy gladly gave. The kiss deepened as Link and Tracy shifted their bodies to a more comfortable position. Link continued kissing her mouth then her cheek. He moved to her earlobe and then her neck. Tracy moaned which made him want to kiss her more. He kissed her neck again then moved up to her chin and forehead then nose and finally seizing her lips. Tracy was running her fingers through his hair as she kissed him back with as much fervor. Link pulled away eyes filled with lust. He stood up offering his hand to Tracy. Tracy took his hand and stood up her own eyes filled with desire.

He led her through the kitchen grabbing candles and matches. They walked up the stairs to Link's room. Once inside Link closed the door. He motioned for Tracy to sit on the bed as he placed the candles on his nightstand and lit them. He then went to his record player and placed a record on it. Elvis's "I Can't Help Falling In Love" started playing. Link walked back over to Tracy.

"May I have this dance" he asked holding out his hand.

"You may" she answered taking his hand and standing up. His arms circled her waist as she rested her hands at the nape of his neck.

She kissed him. He responded with as much intensity as she was giving. He placed soft kisses on her cheek, then earlobe and neck. At her neck Link lingered. He nibbled on her neck. Tracy moaned with pleasure. She helped slide his jacket off his shoulders letting it land on the floor. She then pulled his tie loose. He stopped kissing her so that he could take the tie off and he threw it on the floor. He kissed her again as Tracy started unbuttoning his shirt. She kissed him on the lips before sucking on his earlobe. She then moved to his neck nibbling as he had on hers. Link groaned. His hands were on her back. He picked up the zipper and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor. She lay back on the bed pulling him with her. Link pulled back slightly and looked at her.

"Are you sure you want to do this" he asked her.

"I'm sure" she answered pulling him closer to her and placing a kiss on his lips.

Link kissed her back gently before taking his shirt off. It landed on the bed but was soon pushed onto the floor besides the bed. Link slid his pants off and they got under the covers kissing. The last few articles of clothing were discarded. He pulled back slightly blue eyes filled with yearning. He planted soft kisses on her forehead then nose. He moved to her lips then neck then shoulder. Link then gently kissed down her neck and on her chest. Tracy moaned. He continued to her breasts where he remained nibbling on her soft flesh. Tracy whimpered softly. She placed her hands on his face so that he would look at her. Her eyes were filled with passion. She turned him over so that she was on top, straddling him. She kissed his lips then ear then neck slowly moving down his chest to his belly button. Tracy then reversed kissing his chest moving till she came up to his lips. She seized his lips in a lingering, heart melting kiss. Link groaned with delight. He kissed her back gently rolling her over so that he was on top again.

They made love falling asleep in each others arms afterwards. Link blew the candles out before falling into a peaceful sleep.

The early morning sun woke Tracy. She looked around. At first she didn't remember where she was but she heard a soft snore. Turning Tracy saw Link and the memories of the past night came flooding back. Tracy smiled as she stood up. She grabbed her underwear and dress from where they fell and put them back on. She carefully walked out into the kitchen and started making some breakfast. She wanted to surprise Link with breakfast in bed. She grabbed the eggs from the refrigerator and placed them on the counter. The phone began to ring. Tracy picked it up.

"Hello" she said.

"Hello, Tracy is that you honey. Isn't it early there" Mrs. Larkin asked on the other line.

"Um yes. I fell asleep on the couch last night after we watched some television and I just woke up a few minutes ago. I didn't mean to stay overnight but I was tired last night" Tracy replied

"Link's not supposed to have any overnight guests" Mrs. Larkin told her.

"Is he around" she added.

"Yes I'll go get him"

Tracy raced back into Links room and shook his shoulder. He just whined a little and turned over. She shook his shoulder again.

"Link! Your mom is on the phone!" she told him.

"What" he asked

"Your mom is on the phone and she thinks I just fell asleep on the couch"

Link sat up and picked up his underwear. He put it on and raced to the telephone.

"Hi mom" he said after picking it up.

"I thought I told you no overnight guests" she told him.

"I know but we were really tired last night" he replied.

"You are not to have any more guests at night including Tracy for the rest of the weekend. We like her but rules are rules. And you are grounded for two weeks. You'll have school, the show then come straight home"

"Alright mom, see you tomorrow night" Link said. He hung up the phone.

Tracy was watching him.

"That was a close one" Tracy said.

"I know good thing your parents think you are at Penny's" he replied.

"Penny! Oh my god" she exclaimed.

"Trace calm down" Link said as he came closer to her. He gently kissed her.

"Why don't we have breakfast then you can call her" he added.

"I am a little hungry" she conceded.

"I'm not surprised after all the exercise we got last night" Link said winking.

Tracy grinned. "It was quite invigorating"

"Maybe we should get some more exercise" Link said with a sly grin.

"After we have had breakfast. Now you get back into bed"

"Gladly darlin if you will join me" he said kissing her.

"Scoot" she said smiling.

Link walked up the stairs and into his bedroom. Tracy prepared breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast. She took the orange juice out of the refrigerator and filled two glasses then using a tray brought it to Link. She placed the tray besides him and climbed in the bed.

"Looks delicious" Link told her.

"Thank you. Let's dig in" she responded.

Link and Tracy ate their eggs and toast. Tracy took the empty dishes to the kitchen then climbed back into bed.

"Now about that exercise" Link said pulling her close and kissing her. Tracy kissed him back, her hands resting at the nape of his neck holding him close. She started kissing his neck when the phone started to ring.

"No" Tracy whined.

"I'll get it this time" Link told her. He got off the bed and answered the phone.

"Trace its Penny" he shouted from downstairs.

Tracy got up and walked down the steps to Link. She took the phone from him.

"Hi Penny" she said

"Tracy where were you last night" Penny asked worried.

"I came over Link's house and fell asleep on the couch" she answered.

"I didn't mean to worry you" she added.

"I covered for you with my mom saying that you went for a long walk and we were going to meet in a couple hours for brunch" Penny replied

"Thanks, you're such a great friend" Tracy told her.

"Meet me at the diner at 10:30"

"Alright Penny. See you then" Tracy said hanging up the phone.

"She was worried about me. Her mom thinks I went out for a walk. I need to meet her at 10:30" she said looking at Link.

"Well it's a little after 8 now" he replied.

"That leaves us some time for exercise" Tracy said with a devious grin.

"You mischievous thing you" Link replied grinning.

"You have no idea" she responded taking his hand and leading him back to the bedroom.