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Chapter 15,

Bella walked downstairs stiffly around seven in the morning. Edward looked at her from the paper.

"Morning," Edward said.

"Hm," Bella grunted, sitting on the sofa and picking up a section of the paper.

"Someone's cheery."

Alice looked up from her book with mild interest. This could be good.

You know she's mad at you, right?

Edward gave her a look that clearly said yes, I do. Alice was masking her thoughts which clearly showed that she knew exactly what was making her mad. Around dawn the tequila had worn off and Bella had become noticeably cooler towards him.

"Just so you know," Bella said, not looking up, "when a girl throws herself at you slightly to severely intoxicated for rebound sex, just do it."

"Here we go," Edward sighed. "Bella you would have hated if we had drunken sex."

"No, what I hate, is spending my morning slightly hung over feeling stupid and embarrassed."

Alice looked deeply amused, Bella looked annoyed and Edward looked mildly confused.

"Are you saying you didn't want me to be a gentleman and just taken you right there in the bathroom? Or on Alice's bed?"

"On Alice's what now?" Alice growled.

"Heh, nothing sis, nothing," Edward said, her angry eyes made him a little scared.

"Yes, Edward, I wanted you to take me on the bathroom floor," Bella said. Edward sighed. He stood up and walked over to her. Without a word he took the paper from her hands and picked her up.

"Well then, I think I should promptly atone for my sins," Edward said smoothly. A wicked grin spread on his face as he thought of the perfect place.

"You do it on my bed and I will beat you with it," Alice growled from the arm chair. "Bella don't you dare agree with him."

Edward shook his head and smiled at her. He ran up the stairs to his room where he locked the door. He dropped Bella on his bed and he was on top of her. Bella grinned up to him.

"Crafty, Miss Swan, crafty," Edward whispered against her cheek. Bella curled her arms around his neck.

"Edward, promise you won't leave me again," Bella whispered. "I want to be with you, but I'm scared you'll leave."

"Anywhere I go," Edward murmured, kissing her jaw, "I'll take you with me."

Bella gasped when he cupped her breast.

"But first," Edward whispered against her chest. He looked at the shirt she was wearing. He recognized it as Jacob's. Edward tore it open in a sexy claiming way.

"Did you have to rip the shirt?" Bella asked.

"It belonged to that dog. Yes."

"Oh, Edward," Bella sighed.

"You're mine, Bella my dear. My beautiful," Edward kissed her, "exquisite," he kissed her again, "amazing, Bella."

"Jealousy will get you nowhere," Bella reminded him. Edward looked at her with raised eyebrows. His eyes bore into hers. His powerful golden eyes penetrated every defense she had and seemed to lock onto her heart. Edward ripped her bra from her body and her breasts danced before him. He reached down and tugged on her panties before ripping them from her body. Bella didn't care that she was going to have to replace both articles of clothing. It was the hottest thing she had seen in a long time.

Edward licked her neck and kissed down her chest. Bella moaned softly as Edward's skilled tongue dipped in her. She twisted her hips and Edward chuckled against her. He held her hips still as he moved his tongue.

"Oh god, Edward!"

She was so sweet. Edward had almost forgotten just how wonderful she tasted. He had never forgotten the way she responded to his touch. One hand slipped from her waist to the side of her stomach, he smiled every time she gasped and her stomach sank sharply and rose again. He bit her lightly and Bella yelped then moaned.

"You're so responsive, so energetic."

"Oh god Edward please, I need you so badly."

"Do you?" Edward asked. He sat up and slowly undressed. He hovered over her. The tip of what Bella so desperately wanted was brushing against her thigh.

"Edward," Bella moaned and whined.


"Good lord you've been working on your torture methods."

Edward paused. He smiled at her and touched his forehead against hers. "I'm just momentarily frozen."

"Why?" Bella asked, reaching up and touching his cheek.

"Because when I do this, it'll be amazing and then it will be over. I have you again, Bella. You're here, beneath me. I can feel your naked body against mine. I've dreamt of this moment for so long. I had forgotten how truly breathtaking you are having only seen a picture for months."

"Edward, don't break my heart," Bella whispered, "I want to take another chance on you."

"I love you Bella. I'll spend the rest of my life repaying you for this second chance."

"Can you start by having sex with me?" Bella asked. "You're kinda killing me here."

"Anything you wish my love," Edward said with a smile. He positioned himself against her opening. "Although..."

Bella glared at him and smiled before pushing him up and over. She slid down on him and her strong hands grasped Edward's chest. Edward chuckled. "Impatient as always."

"I haven't had decent sex in a long time," Bella panted, "Edward you are unbelievable."

Edward held her hips and helped her take the building pressure off of her knees. He moved his hips with hers, Bella's head fell back and her lips parted. A soft moan escaped her lips. Edward sat up quickly, grabbed her neck and pulled her down for a rough kiss. Bella caressed his face and he continued to move under her. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and pulled it out again. Bella both hated and loved when he did that. He sucked on her bottom lip and tugged lightly with his teeth. Bella tangled her hands in his hair.

"Edward," Bella moaned.

"Lets make them all wish they were you," Edward moaned. He held her lips tight and began thrusting into her so hard her human body would have crumbled.

"Edward," Bella moaned. "Oh god, oh, oh god."

"Scream it Bella," Edward groaned. Bella's hands tightened in his hair and her breath was coming out in pants.

"Edward! Oh god!"

She was so close. They were both moving at an inhuman speed. "Bella...Bella...my beautiful Bella..."


As she came Bella fell against him and he fell back against the pillows. Her dark hair covered his neck and chest. The scent of her shampoo reached his nose and he groaned in delight. He held her tight against his body.

"I'll never let you go again," Edward promised. "I'll always be with you."

"You were right," Bella said against his neck.

"I usually am. What about now?"

"Jacob. I didn't love him. Not like I love you."

"I'm sorry that he had to be a rebound, but at least he's completely over you."

"Take me away, Edward," Bella sighed. "Please take me away."


"Does he have to have explosive sex so loudly?" Esme sighed. "I was having a nice peaceful morning and then I hear them waking the dead.

"Well," Carlisle said, twirling some of her hair around his finger, "why don't we show them how the adults play."

"One of these days you will have to realize that he is not a buddy he is your son and you are supposed to set an example for him and..." Esme cut off as she heard Bella moan in extreme pleasure again. "Those little brats. Strip. Now."

Carlisle grinned and eagerly obeyed.


When Edward and Bella arrived at Eppley Airport there was a cluster of children waiting for them. Bella didn't give them a second thought until all at once, all eleven of them ran at Edward. Riley jumped into his arms and gave him a big hug.

"Hey guys," Edward said. "Did everything go well?"

"Yeah, everything was great," Elaine said with a smile, holding Jessica the five-year-old on her hip.

"Hello, Jessica," Edward said to the little girl.

"Hewo Edward," Jessica mumbled.

"You're speaking to me!"

The girl smiled around her thumb and Elaine passed her to him. Edward walked over to Bella who looked very surprised.

"Bella, these are my children," Edward said.


"Guys and girls, this is Bella Swan."

"Hi Bella," the kids chorused.

"What's going on, Edward?" Bella asked.

Edward smiled at her and took her hand. They all walked out to the two large vans that were waiting outside. The kids filed in, Elaine drove one and Edward drove the other. Bella wondered when Edward was going to answer her. They made it back to the large home. The kids ran into the house and to their separate activities and Bella turned to Edward.

"I found Riley in Montana and saved him from being killed by a vampire," Edward said. "We came here by just following the highways. We stayed in that hotel right there," Edward pointed across the street, "anyway I looked out and saw this building for sale and I had an idea."

"An orphanage?" Bella asked.

"Of sorts," Edward said, taking her bags. "All the children here were living in abusive homes and I simply give them a place to be happy."

"You created a safe haven for abused children?"

"Yeah," Edward muttered, feeling a little awkward. Bella wasn't reacting the way he expected she would. She was actually acting maturely. A part of him was waiting for her to yell at him for spending his time with children instead of her.

So he was pleasantly surprised when Bella stopped, cupped his face in her hands and kissed him. "Edward that is the sweetest thing I have ever heard," she said. "No wonder those kids love you so much!"

"So you aren't mad?" Edward asked.

"Absolutely not!" Bella cried. "Edward this is amazing."

"Lets get you settled in," Edward said turning towards the stairs. Bella followed him and turned into his bedroom. "We're going to have to expand soon. I'll have to let Carlisle know."

"So this is the secret Esme was trying to pry out of him."

"Was she successful?" Edward asked, putting their bags on his bed.

"Isn't she always?"

"Geez I knew she'd break him," Edward grumbled, "that man is a sucker for her."

"Tell me Edward can you keep things from me?" Bella asked, suddenly very close to him. Her hand brushed up his upper arm and shoulder before curling around his neck.

"You women are trouble," Edward sighed, "I believe you are truly the downfall of men."

"Perhaps," Bella said with a smile, pulling away and starting to unpack. Edward bit back and moan and sighed instead.

"Always such a tease."

Bella giggled.

"Edward! Come play with us!" Daniel said from the door. Riley was at his side and Lauren, one of the new girls was jumping behind them.

"Yeah! Come on Edward!" she cheered.

"Go on, I can handle things alone," Bella said.

"Alright, lets go," Edward said finally. The children cheered and Edward gave Bella a kiss on the cheek before running off after them.

Bella turned back to her bags and unpacked them. She unpacked Edward's bags too. She opened his underwear draw to put in freshly laundered and folded (Esme refused to let him return with dirty undies) underwear when she hesitated. At the bottom of the drawer was a picture. Bella picked it up and recognized it instantly as the one she had found in her book. Only Edward had folded this one. She opened it and found that he had scribbled himself out with a black pen. Underneath that one was another picture of her as a vampire. She didn't know that he was taking the picture so she was still reading in the photograph. The final picture was one of her stepping out of the shower. She remembered that one. She had caught on before he could snap a good picture of her but a towel was against her chest and she was bright red.

"Edward," she sighed. The final picture was one she had given him as a joke for their first anniversary where she was wearing only a lacy bra (borrowed from Alice) with his gold sheet over her naked thighs. She was turned slightly and gazing at the camera with a sexy pout.

Oh yes, she thought with a smile, he was certainly flustered after that one.

With a smile Bella tucked the pictures away and closed the drawer. She finished unpacking and looked around. The room was typical Edward. A double bed was in the corner and covered in a deep blue comforter. On the night stand there was a lamp, a clock and a framed picture of Bella in her wedding dress. No doubt Edward stole it from Esme or Alice. There was a large frame on the wall holding a collection of pictures. The first one was a picture of Edward with the boy Bella recognized as Riley and Elaine. The pictures continued, with more children in each one. They all looked so happy with Edward.

Smiling, Bella walked out of the room and down the stairs. She heard laughing coming from the other room. She followed it into the gym where Edward and his children were playing basketball. Edward was more running around with them than actually playing. Bella smiled when Edward swooped down and lifted a redheaded boy up to make a slam dunk. His team, each with a blue cloth hanging from their waist, cheered.

Edward looked over at Bella and smiled at her. "Come on Bells!"

"I think I'll just watch," Bella said.

"Aw, don't be scared," Edward said. "Guys Bella's scared."

"Geez Edward you're worse than they are," Bella sighed.

"If we promise to go easy on you will you play?" The redhead named Tyler asked from Edward's arms.

"Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!" the children begged in unison.

"If you play Edward can be on only one side and you can be on the other," a blonde girl said.

"Well if you put it that way," Bella said with a smile. She walked over to the group.

"So which team wants who?" Edward asked. The two captains stepped forward. They did rock paper scissors to see who got to pick. Terra, a brunette girl around eleven won. She turned towards her team.

"Edward is a good player," one said.

"But he goes completely gaga eyed whenever she is near him," another reminded her.

"You do have a point," Terra sighed.

"She'll probably be like all girls and play dirty," A boy said.

"Not all girls play dirty Evan," Terra snapped.

"Now, now," Edward said. "Please choose."

"I think it is to our advantage to go with Bella," Terra said.

"Thanks a ton guys," Edward sighed. Bella was welcomed to the blue team with a blue cloth.

The blue team ended up winning by ten points because Edward couldn't keep his eyes off of Bella.


"I declare cheating," Edward said that night as Bella came back from taking a shower.

"Oh don't be such a sore loser," Bella sighed. She dropped her towel and went over to Edward's dresser. Edward watched her with confusion as she sifted through his drawers until she found something. She pulled a t-shirt with Forks High stamped on the chest over her head and borrowed-with-no-intetion-of-returning a pair of sweatpants. She went to the bed and sat down as if nothing had happened.

"So when do I get to take your shirts?" Edward asked, tugging on the sleeve.

"When you can fit in them and look nearly as hot as I do."

"And this is when I decide to cut the time you spend with Roselie in half."

"Admit it," Bella said with a shrug, "I look great."

"Always," Edward said, leaning over and kissing her cheek.

"Besides," Bella added, "I love your scent."

Edward didn't have an answer. All he could do was watch her crawl under the covers and smile at him. Edward shook his head and sighed. He crawled under the covers with her and kissed her forehead.

"So you always pretend to sleep?"

"Yes," Edward said. "Some of the younger ones have nightmares and sleep in here."

"How sweet," Bella said quietly.

"So, what do you think?"

"I think that if we were human I'd be demanding you give me a baby," Bella said. "You're a natural parent."

"I love those kids so much," Edward said, "Elaine told me once that I've made such an impact on all of them."

"Of course you have! Edward, you're showing kindness to children who probably rarely saw it. You're like Carlisle is to you. What's wrong?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Edward asked.


"Riley is the only one who knows what we are. He's special, Bella, he can see people's true selves. He knows what I am because he watched me chase away the vampire that killed his family. He won't find it odd that we won't age. But the others..."

"You'll have to leave sometime," Bella finished quietly. Edward looked deeply upset by that.

"When I started this I didn't think it through. I didn't think about what will happen ten years from now when I should be, physically, thirty and I'm still seventeen. They think I'm in my early twenties. I have been thinking about it a lot lately."

"And?" Bella asked.

"Pass the torch," Edward said with a sigh. "Train people to run this place like I do and then...disappear. I'll fake my death or something."

Bella sighed. "I love you, sweetie, but I don't want to be anywhere near you on that day. I hate seeing you cry."

"Well the flood gates will burst," Edward warned her. His eyes already had a little more sparkle in them. He was trying not to tear up right there.

"I'm just glad that you found what you were searching for," Bella said softly.

"With you here, Bella I have everything I ever needed. I have a purpose. I know now, fully, that I was born for a reason. But most of all, I have you. I was so afraid that my one mistake would cost me everything I most cherished."

"You would always have your family."

"I know," Edward sighed. "But I began losing them too. My sisters were mad at me, my brothers were mad at me because the girls were mad a them, and Carlisle...well he supported me through everything."

"Edward, you were never going to lose any of us. I would have eventually forgiven you and gotten over you if Jacob hadn't...well..."

"Liar," Edward called with a crooked smile. "You would have never gotten over me."

"Maybe, maybe not."

"Maria is a wonderful girl," Edward said, "she and Jacob have childhood history and they are truly in love."

"I know," Bella sighed, "it's just being dumped...again when I was still vulnerable. I told him from the beginning that it was a rebound but I did have feelings for him."

"I know," Edward said, "and I respect that. I owe him a great debt for taking care of you when I couldn't. I had no right to fight with you over your affections for him."

Bella was about to say something when there was a knock on the door.

"Come in," Edward said.

It was Riley. He had tears drying on his cheeks and red eyes. "Edward he's gonna get me," Riley sniffed.

Edward smiled and pulled the covers back. Riley ran across the room and jumped into the bed. Edward tucked him in and kissed his forehead. "Tell me about it," Edward said.

"I was sleeping, and he came out of the shadows. He killed Katie and he said he was going to kill me. He killed you too, Edward. I was alone and scared and I didn't know what to do!"

Edward hugged Riley gently. "Hey, kiddo, don't get down. Nobody is going to kill me. And nobody is going to hurt you while I'm here."

"Promise?" Riley asked, sniffing. Edward nodded. Riley cuddled into Edward's stone chest and balled his fist. "Thank you for saving me, Edward."

Edward petted Riley's hair gently. Edward hummed a lullaby. The same one his mother sang. When he finished he felt a pair of cool lips on his forehead. He felt Riley shift and his little hand fell against Bella's. He was asleep within moments and remained still and peaceful for about an hour.

"Mama?" he asked groggily looking at Bella.

Gently, Bella stood up and scooped the boy into her arms. Riley was like a rag doll in her arms, too tired to move. He did, however hold lightly around her neck and rest his chin on her shoulder. Bella walked into his bedroom, stepping over his toys. She set him down lightly on his bed and tucked him in. She kissed his forehead lightly and smiled.

"Bella, dun leave. You make him happy," Riley mumbled sleepily.

"Do you want me to stay?"

"Very much. You remind me of mama."

"Well then I'll stay," Bella said, kissing Riley again on the forehead and smoothing his sheets. She cracked the window when he said he was hot and then left silently.

Edward was leaving one of the other rooms, having calmed another child down when she came into the hall.

"Is he asleep?" Edward asked.

"Like a baby," Bella answered. "So," she said taking his hand, "that's the third little boy to say that you are so much happier with me here."

"Word travels fast," Edward said in a would be casual voice. "Sometimes it feels like playing house."

"So does that make me the mommy?"

"If you marry me, yes."

"Alright, Cullen, say I do marry you. What's in it for me? I mean I'm already a vampire and I've already had you."

Edward shook his head and laughed. "I so knew you would flake out on me if I had sex with you before we got married."

"What will you do now?"

"I suppose I'll just not kiss you again until we get married."

"Yeah, let's see how well that goes," Bella laughed. "It didn't work for Carlisle and he has better control than you do."

"Damn," Edward muttered.

Bella tangled her fingers in his and pecked him lightly on the cheek. "I'm sure you can think of a way to get what you want."

Edward stopped. He took her hands in his and lowered himself to one knee. Even though he had done it before, the gesture made Bella's body tingle the memory of her heart racing sent phantom sensations in her chest.

"Bella, I love you. I don't deserve you by any means and yet here I am," Edward's voice was shaking gently. His eyes, dark gold and so deep, were holding hers effortlessly. "Bella I can't live without you. Your happiness is always my desire, and yet I have failed you so many times. But all the same, I want to live with you and love you forever. Bella, will you marry me?"

Bella was suddenly very aware of twelve pairs of eyes on her. Somehow, the children had all woken up and they were all peeping from their rooms. But she didn't care. She looked at Edward. He was everything she had ever wanted. He had hurt her so badly and yet, here she was. Funny how fate works, she thought.

"Yes," she said finally, "yes, Edward I will."

Edward stood quickly and pulled her tight into his arms. He spun her around and kissed her among the cheers of his children. "Just make sure you show up this time," Bella whispered in the middle of the embrace.

"I will," Edward promised. "If I don't you can send Emmett after me with an axe."

"Oh that'll just slow him down," Bella laughed. She touched his face and brushed his hair away from his forehead. "Edward, why does it always keep coming back to us?"

"Because we are meant for each other."

"Don't make me regret this."

"Never in a million years."


Fall was one of Bella's favorite times of the year. The golden leaves falling all around them was breathtaking. She walked along the path near the water of the outdoor mall, wondering why it was called a mall and not a park. Edward was beside her, holding hands with her and little Jessica. Elaine was up ahead playing with Riley and Daniel and Robbie was watching her with stars in his eyes.

Bella was pushing a stroller with a baby girl inside. The girl's mother showed up one day and left him there. They named her Elizabeth Esme Cullen and Bella adopted her right away. Their story was Bella had been injured as a child and couldn't have children. It also worked as a scare tactic and kept Lindsay and Terra from scaling the gym walls.

The children got excited when they reached the large slides and, while Bella found a place for them all to sit on the stone steps, Edward handed each of the children a piece of wax paper to slide on. "Be careful!" He called after them.

"Edward, I scared," Tyler, who was only four, said tugging on Edward's pant leg.

"Well should I slide with you?"

Tyler nodded and Edward picked him up. They climbed the stairs between the two slides and waited in the small line. Edward put down a piece of wax paper and sat on it.

"Hold on tight," Edward said. Tyler obeyed. He pushed off gently and slid down, and Tyler squeaked when they hit the hump. He was giggling at the end and Edward smiled at him.

"Edward! Move or we'll hit you!"

Edward jumped up as the twins, Mary and Martin, slid down together. He looked over and saw Bella giggling. He sent Tyler on his way and walked over to her.

"Something funny?"

"Just watching you," Bella said. "Those kids have you wrapped around their fingers."

"Damn you're right," Edward sighed. He reached out and pulled Bella to her feet. "Come on, you're next!"


Edward laughed and pulled her to the top of the slide and sat down with her on his lap. "Hold on tight," he whispered, wrapping his arms around her middle. He pushed off and Bella laughed as they flew up slightly in the middle. They skidded to a halt and Bella was laughing. She moved off and waited at the bottom when Tyler went on his own. She caught him as he slid down and smiled at his happy giggles.

Bella returned to Elizabeth and picked her up. She giggled and her green eyes sparkled. Bella sat on the stone step and took a bottle from the diaper bag. She fed Elizabeth while watching them. The baby could hold the bottle weakly on her own and Bella enjoyed watching her do so. She braced it lightly with her fingers while her free hand rested lightly underneath her.

"Bella! Bella!"

Maureen and Jessica ran up to her. "We got you flowers."

"Oh how lovely," Bella said, taking the bright yellow dandelions from them. "Thank you girls."

They ran off and fell back into their games. "So," Edward said from beside her, making her jump. "Do you think they're having fun?"

"I'd say they are."

"Aw they got you flowers," Edward said picking one up. He took her arm and held it out. "Mommy goes down the stairs," he said softly, dragging the yellow blossom along her arm, "daddy goes down the stairs, sister goes down the stairs, and baby," he pressed against her skin, "pees down the stairs."

"I can't believe you did that!" Bella cried as Edward finished making the yellow line down her arm. "How old are you! Really!"

Edward was on his back laughing.

"If I didn't have a baby in my arms you would so get it!"

"Good thing you have a baby in your arms then," Edward said with a grin.

Elizabeth threw her bottle at him and Bella laughed. "Oh! Elizabeth! Mommy loves you so much! Thank you for that!"

Edward wiped the formula splatter from his forehead. "Really nice baby," he said taking Elizabeth. "You like hitting daddy with your bottle?" he asked pretending to be angry. He wasn't fooling anyone with the smile on his face.

Elizabeth giggled and babbled, waving her arms at him. She grabbed a big of his hair and tugged. "No, no sweetheart, don't. Ow!"

Bella reached over and tugged on one of his curls and laughed when he glared at her. Elizabeth giggled and tugged again, so Bella tugged again.

"You guys are terrible!"

"We hurt you because we love you," Bella reminded him with a gentle kiss.

"I suppose I can forgive you," Edward sighed.

"Dada," Elizabeth babbled. "Dada!"

"Edward, sweetheart, are you crying?"

"No, I just have dust in my eye," Edward said. He hugged Elizabeth tight. "She said dada."

"She said mama last week, honey, and you cried then."

"I had flour in my eyes!"



A few days later there was a white envelope in the mail. Bella picked up a thick envelope and opened it. It was a wedding invitation. Bella turned it over, expecting to see Alice and Jasper or Carlisle and Esme. She was surprised when she saw the names Jacob and Maria.

"Edward, we've been invited to Jacob's wedding."

"Do you want to go?" Edward asked, setting Elizabeth in her high chair and starting dinner.

"If you want to."

"Celebrate the dog getting married?"

"I thought you were fond of Maria."


Bella rolled her eyes and sat beside Elizabeth, "your daddy is getting weirder by the day isn't he?"

"Am not! Elizabeth defend me!"

"Dada cazy!"

"You are no help at all!"

Bella laughed and kissed Elizabeth's forehead. She walked up to Edward and slid her arms around his waist. "Alice called me today," she said, "she wants to plan our wedding."

"As long as it's here, I have no qualms about it."

"You aren't going to promise vegas again?"

"Nope. Besides, you look too good in a wedding dress."

Bella kissed his back and sighed. The phone rang and she pulled away. "Hello? Yes? Oh my god! Yes, we're on our way."

"What is it?" Edward asked.

"Riley's in the hospital!"

Edward turned everything off and left quickly. Bella took Elizabeth from her high chair. "Elaine!"


"Where is Jenna?"

"She won't be here for another half hour. She had an exam to make up after class. Why?"

"Riley is in the hospital, we need to go."

As if they were summoned, the children all came. "How do you guys do that?" Edward muttered.

"We're coming with you," Robbie said. "He's our brother."

Edward sighed. "Alright, come on."


Riley had been hit by a car. He was laying in the hospital bed still out of it. Edward sat on his bedside and refused to leave until he woke up. It was midnight and Bella had taken the children home. Jenna, the extra nanny, was going to be working overtime with Elaine and Robbie's help.


"He hasn't woken up yet," Edward said, brushing Riley's bangs from his forehead. "Bella..."

"He'll wake up," Bella promised. "The doctors said he had a nasty blow to the head but he should recover."

"What do doctors know?"

"More than you'd think."

Edward jumped at the familiar voice. He turned and saw Carlisle. He stood up quickly and Carlisle pulled him into a tight hug. "It'll be okay," Carlisle promised.

"How did you guys know?" Edward asked.

"Bella called," Esme said from behind her husband.

"You guys didn't have to come all the way out here."

"Nonsense," Carlisle said, brushing Edward's words aside with a shake of his head. "We're family."

"He hasn't woken up yet," Edward said.

Carlisle moved towards the little boy. He was in doctor mode. His eyes were serious and focused. His fingers brushed Riley's forehead. "He's burning up."


"Did he have surgery?"

"Um...yes...yes, they had to put stitches in his head," Edward said. "Is it a reaction?"

Carlisle opened one of Riley's eyes.

"No, an infection. Get his doctor in here."

Edward left instantly and returned moments later with the doctor.

"Hello I'm Dr. Miller, what seems to be going on here?"

"You missed a spot," Carlisle said, "this boy has an infection around his stitches."

"Oh does he," Miller said dryly. "And what qualifies you to make that assessment?"

"I'm a doctor. Carlisle Cullen, I'm the chief of medicine at the Forks General Hospital."

Edward heard Miller's thoughts. He knew Forks was a small town and he was wondering if it was really that difficult to become chief of medicine there. But to humor Carlisle, he went over and examined the wound.

"Everything looks fine..."

"Tell that to his burning fever and dilated pupils. Now I suggest you get that boy into treatment because if anything happens I will come at you with every lawsuit I can find and believe me, I know my way around all of your protection."

Edward was in awe over Carlisle. Dr. Miller rolled his eyes.

"Keep up that attitude by all means, just keep testing my patience," Carlisle growled. "Now I am a very patient man but at the end of that very long fuse I am an explosion and you will feel it if you don't get going right now!"

Doctor Miller left the room quickly. Edward turned to his father.

"You are so awesome," he breathed. Carlisle smiled and patted his head.

"Sweetie, maybe you should remember that he's a human and he can't smell the infection," Esme reminded him.

"He gave me lip," Carlisle defended, "I've been doing this for centuries. I don't need that little upstarts attitude. Doctors need to be perceptive. He should be monitoring this boys temperature and vitals, not ship him off as perfectly fine. I hate incompetence, Esme."

"Don't worry, Carlisle, you come from Forks so he already assumes that you have no skills."

"Well we'll see my so called lack of skills when I'm right and Riley is saved because of it."

"So humble," Esme sighed.


"Will he be okay, Carlisle?"

"If they move their feet he will," Carlisle growled.

Edward could read what this was about. Carlisle wanted to be in there. He wanted to be controlling the procedure that would kill the infection. He didn't want the power trip, he wanted to do more than bark orders at incompetent doctors and wait.

Edward put his hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. You don't have to play super doctor all the time."

"It's been fifteen minutes," Carlisle growled.

Bella and Esme sat in the chairs and sighed. Their men were impossible when they were worried.

Carlisle growled and went to Riley's bed. He picked the boy up, kicking the machine that beeped at him. Riley was hotter. His breath was thinning.

"Where are you going?"

"Treatment," Carlisle growled. He was beyond angry. He carried Riley down the hall and up to the OR.

"The infection is spreading and if you don't look at him he'll die," he told the chief surgical resident.

"Who are you?"

"Doctor Carlisle Cullen, I am chief of medicine of Forks General Hospital."

"The Carlisle Cullen? You spoke at the conference in Chicago a few years ago."

"Yes," Carlisle sighed, "this boy has an infection and is getting sicker and sicker. Now do something about it."

"Right away."

The man carried Riley into the OR. Edward and the others made it up shortly after. "You're going to get so busted for this."

"Son one of these days you'll know the beauty of bribery."

"What are you doing up here?"

It was Dr. Miller. Only this time instead of one pair of angry gold eyes, he met four.

"I didn't authorize surgery on..."

"Listen to me you little speck," Carlisle began.

"Carlisle, stop. Threatening him will get you nothing but a lawsuit."

"He doesn't have the guts," Carlisle growled.

Bella and Edward pulled away from the mess and peered into the room. Bella rested her head on Edward's chest. "He's so small."

"I know," Edward whispered.

Carlisle had been right about the infection. Edward knew that he was worried and one step away from putting on a cap and gown and going in there himself. Blood had begun to pool in Riley's head and he would have died if Carlisle hadn't caught it.

Edward realized this fact by reading the minds of the doctors. His eyes burned with tears and he turned to Carlisle.

"Thank you," he sobbed. "Thank you dad."

Carlisle stroked Edward's hair and kissed his head. "It's going to be alright now."

Riley was back in recovery by dawn and awake by noon. He smiled weakly at Edward and Bella. He thanked Carlisle for saving him. When he was well enough, Edward gave him a speech about the dangers of playing near the street and Riley promised he would be more careful.

"I think you gave Bella a heart attack," Edward told him when Bella was away getting a get well soon balloon with Esme.

"I didn't mean to!" Riley cried, stopping when it hurt.

"She was very worried. She loves you very much."

"I love her too," Riley said. "Can you guys get married now and become mommy and daddy?"

"That sounds like a wonderful idea," Bella said, walking in. Riley smiled at the balloon and Bella tied it to his bed.

A few days later Riley was released and Carlisle thanked the doctor with a smile. Edward carried his son out of the building and into his volvo. He made it home and he was more than delighted to find that his brothers and sisters were helping take care of all the children.

He was also delighted to find that all the boys absolutely adored Emmett. Roselie was sitting with Elaine and Rachel, showing them how to use makeup and Alice was styling Terra's hair into spikes.

"Gang's all here," Edward sighed.

"Well they wanted to help out. Besides, it's good to get them out of the house."

"Well," Bella said, "while you're all here would you guys mind attending a wedding?"

"I suppose we can squeeze it in," Carlisle said, patting her head. "You going to show up this time, Edward?"

"You going to let me live that down, Carlisle?"


"Yes, I'm going to show up," Edward moaned.


Bella looked stunning. Edward forgot to breathe when he saw her walking towards her. The music Alice had chosen was perfect.

And I saw,

pictures in my head

But I swear I saw you opening up again

Cause I would be heavenly if

Baby you'd just rescue me now

Bella slid her hand into his. Edward smiled brightly at her. "I'm glad you came," Bella whispered.

"I'm glad you waited."

Edward didn't hear a word the minister was saying. His eyes traveled down her beautiful face and her beautiful dress. Strapless and light. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever set eyes on.

"Do you, Edward Cullen, take this woman to..."

"Forever," Edward said. "I do."

Bella didn't wait for the man to finish speaking. The moment he said man and wife she fell into her husband's arms and kissed him. The children cheered and their family clapped. Alice started sobbing and Roselie passed her a tissue. Jacob whooped with his arm around Maria and Izzy bouncing in his lap. Emmett and Jasper tossed rose petals into the air and they blew in the wind. Charlie started to cry and Renee cheered.

"I love you, Bella Cullen."

"Never let me go, Edward," Bella whispered against his lips.

"Never again."

The End

It's finally over! Edward and Bella are married and everyone is happy! Yay! Now to devote my free time to my other story. Yay for shameless story promotion!