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This story is told from Sakura's point of view. Enjoy!

The hospital is very busy today. There was a flu spreading in Konoha since last week. Luckily, we were able to stop it developing into a more serious problem with Tsunade-sama's new healing technique. Right now, I'ma t the emergency area healing the wounded ninjas who just came back from their mission.

Then as I was treating their wounds, I hear Tsunade-sama call me.

"Excuse me for a minute." I told the three ninjas in front of me. They nodded in response then I headed towards the door where Tsunade-sama was leaning.

"Sakura, you can go home now. It's late and you've done a lot already."

Tsunade-sama looked exhausted. I pretty much couldn't resist her offer. I was exhausted as well.

"Um, okay." I said. "Thanks, Tsunade-sama." I nodded then I walked off.

Tomorrow's a Saturday meaning it's my day off. But believe me, I don't enjoy my day off that much. It's either I'm needed at the hospital or I'm being sent into a mission. I don't complain though, having a mission is better than doing nothing all day.

Naruto, Kakashi-sensei, and Sai left Konoha without saying anything to us. They weren't sent into a mission. They just left just like Sasuke. They didn't say any good bye. Not a single word.

Tsunade-sama declared them as missing-nins last week since they've been gone for one and a half months.


Team Seven is really no more.

I entered my apartment and jumped into my bed. First Sasuke, then Naruto and Kakashi-sensei. I even miss Sai calling me ugly.

Am I destined to be alone?

Team seven and Team Kakashi's pictures were beside my bed, on top of my bedside table.

Have they forgotten about me? Am I that insignificant? Don't they realize that I trained hard for them?

For them...

Every night, it's always like this. I want to hate them, to feel nothing towards them as if we hadn't shared any memories together. Good memories and bad ones.

Why can't I do that when they can?

Why do I need to suffer and feel this kind of things while they do what they want even if they hurt someone's feelings?

Maybe I'm nothing but a team mate to them. Just a weak girl who couldn't control her emotions and was always on their way.

A stupid fangirl who gave all her heart to a jerk.

A horrible person who punches her friend because of being an idiot.

A weak student who did nothing on missions except being saved.

An ugly person who cared too much and because of that, she forgot their roles.

They were ninjas and they don't need emotions.

I always cried myself to sleep thinking about them. I try my best not to, but my emotions always get the better of me.


Another day day has begun and my eyes were sore from all the crying I did last night, just like every other night. I sniffed then took a bath. I took some breakfast then sat at the couch.

I'm wishing for a mission right now. Anything to get me out of thinking about those jerks.

I sighed. Even a small job at the hospital would be nice. Just to occupy my mind and remove these unwanted thoughts.

An hour has passed befor three knocks on my door came. I quickly answered the door and Shizune was there.

"Tsunade-sama needs you for a mission."

Ah! Music to me ears! I immediately left my apartment and headed off to the Hokage's Office with Shizune.

As I entered, Shizune left the office leaving me and Tsunade-sama alone.

"I'm all alone in this mission?" I asked her.

She nodded. "This mission is higher than S-rank missions, Sakura."

I raised an eyebrow, "Above...S-rank?" Could such a mission exist?

Tsunade-sama stood up then faced the windows.

"Akatsuki is on the move. They don't have enough fun in taking demons anymore. I've received from my sources that they have a new hobby of stealing forbidden scrolls now."

There was complete silence before she faced me and stared at me. "I'm not forcing you to do this mission. It's just a lot has turned it down, even Gai and Iruka."

"What is the objective, Tsunade-sama?" I asked.

"Join the Akatsuki then leak out some of their plans."

I was taken back. Join them? "But Tsunade-sama, if I join them, there's a huge chance that-" I didn't continue my sentence.

"Death." She continued it for me. "A huge chance that they'll kill you."

I sighed. "That's a reason this mission is higher that the S-rank missions." Tsunade-sama explained.

"Well, it's okay if you turn it down. I'd probably turn it down myself-"

"I'll do it." I said, my hands were clenched into fists as I said the words.

"Sakura, don't force-"

"Tsunade-sama," I said. "I'll do it. I have a duty to Konoha as a ninja."

She nodded at me. "Very well then," She sat back down at her chair. "Come to my office this office this evening and I'll explain the details."

I nodded. I was about to leave the office when I heard her say my name. I turned around to face her.

"Sakura..." She said. "Think about it."

I just nodded at her then left. I arrived at my apartment dripping wet because of the sudden rain. I changed my clothes then dried myself.

I sat at my bed, legs crossed while I stared at the two pictures in front of me.

"I guess..." I sighed. I really don't know what to say.

Unconsciously, tears streamed sown my face. Rain poured more heavily and thunder roared louder.

Hours have passed and I'm still on the same position. Though the rain has stopped, it was cold. I glanced at my window, the moon was already up and I realized I didn't eat any lunch or dinner. I was too preoccupied by the mission that I forgot to eat. I groggily stood up then fixed myself some soup.

After eating, I washed the dishes then headed towards the Hokage tower. Tsunade-sama was at the roof top.

"Tsunade-sama" I muttered.

"Have you thought about it?" Her eyes were distant.

"I-I have." I stuttered. "I'll do it."

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