Prologue: Destruction

Prologue: Destruction

21st May 1997

Bodies were scattered and strewn across the ground thrown away aside like rag dolls. Debris from fallen rock littered the Earth, crushing victims and making the terrain rocky and hard to navigate. The castle, that was once standing upright and tall, had crumbled and crushed to the ground, 1000 years worth of history being destroyed with it.

One boy – no man, for surely this battle had torn away whatever little innocence he had left – walked through the carnage. His green eyes disbelieving but at the same time knowing what he saw was true. Fallen friends and family were on the floor around him, their eyes devoid of life, their bodies mutilated either by spells or from the rock and stone that had fallen on them. He was not normally one to cry, but he could not stop the silent tears as he walked past them, recognizing most of their faces while not able to put a name to others…

Dean, Colin, a Third Year Hufflepuff, Terry, Seamus, a Fourth Year Ravenclaw Padma, Professors Flitwick and Sprout

All of them, lying motionless and dead, but he kept walking hoping against hope he wouldn't see on the floor the people he dreaded finding but yet knowing that it was exactly there that they would be. Knowing they would have died fighting, as they would refuse to run from battle, refuse not to defend their loved one and refuse not to fight for their beliefs. It was simply not in their nature to turn around and flee the bloodshed, not in their nature to be cowards as the word held no meaning to them.

And then he saw them. His brother and sister, in spirit if not in blood. Lying side by side, strangely peaceful in death. Ron and Hermione. Past memories came to Harry's mind, the three of them talking and laughing, sneaking down into the kitchens to grab food late at night, playing Exploding Snap or doing their homework assignment for their next class. He would never play chess with Ron again, never be humiliated by him in another game or talk about Quidditch or girls late into the early hours of the morning. Hermione would never scold him for leaving his Potions essay until the last minute, never chastise him for sleeping through one Binn's lecture on Goblin Rebellions. He would never see her bushy hair behind a large book, a trait which was at first annoying but over time became endearing and typical.

The flood of memories became too much for Harry and he sank to his knees, crying over the loss of life around him, for his friends, for his brother and sister. He let out the flood of tears that he had been holding in nearly all his life when he taught himself to suppress physical emotion, taught himself not to show weakness. But he didn't care about showing this display of emotion now for how could he not show any sign of hell that had befallen him, for the hell his life had become, destroyed and ruined by one monster.


The name was enough to stop the tears, and it instead filled him with rage and hatred for the one person for the one man who constantly made his life miserable. Magic crackled around him, static electricity sparking from his fingertips. He controlled himself and stood up and looked around. He knew there were many others such as the Weasleys, Remus, Tonks, and the rest of the Order lying dead on the grounds but he couldn't bring himself to look at them, to suffer more anguish, to realize he was now truly alone.

He took one more look at the remains of Hogwarts Castle, the first place where he felt at home, felt like he belonged, and a place which had always filled him with warmth but would now haunt his nightmares due to the devastation surrounding it.

He started walking away, thinking of what he had to do. Before Dumbledore had die, Harry would meet with him in his office discussing the war, practising his magic but the one thing which stuck out in his mind prominently was the course of action Harry should take if everything went wrong. The path which would be taken should there be nothing left to live for, nothing left to save and only as a last resort. Harry was apprehensive and frightened of it at first and what it entailed and hoped that the situation of when he would have to use it would never arrive. But it had. He was filled with resolve again, he would go along with the plan, he would not rest until Voldemort was defeated and he would save hopefully the lives of many people if the plan went accordingly, IF it was successful. It was a very big IF. There would be time for mourning later, but not until his destiny was completed.

Harry was standing in a bedroom at 12 Grimmauld Place. He had vowed never to return there since that fateful night almost year ago, when his godfather has fallen through the veil but now it was the only place where Voldemort couldn't reach. Yet.

He was alone in the house, only Order members knew of its location but every Order member had perished in the Hogwarts massacre earlier that day. He slumped down on the bed, put his head in his hands and thought about how his life was about to turn upside down. Well, that wasn't entirely truthful. Harry Potter's life had been tilting on axis ever since he had found out he was wizard. Since then nothing in his life had been normal. He had gone from being a nobody, a "freak" who was hated by his relatives to learning he was perhaps one of the most famous wizards in the 20th Century. He had been through many hardships along with his best friends Ron and Hermione including protecting the Philosophers Stone, slaying a 60 ft Basilisk, fighting Dementors and Death Eathers and escaping from the Dark Lord alive on many occasions. A feat which not many people had accomplished. He had also seen death up close. He had seen Cedric Diggory die, his Godfather as well as many others and each time it struck a chord in his heart.

On the same night his godfather died he had learnt the reason Voldemort wanted him dead. Harry Potter was, according to a prophecy made before his birth, the only person capable of ending the Dark Lord's reign. If he were to win, there would be peace in the world, where everyone would be safe and not constantly looking over their shoulder for danger. However if he were to lose, Voldemort's final obstacle would be removed, there would be nothing to stop him from stretching his reign and town and establishing a new Order where the world would tremble at his feet

But not even that night could compare to how dramatically life changing his next course of action would be. It would take him ten days to prepare while following the instruction's, the house already contained all the equipment (another reason he had retuned there) and at the start of June it would be ready.

Dumbledore's plan was for Harry, if all hope was lost, to transport himself into the past.

Precisely 20 years.

Dumbledore had expressed how dangerous the mission was, that it would change the timeline and should only be used if all else fails. So far, Voldemort seemed invincible. He had taken over the Ministry with absurd ease due to fact that they had failed to acknowledge his return for over a year. Cornelius Fudge had been murdered by Lucius Malfoy, the man who had contributed so much money to Ministry and always supported him had ended his life. Harry, while not really caring about Fudge's fate, did not appreciated the irony. However, he was sure Voldemort took great delight in it.

After taking charge of the Ministry, Voldemort started taking down known Order members, destroying their families and homes. It was so easy for him, and day by day his control over the country was spreading. Many people took refuge at Hogwarts, as Dumbledore still resided there as Headmaster and it was seen as the safest place.

There had been many attacks over the past year and Harry himself had taken part in the battles. Harry's magical power had increased on in his sixteenth birthday by exponential amounts. His body had gone through a magical surge which had transformed his power and made him stronger. It was a very rare occurrence for this to happen to a witch or wizard and there were only a handful occurrences like this in History, the most notable wizards being Gryffindor, King Arthur, Merlin, Morgana, Dumbledore, Grindelwald and of course Voldemort.

Harry had trained privately with Dumbledore since, however there was only so much he could practise. At first his body wasn't used to the surge and it was fairly painful for 2 weeks when he required constant bed rest. After that though, he started to exercise. It became the norm for him to go for runs in the morning, do press-ups and sit-ups, and in time he body started to show changes. His muscles had become fairly prominent, his shoulders had broadened and his legs had strengthened. He was no longer the scrawny, thin boy but instead he became what a real hero with the weight of the world on his shoulders should look like.

His spells from his wand had become stronger and he could now feel his magic running through his veins, constantly just below the surface, waiting to be released. He had concentrated on performing wandless magic as he could now channel his powers through his hands and he became a formidable wizard. The one flaw in Harry's ability was his limited arsenal of spells. He knew more than any other student but not enough to defeat Tom Riddle. He had basically concentrated on making his spells stronger than learning new ones and it showed at times. He also had to start from the beginning with his wandless magic and it took six months to bring it too par with his ability to do magic with a wand. He vowed to change this though; he had found many obscure and powerful spell books which would help him immensely as well as books on learning Legilimency and Occlumency. He would be taking these with him along with his other valuable possessions like his Invisibility Cloak and the Marauders Map.

Harry had faced Voldemort 3 times over the past year and managed to hold his own, however Voldemorts excessive knowledge of the Dark Arts had shown. Harry knew he had a lot of training and learning before he was ready to win, he was confident that when in the past he would be able to do so and broaden his mind as well. He would also train in the Dark Arts so he would know what he was up against and he would use his hatred of Tom to power his spells. Harry knew though he couldn't let his hatred for the Death Eaters and Voldemort consume him but he had no qualms about killing them. In his opinion, they deserved to die, for all the pain and anguish they caused when they had torn families asunder and murdered innocent people. If they weren't stopped, they would only continue to cause more evil. He wasn't stooping to their level; he would simply fight fire with fire.

Today, Voldemort had proved that not even Hogwarts was beyond his reach. He had attacked with his army and killed the leader of the light, Albus Dumbledore in a duel. When Voldemort had Dumbledore at wandpoint on his heart and asked whether he had any last words Dumbledore had defiantly replied, "Death is naught but the next great adventure." His army of Death Eaters had then proceeded to bring down Hogwarts and its occupants and with the last stronghold of the light.

Harry had travelled the other day to ancient place in France in order to learn more about the origins of magic so he could understand its concept better. However when he had arrived after news of the attack had reach him it had been too late. The entire resistance to Voldemort had come crashing down along with Hogwarts.

Harry stood and walked to his trunks and took out the instructions which would form the portal. It required a lot of magical energy and not many people knew this kind of thing could be done. He was told by Dumbledore to stop Voldemort in the past. He knew he could not do it alone which is why he would still work with the Order and Dumbledore there was no mistaking that it was his fate to finish this but he would have to prove to them his was no ordinary wizard but one capable of great power. He would be saving many lives if he succeeded

His parents, the Longbottoms, the Mckinnons, the Prewetst, the Bones.

As well as many generation who wouldn't live with the same fear of Him.

He would take the alias of Harry Watson. There were no disguises he could which would be permanent so he would simply shorten his hair and from the spell required to cast the portal a blue streak would appear down the middle. This wasn't a huge change but hardly anyone would think he was from the future, unless he told them. He had a feeling some would find out, Dumbledore probably most definitely. His plan would be to go to Hogwarts for his final year. From their, he could get a lot of practise in spells and learn a lot more in his seventh year. He was also well aware he would be in the same year as his parents and the marauders as well.

The main reason this plan was to be used as a last resort was that he would be leaving in effect his old life behind and starting a new one in a different place. He wouldn't be able to return but in his current life there was nothing for Harry to return to.

Harry started placing all the equipment in the right places and began preparing. He had been on a lot of adventures before but this would be is biggest yet and Harry couldn't be more terrified. But the knowledge of being able to save many lives, his parents' lives and for another Harry Potter to grow up peacefully kept up his determination.

It was going to be a long ten days

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