Chapter 18 : Meetings

Silence reigned in the Room of Requirement.

Harry had eaten his breakfast without looking at any of his newly found friends in the eye who had just stared at him in total disbelief. The girl who had been standing behind him had nearly bolted when he'd turned back around to ask what she had wanted. Some of the teachers wore almost comical expressions and, had the situation not been so grim, Harry would have found it funny. Dumbledore had looked at him in sympathy whilst McGonagall remained typically stern although her eyes held a hint of worry.

All in all, Harry thought the suffocating silence would choke him. Of course, after a few minutes the buzz of hushed whispering which sounded like a pack of stinging bees started. His friends still remained silent as he kept his head down and ate although he felt rather than saw the glances they exchanged. He itched all over from the stares he felt on his back but refused to fidget.

He also couldn't help looking over at the Slytherins who looked as if they had swallowed sour milk, their faces taut with uneasiness and apprehension after finding out that it wasn't wise to antagonize someone of Harry's capability. He wondered whether anyone would still consider going to the upcoming ball with him. It would be worth asking just to see the reactions he supposed.

After swallowing his last bite he had looked back up at the people sat around him and casually asked, "We still up for our training session?"

And without another word he had swept out of the hall, fully aware of the passing hush as he did but certain his friends would follow.

Now there was a very noticeable tension in the room as they stood there. He noticed the not-so-subtle looks they were exchanging as if urging someone else to ask the question they wanted answered. But even the ever-so-brash Sirius was reluctant.

Harry had never felt so alienated at that moment. Never felt so separate and so out of the world he was living in. But then again he wasn't from this world. And for the first time in a month he felt the pain from his old world, his old friends rear up again like an ugly snake.

But he steadied himself. He had a job to do, he reminded himself not for the first time. He had a destiny and personal vendetta to meet and fulfill. When that was all finished then maybe he could mourn, but not now. And, looking on the bright side, the ball had started to roll as far as he was concerned. It wouldn't be long until a climax was reached in the war, he was sure.

And if his friends here weren't going to be brave enough to ask the questions they wanted answered he wasn't going to be courteous enough to provide them with no effort on their part.

"Alright, so I was thinking we could continue with the spells you were doing last week and see how far along you are in case you've been practicing—," Harry started.

"Hold on!" Sirius interrupted, breaking his groups' silence as they yet again looked at him in disbelief when he made no move to explain things to them, "Aren't you going to…?" He gestured vaguely with his hands.

Harry looked at him levelly. "What?"

Sirius flushed a little as Harry looked at him piercingly, "Tell us about what was said in the paper?"

"What about it?" Harry asked, his tone light.

"Well, surely it can't be true?!" He asked in total disbelief.

"Why can't it be true?" Harry answered with another question, keeping calm despite the fact that he knew a huge distance was to be created between him and his friends. Not as big as the one with Peter though, who suspiciously hadn't been at breakfast but Harry knew the rat was a deep sleeper.

"Are you saying you were fighting a Death Eater?" Remus cut in incredulously, "Especially when you were supposed to be at school even though no one could find you…"

"Yeah," Harry forced a smile, "Imagine what the Board of Governors will have to say about that."

More looks of astonishment.

"What are you?" James whispered.

"James—!" Lily hissed, despite herself.

"What?" James challenged, "We've all been thinking it! What kind of seventeen year old fights off Voldemort in the summer, then shows up and hold himself against Dumbledore of all people in a duel, not to mention the fact that he practically walked all over us when we fought him, hurls around spells we don't half know about and now he's gone and taken out a high-ranking Death Eater. And I doubt the Headmaster doesn't know what happened yesterday. What are you? What's your damn story?"

Harry sighed as it came to the point when he realized his friends wanted answers if they were going to come anyone near to understanding what he was about. He chanced a look at Brittany who had looked just as shocked as everyone else even though she perhaps knew him best. But, he supposed, news like this was not something you could just expect. There was a difference between watching what he could do and then using that talent to do something.

But what should he tell them? The truth was just so unbelievable…but maybe he could build on the past he had already outlined for himself. And try to keep it close to the truth without letting any major parts slip.

"What am I…? I'll be damned if even I know the answer to that question, though I suppose it certainly ain't normal."

His friends had looks of expectancy on their faces and Harry struggled for a moment to find the right words.

"Imagine that…your whole life is leading up to one event, and that you've been trained and conditioned for it so that when the time comes you'll be ready," He started, but was only met by looks of confusion. "I've been tested and trialled ever since I was eleven in one way or another and only recently I've taken control of my own life and started doing things my own way," He wasn't being completely clear but nothing he'd said could be counted as lies. Of course, he was relying on the ones he'd told before to cover up for him.

Lily shook her head, "I don't understand, you're not making any sense. What could be so important that would require you to…well train and learn like you have?"

"That's my busin—," Harry started firmly.

"You've been trained so you can kill Voldemort?" Brittany spoke for the first time, the pieces falling together in her mind.

Harry's silence more or less confirmed it and the looks he received now were ones of abject horror.

"That's…crazy! You're just a kid!" Grace blurted. Harry twitched a little at that. He was not just a kid. "I mean, what kind of guardian would do that to a child?"

"Does Dumbledore know? Is that why he let you into Hogwarts for just your final year." Perceptive as always Remus, Harry thought.

Harry shrugged in answer.

"Dumbledore would let you to fight Voldemort?" Brittany asked, horrified before Harry could say anything

"Why doesn't he do it himself?" Sirius wondered, "Why can't Dumbledore just go and kill Voldemort." How naïve, Harry thought.

"No offense, but surely he'd stand a better chance," Lily said reasonably.

Harry didn't spend a moment feeling touched that his friends were seemingly rather worked up about this or at least appeared to be. But on some level he was annoyed at the insinuations that he wasn't good enough. It wasn't as if they'd seen no proof of how capable he was, and even then they hadn't seen everything.

"Dumbledore can't kill Voldemort," Harry said, speaking up.

"Why not? Dumbledore's the only wizard Voldemort fears," James said in bewilderment.

"Fine, let me rephrase that. It's not that he can't, it's that he won't. And Voldemort doesn't fear Dumbledore, he's just wary of him. There's only one thing that demon fears…and it isn't a century old Headmaster who has the hall markings of old age working against him. As great as Dumbledore is, he's getting old and he can't keep up like he used to…"

The others found his last statement hard to believe. No one wanted their faith in a man they believed invulnerable to be shattered.

"Don't get me wrong. There'll probably never be another wizard like him, and I doubt any normal Death Eater or Dark Wizard wouldn't get absolutely humiliated by him…but Voldemort is the most powerful Dark Wizard that has ever lived and Dumbledore can't do it alone…he needs help,"

"And you're going to do that? You think you can kill Him?" Sirius challenged him.

Harry opened his mouth before closing it. He understood Sirius's and everyone else's skepticalness. What he said could be considered as very arrogant but Harry knew things they didn't, his friends didn't have the entire picture.

"Yes," Harry said with such conviction that it made the others unsure, "Or I at least have to try."

'Why?" James asked.

"For the same reason that you'll try and get revenge on any Death Eater,"

"And you don't care about the fact that you might have to kill? That doesn't scare you?" Grace asked unbelievingly.

Harry smiled but it wasn't out of humor nor did it look particularly pleasant on his face. The others seemed unnerved at they way his face had twisted to resemble cruelty by his smile. This was a side of Harry they didn't know, one that he rarely let out.

"Not at all. I look forward to it in fact."

He could tell the answer chilled them to the bone.

"Me and Dumbledore have talked about this and have no doubt that I am not your average guy who'll just sit around and watch this war go by. It's my business, I've told you more than I needed to," Harry finished.

"Is that why you're training us? You want us to help you with this?' James asked, a strange look on his face while the others looked at Harry in alarm, frightened at the prospect suggested.

Harry sighed. "I'm training you because you asked me too. Now are we going to get on it with it or do you want to waste more of my time?"

Reluctantly, and with more than a bit of apprehension, they had finally gotten around to practicing. Harry had them casting the same spells as last time after it had become evident they were still a far cry from mastering them. They were a bit disgruntled at that but Harry simply reminded them who the teacher was.

And, like before, they split up for some mock-duels at the end putting their skills to the test. Harry even took part but wasn't seriously challenged even though he could see that his opponent was trying his best to bring him down.

One thing he did notice however was that about halfway through, he experienced a slight strain when casting his spells and often had to put more effort into them causing him to tire to some extent. At first he was alarmed before comprehension sunk in.

Madam Pomfrey isn't going to be happy when I show up in her Hospital Wing, he thought, and as much as he loathed the place, that was exactly where he headed off to as the others went to lunch. They were wise enough to mind their own business and not ask why.

Magical Exhaustion wasn't something that Harry experienced regularly, what with his high levels of power, but with the amount of energy he'd expended in the last week it was no surprise.

He endured the Matron's mutters with good grace as she went on about how he should have been left to recover last night and not whisked away from her care. Harry started to ache more and more as time went on but was reassured that it was the body's way of rejuvenating itself along with the Potion's in his system.

Pomfrey went back to muttering darkly after so you could only imagine the flame that was ready to erupt when Dumbledore showed at the door to the Hospital Wing.

"Out! Out, Headmaster!" Pomfrey immediately shouted, "This boy needs rest, not to be whisked away again!"

Dumbledore looked slightly hesitant as the irate witch stood before him. Harry just had to lean back with his arms behind his head and enjoy the spectacle. There was just something oh-so-satisfying about watching the Headmaster being rebuked harshly. He probably should have wondered how Dumbledore knew he was here, but then again, there wasn't a lot that went on that the man didn't know about.

"Poppy—," Dumbledore started.

"Don't you Poppy me, Albus! This patient is under my care and I refuse for him to be let out until he has properly recovered!"

"I assure you I will not hinder his recovery. I am here simply to make a request of him." At the Matron's still mutinous look, he went on, "And he will not be required to leave his bedside in order to meet my needs."

Eventually, Madam Pomfrey acquiesced, albeit very grudgingly and she went into her office.

"Morning, sir," Harry greeted respectfully.

"It is just after two, Harry," Dumbledore corrected.

Harry rolled his eyes, "Everyone's a critic," he muttered, before speaking louder, "You're not here to take me on another outing sir? Disappointing but we remember what happened after the last, don't we?"

"Indeed," Dumbledore said dryly, " No, I am here to merely request you come to my office tomorrow night after curfew."

Harry sobered, "Have you got anything else out of Dolohov? Is that why you want me to meet with you?"

Dumbledore sighed, "No, Antonin has remained steadfast in his resolve to remain silent. All we have gained are fewer cryptic comments from him which in all honesty, worry me more about what Tom could be planning,"

"You could always torture him," Harry muttered, half-jesting but the Headmaster's hard stare told Harry that the humor wasn't appropriate.

"Rather the reason I have invited you is because I have arranged for an Order meeting. I feel it may be best to introduce you to our current members as well as some important information that needs to be heard relating to current affairs. Will you be there?"

Harry grimaced. He already felt that that would be a 'fun' meeting.

What a week, he thought. "Yes, sir. I'll be there."

Dumbledore smiled at Harry before nodding and turning on the spot as he started to sweep out of the room. However, a thought struck Harry causing him to call out to the Headmaster.


Dumbledore stopped, "Yes Harry?"

"After curfew?" Harry asked for confirmation.

Dumbledore turned to face Harry slightly, "Will that be a problem?"

"How am I supposed to get to your office without Filch and his cat sniffing me out?" Harry demanded, his eyebrows raised.

Dumbledore's own eyebrows rose, "I daresay you'll find a way, Mr. Potter,"

Harry sat by himself at large wooden table that had a single seat at the head. He was currently in one of the rooms that was adjacent to Dumbledore's office. Of course, the other rooms were the Headmaster's chambers, library and whatever else he kept behind some of the other closed doors.

He'd gotten here early, and as such was now waiting for the Order of the Phoenix members to turn up. Members whom had most likely been in the photograph Moody had shown him when he was just fifteen. Once again, since traveling back in time, Harry felt slightly weird about the world around him.

Once again, he was going to see some people who been long since dead in his future…and others who would be much younger compared to the last time he saw them.

He took a sip from a bottle of chilled pumpkin juice that he'd been drinking. There was a whole array of refreshments and Harry needed something to calm his nerves. He didn't dare eat anything though; it wouldn't be clever to risk throwing up.

Amazing that he could get so jittery at the thought of meeting a bunch of new people whom he was most likely going to be working with…but at the same time he could stare down death in the face without much hesitation. He was afraid his mouth might either shut down completely at being so nervous or it might not be able to control some of the things that were bound to come out of it.

He took a deep breath. Relax Potter, he thought.

His senses were strung tight and he was wondering what was taking everyone so long. No doubt Dumbledore was outside waiting to greet them but being on his own did nothing to calm the butterflies in his stomach.

Harry frowned as he felt another presence enter the room. They were trying to be awfully silent about it and would have succeeded if Harry hadn't been sensing for people to arrive. He sighed inwardly.

Time to face the music.

"Alastor," Dumbledore greeted the Head Auror as he flooed into his office. "You're early,"

Moody roughly brushed himself down before gruffly replying, "I'm always early, Albus."

"Yes…yes you are," Dumbledore said, a small smile on his face. He was sitting comfortably on his chair with his fingers steepled under his chin

"And I figured I'd see the boy. I haven't really talked to the lad,"

"I surmised as much," Albus said, in the same calm voice as he closed his eyes in thought. He inclined his head to the door on his left, which led through to the neighboring rooms, "He is already in there,"

"Good! Being early to the meeting will put him in better stead with the others," Moody braked, making his way to the door, "Merlin only knows tonight will be interesting,"

"Indeed," Dumbledore still deep in thought, he still had to wait and greet all the others, "Enjoy yourself Alastor…"

"Oh I will," Moody muttered as he went through the door.

He saw the boy through one of the open doors that led through to a large meeting room. His back was turned which made Moody frown as it left him unaware and exposed. He was also pushing a bottle of pumpkin juice casually between his two hands.

With stealth that was only fit for someone of Moody's title as Head Auror, he crept into the room behind Harry Watson. He saw as the boy sighed and rolled his shoulders a little before staring off into a space again. He seemed completely unaware of the veteran behind him making Moody's frown deepen considerably.

Suddenly, Moody brought his fist crashing down on the table in the space next to Harry Watson, creating a loud bang! as it impacted with the wood.

Instead of jumping in shock and reacting by attempting to hex the living daylights out of the intruder, Harry Watson merely glanced at the hand before looking up at Moody, unsurprised and…unimpressed.

"I hope that isn't how you greet everyone you meet…because if it is your social skills leave a lot to be desired." He paused, "sir," He added.

Moody drew himself back and forced himself not to rub his sore hand. "You were aware of my presence?" He barked, trying to cover up any embarrassment at his over-the-top tactic.

A hint of a smile crossed Harry's face, "Of course…Constant Vigilance, after all sir," He said, cocking his eyebrows as if he was indicating a joke.

"Right…there's no need to call me sir. Either Alastor or Moody will do, we're on the same team and we're equals. I don't need an honorific. Is that clear?"

"Alastor or Moody…" Harry repeated.

The Auror nodded in confirmation.

The smile on the boy's face seemed to deepen slightly and it looked again as if he was enjoying his own private joke as he asked, "Not…Mad-Eye?"

Moody narrowed his eyes slightly, "What is that supposed to mean?"

Harry appeared not to hear him, "Hmm, but you don't have it yet…maybe you never will."

Alastor was taken-aback but didn't show it. Just as he moved further to question the boy's ambiguous comment, he heard a commotion coming from behind him. Turning quickly, he noticed that the other attendants were starting to arrive and were filing in to the room. Many were looking at Harry with a variety of expressions raging wonderment, curiosity to downright mistrust and suspicion.

He swore, throughout all the chatter that had just livened the room up, he heard a familiar voice from behind mumble, "Let the games begin."

"Now that we are all here, let us begin," Dumbledore started, as he lowered himself into the seat at the head of the table. Harry sat on the chair next to him at the Headmaster's insistence and on his other side was Moody. He couldn't help but feel shielded from the other people in the room, in the possibility that a verbal assault might be launched on him.

"Yes…lets Albus," A man immediately spoke up, with more than a hint of derision in his tone. He looked to be in his mid-thirties and Harry was sure he recognized him from the photo the future Moody showed him. Benjy Fenwick, the name immediately appeared in him mind.

"Benky Fenwick, copped it too, we only ever found bits of him…"

From what else he had heard, Fenwick was never truly gifted in the way of magical power, rather it was his sheer doggedness and determination that made him an asset to Dumbledore.

"It seems you already skipped ahead and already invited the child to join us," He continued, turning a glare onto Harry. Harry twitched at the word child.

"You knew it would only be a matter time until he participated in a meeting," Dumbledore replied calmly.

"And yet I still don't understand why you invited a mere boy to our Order," Fenwick interjected. Harry tried to quell his annoyance at being called a boy, and a 'mere' one at that.

Well well well, Harry thought as he turned his gaze down whilst twirling his wand between his fingers. It looked like dear old Benjy suffered from the same problem one of Harry's best friends had. Jealousy wasn't a very pleasant emotion and not at all endearing to people. Indeed a lot of the people were frowning at the man right now, even those who had seemed wary of Harry at the start.

Harry decided to speak up for the first time but still kept his eyes on his wand as he passed it from one hand to the other, "Your patterns of thought Mr, Fenwick," Benjy looked unnerved at the use of his name, especially because Harry should probably have no idea what it was, "are eerily similar to those of Antonin Dolohov's." He paused, looking up and letting his mouth twist wickedly, "And we all know what happened to him."

An edgy silence followed his words and he saw out of the corner Dumbledore regard him with narrowed eyes. He continued to twirl and twist his wand between his fingers.

"You would have killed him had Albus not intervened," It wasn't a question. The accusation was practically hurled at Harry who brushed it aside as others awaited his response.

He shrugged, "Your point…?" He questioned boldly causing a few mutters to break out.

Fenwick turned triumphantly to Dumbledore, "You would allow someone who would willingly kill another human being to join the Order?" Voices started to be raised and there threatened to be an outbreak as the room increased in tension.

"I have talked with Harry about this," Dumbledore raised his voice, trying to regain control, "And while I do not agree---,"

Harry interfered, speaking loudly and bringing all conversation to a halt, "Have you ever killed a man, Mr. Fenwick?"

No answer.

"What about you, Mrs. McKinnon?" The woman looked startled that Harry knew her name as well. He turned his head to regard a familiar couple, "Arthur?"

Arthur Weasley glanced uneasily at his wife, refusing to look Harry in the eye or answer.

"Moody?" The Auror's mouth twitched but he didn't say anything. "My guess is that most people in this room will have. And if you haven't, it won't be long until you have to make that choice. This is war, after all."

"What would you know about war?" Fenwick sneered. The man was starting to bug Harry, "You're just a child."

That was it for Harry. He did not like being called a child.

Abruptly he clenched his left fist as he allowed his magic to flare. An electric static briefly encased his hand up to his elbow making most people jump in shock and stare as his green eyes also flickered with gold. Power pulsed in the room as everyone regarded the raw magic that had been displayed.

In all honesty, it was a neat trick. It didn't require too much effort but was great for intimidation, and he doubted anyone else save Dumbledore in the room would be able to do it, what with them being recipients of the surge. Still, it required slightly more struggle than normal because he was still recovering. Madam Pomfrey had said it should only be another day until he was back to full fitness.

"If we weren't in the middle of a meeting, I'd suggest we take this outside and I show you just how much of a child I really am," Harry said, his voice cold enough to freeze lava. "That is if you want to learn the hard way like Dolohov did." He practically spat the name out.

The man was practically trembling with rage but even he could feel the wave of power that had hit him. He made to deliver a retort, but was cut off by Dumbledore, who brought the two people back to their surroundings.

"If both of you could kindly remember that this is not the time for quarrels." There was a hint of steel in the Headmaster's voice as Fenwick and Harry glared at each other, but refrained from continuing their argument. "As Benjy was kind enough to point out, Harry has indeed joined us today. Here is here at my beckoning, under my protection and I trust him implicitly. If you have any further questions perhaps you would be so kind as to save them for the end. We potentially have a lot to get through."

Dumbledore continued before anyone else had the chance to interfere, "Firstly, I have heard back from the Prime Minister following the events of Friday. The Obliviators were able to clean up successfully and repairs are underway, and costs, thankfully aren't too high…or as high as they could have been. It has been predictably labeled as yet another 'terrorist' attack. All in all, the same excuse being used for the past two to three months."

"However, Minister Callaghan is happy over the fact that we managed to capture the perpetrator." He shot Harry a look here, "He initially insisted that the Ministry lend over supplies to help with construction but as we have no Minister it would take too long for that proposal to be passed in the Wizenmagot, especially with Voldmort's supporters doing their utmost to counter it."

"He also wanted to display Dolohov to the muggle public to give a rise in morale. I think we can all agree that it wouldn't be wise to allow that."

"How bad is the mood in the muggle population, Albus?" A man asked. He had wild red hair that was all too familiar to Harry, and there was a sense of unruliness about him. Coupled with the fact that next to him was a person who looked almost identical, and that they were sitting next to the Weasley parents, Harry had to guess that this was one of the Prewett twins.

"It would be best to ask Edgar this," Dumbledore replied, gesturing a well-built man with streaks of grey in his hair.

The man cleared his throat as Harry tried to think of his surname. He had seen his face as well in that photo, he was sure of it. "This morning, even though it didn't make it into the Prophet what with other things being reported." His eyes flicked to Harry here, who grimaced as he remembered the further speculation about him that had been in the paper.

He continued, "There was a minor muggle protest in Birmingham which almost turned into a riot. I think this is one of the main reasons why the Prime Minister wanted to showcase Dolohov." Again his eyes flicked to Harry, "General panic seems to have increased, or as much as it can do. A curfew has been put into place but the paper reflected that it could meet resistance as the government are obviously remaining tight-lipped about all the information they are divulging. It's very likely that there will be a lot more protesting and unfortunately, unless this war can be resolved quickly, it is very likely that riots will occur."

Nobody said anything for a while after that, and Harry couldn't help but think how quickly this war had escalated out of control since he'd arrived. Had his presence done more harm than good? He pushed that notion away; in the end his presence was needed here. He was the only one who could kill Voldemort and he needed help.

"Caradoc…do you have anything to report?" Dumbledore asked, refusing to look worried.

"We haven't been able to find out why Egypt's curse breakers have gone missing," Caradoc Dearborn shook his head, "We only have your guesses Albus on why He kidnapped them,"

"Who says they were kidnapped and didn't go willingly?" The other Prewett twin muttered darkly.

"It is possible Tom may have bribed them," Dumbledore conceded, "But it doesn't answer what he plans to do with them. We've discussed the possibilities endlessly but at the moment all we have is pure conjecture."

"Should we evacuate Headquarters?" One member asked.

"Where are Headquarters?" Harry asked. He hadn't been told the location and he ignored Fenwick's and others looks of disdain.

"Currently, it is the Potter Mansion that resides in Wales," Dumbledore answered, ignoring any scoffs.

"Fidelius?" Harry asked, not caring about anyone else in the room.

Dumbledore looked at Harry curiously before shaking his head, "No, the property is too large. Powerful wards are erected around the perimeter though."

"Does James know your using his Property?" Harry asked, eyebrows raised as he had a pretty good idea what the answer was.

Dumbledore was silent before saying; "We thought it best to keep it a secret."

"Of course you did," Harry muttered which caused a muffled chuckle from Moody but mainly choked gasps of outrage at his cheek towards the Headmaster.

"It's better that we didn't," Moody spoke for the first time. Harry idly wondered what the seasoned Auror thought of him and the way he handled himself. "The less people who know about it the better. That way it's harder for word to get out."

Dumbledore nodded slowly, "Yes and back to the original question. I doubt Tom knows of our location but it may be prudent to relocate. How long would it take for us to move elsewhere, Molly?"

"It shouldn't take long at all Albus. A week at most to pack all the supplies and equipment" the Weasley Matriarch answered. Harry guessed that she was in charge of the household affairs that occurred at the Mansion. It made sense. After all, Molly Weasley definitely knew how to cook and clean.

"Very well. Be ready to move out in two weeks time. I'll be around to disable some of the extra protection before we do."

Molly nodded at this as further plans were made on what was to be taken with them. Dumbledore called order once again as he moved onto his next topic.

"Finally, I regret to say my friends that all does not look hopeful on the Ministerial front." He looked towards Arthur, "Lucius is nearly set to be elected within the next week or so, unless I am mistaken Arthur?"

Arthur nodded, his expression showing defeat, "He is the more popular choice out of the two of us."

"But the wrong choice!" Molly spoke up in defense of her husband causing Albus to smile slightly.

"Yes but nevertheless things do not look good from here," Dumbledore concluded gravely, "Lucius can provide the public with a scapegoat for the attack on Barty and his cabinet. And as Minister he'll be able to control the Daily Prophet to turn the Wizards against the Muggles with Voldemort's propaganda, no doubt. Not to mention the resources that will soon be available to Tom."

"What do you propose we do, Albus?" Marlene McKinnon asked as the entire table turned to him.

Harry felt slightly sorry for Dumbledore. Yet again, people were looking to him to fix problems seemingly with just a wave of his wand. That was the price that came with a reputation of greatness, Harry supposed. Soon enough, people will start to believe there's nothing you can't do. All to often, people forget that Dumbledore was just like the rest of them. At the end of day, he was only human.

Dumbledore hid a sigh, "I have many ideas however let me just say this. Whether we are ready for it or not, this war is about to reach a climax. Do not doubt it. Whether it be a year from now, months, weeks or maybe even days, the end is coming. And the possibility of standing victorious and triumphant against this dark cloud of corruption that Voldemort has spread over this land is entirely in our hands."

The entire congregation of people were rooted to their places as Dumbledore delivered his powerful speech, their attention undivided and riveted on the man.

"In the times to come let us remember that there are some things in this world worth fighting for, worth dying for. And make no doubt about it my friends, that this is one of them!"

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