Chapter 2: A New World

Darkness. All he could see was a swirling black oblivion. Harry had no sense of direction, no idea of where he was going. Am I dead? Did it not work? Thoughts spun through his mind of what was happening. He didn't how long he stayed like that; it felt like months before some light was finally seen at the edges of his vision. It started to get brighter and brighter and Harry had to shield himself from going blind, absentmindedly noting that the lenses of his glasses were broken. Do people who are dead need glasses to see?

Suddenly, he had the feeling he of falling. There was a swooping sensation in his stomach and he braced himself for the impact, ready to hit the ground. But at the last moment it seemed, his descent slowed and he was gently put upon the floor. He thought he was lying on what felt like a dirty, stone floor. Lifting his head slightly, he saw cavernous dark grey walls above him, covered with slime and mud, looking damp and wet.

The Chamber.

He was still in the Chamber of Secrets. Had it worked? Or was he still in the year 1997? Was he back in the past or was he still in the present, a place where Voldemort had stretched his reign of terror, all across the country.

The Basilisk.

If he were in the past, then the creature would still be alive and in its secret chamber inside the mouth of the monkey-like statue of Salazar Slytherin. But if he wasn't, its rotting carcass would still be at the centre of this underground lair.

Harry tried to sit up to look, but now that the rush of adrenaline had worn off, he found that all his joints and muscles were aching. He couldn't move as it would take too much effort to do so, he had never felt more exhausted in his life. Black spots came up on the edges of his vision. He tried to fight the oncoming unconsciousness; it wouldn't bode well for him to pass out from exhaustion, especially if he was still stuck in the present, as the machine would no doubt have created a huge magical spike which Voldemort and the Ministry would deem suspicious enough to investigate.

But he was already spent from his magical power being drawn from the pillars and he drifted into nothingness. His last thought, before he was claimed by the darkness, was that he could no longer smell that hideous stink from the snake but he was unsure as to whether his bubblehead charm was still operating…

Two Days Later…

The dark haired man who lay on the cold floors of the chamber started to stir. Gradually, he started to wake. Slowly coming to his senses. He opened his eyes where brilliant green shone from, looking disorientated before realization from the previous days events dawned on him.

Harry quickly got up and drew his wand, a reflex action he had gained from fighting in the war.

His glasses flew off from the suddenness of his movement but Harry managed to catch them before they smashed on to the floor. He fixed the lenses with a quick Reparo Charm before starting to look around until he realized that in front of him, lay a wide gaping space, not taken up by a huge deceased serpent.

The fact that this surely meant he had succeeded made him leap for joy. He had done it! He had actually travelled into the past. A feat, which not many people could say they had accomplished. Or perhaps he was the first one ever to do so. It was generally unknown of whether anyone else had tried. Dumbledore when explaining the theory was unsure but that didn't mean it had never been attempted before.

And as quickly as the elation had come, it drained away. He was all alone in a strange world twenty years in the past. He didn't really have much of a plan. All his time had been spent worrying on actually getting to this place that he never thought of what to do if he actually arrived.

Harry cast aside his melancholy mood aside. He was here! And there was nothing stopping him from deciding what to do now. He conjured himself a chair, it wasn't as comfortable as the chintz chair Dumbledore could conjure but it was good enough.

He already knew he would go back to Hogwarts for his final year. He would be able to help if there was an attack on the school or if there was one during a trip to Hogsmeade. He wondered how rare it was for someone to start in seventh year at Hogwarts. He was pretty sure Hermione could tell him how many times it had occurred. It was probably mentioned in a book like Hogwarts: A History.

It was still painful to think his friends, but with a jolt, Harry realized he could save the ones in this world from their terrible fate. That they would be born again but if he beat Voldemort they wouldn't have to live while being in danger all the time from simply being close to him. He wouldn't get to know them, he would be a lot older after all and they would be different from the people he knew, but they would have another chance at life. That thought gave Harry surge of determination to be successful and he moved on to his next course of action.

He would need a place to stay for the summer. And a place to train.

He knew he was going to have to do a lot of training in combat this summer. When term started he would be able to use the Room of Requirement but for the summer…Harry sighed. He was already very powerful, more so than most adult wizards but there was always room for improvement and learning new spells and techniques. There were many curses and hexes in the books he had brought with him that would help him immensely. He suddenly remembered about all his possessions and spun around before breathing a sigh of relief. They were all there.

He was unsure as to where he should stay for the moment but there were other matters he had to deal with. More specifically he would need a new wand. He couldn't use his current wand against Voldemort, they were brother wands, both having a feather from the same phoenix as their core. He had to kill Tom Riddle and he couldn't do that with a wand which wouldn't work properly against His. He would have to travel to Olivander's to purchase a new one and maybe he could find a housing agency there

He sighed. Voldemort.

He wasn't a fool. Harry knew Voldemort wielded great power and he also knew that he, Harry with the correct training would be able to bring him down.

But bloody hell, it was going to be difficult.

One thing he'd learnt reluctantly over the past year was that he couldn't fight Voldemort's forces alone. He would need the Orders help. He was sure that if he asked to join, Dumbledore would refuse. He wasn't the Harry Potter, The- Boy-Who-Live anymore and to them he would just be an almost seventeen year old boy. But Harry himself knew that he would have to be the one to deliver the fatal blow to Voldemort, even if the Order didn't and he doubted they would believe him even if he told them. After all the prophecy hadn't been made yet.

But if they saw how powerful he was and his potential, they may believe he could be a useful ally.

He was curious as to whether the prophecy would come about again in this timeline. Whether there would be two Harry Potters with the power to defeat the Dark Lord. Or whether, because there was already one Harry Potter in the timeline, the prophecy wouldn't need to be delivered. He wondered whether there was some sort of higher power, a deity controlling all of this.

But the answer would only be apparent if the war lasted long enough for another Harry Potter to be born. He certainly hoped it didn't. He wanted it over before then

He stopped his mind wandering and decided he needed to get started on his plans for the summer. But first he would need to find a place to apparate from.

He could he hear Hermione's voice echoing in his mind, lecturing him saying. "…it is impossible to Apparate or Dissapparate within the grounds of Hogwarts, it says so in…" But could he apparate from here? From the Chamber. It was technically apart of Hogwarts but it was way beneath the school. So did the wards extend that far underground? He didn't want to exit the school through the front doors. He had an Invisibility Cloak and while it would fool the students, he had a feeling it wouldn't work on Dumbledore. He wasn't sure but he didn't want to take the risk. After all, it would look very suspicious.

Thinking of students, he wondered whether school was actually in session still. He had no idea how long he was unconscious for so he checked his watch but realized it wasn't working. He sighed in frustration, the vortex had probably interfered with it, Harry summarized.

He waved his wand and recited a spell he heard Hermione use once which displayed the date and time.

3rd June 1977 13:27

That meant there were just a couple of days left before the end of the school year.

He stood up and Vanished the chair before talking a long breath. The worst that could happen if it didn't work was that he would still be in the Chamber. He focused as hard as he could on Diagon Alley, visualizing himself materializing there. With his fingers crossed, he twirled on the spot and amazingly, he disappeared with a barely audible pop!

Harry apparated into an alley way, before entering into the main street of Diagon Alley. His face fell. Where there should have been happy families shopping, friends enjoying themselves with each other and the whole area alive with enthusiasm, instead there was a gloomy looking street with subdued groups of people, constantly looking over their shoulder, with their wands drawn. It seemed Voldemort had managed to instil the same level of fear in the past, just as he had in Harry's time.

Harry walked down the street to the corner, keeping to himself until he came across Olivander's store with the sign:


Makers of Fine Wands Since 383BC

Harry opened the front door and went inside and rang on the bell at the counter. It looked exactly the same as he had last seen it. There were small boxes upon boxes piled up, the surface of the very top ones were covered in dust.

"Hello, there"

Harry jumped up, startled and was about to draw his wand before he remembered himself and where he was. His mind had drifted when looking around the store and now he found himself looking into the big grey eyes of Mr. Olivander.

"H-hi, I was just- erm- well, I need a new wand, my other one is broken, so I was wondering--wanting to buy one here…," Harry trailed off, lamely.

Olivander nodded and squinted his eyes at him, before moving to the back of the store to collect his magical tape measure, "Hmm. Yes, yes it isn't wise to be walking around without a wand nowadays, but don't worry, I am sure we can find you a wand which will suit you perfectly." When he came back to stand in front of Harry, he regarded him shrewdly, "I don't think I remember selling you a wand here before Mr…?"

"Watson, Harry Watson and no, I've been using my father's old wand so I didn't buy one from here." He lied smoothly. He nodded again and the magical tape started taking measurements of its own accord.

"Ah, yes that makes sense, otherwise I would have recognized you because," He suddenly frowned. "Your father's old wand you say? And did it work to it's full potential for you?

"Err – it was okay, I guess…" Harry said nervously

"In my opinion, Mr Watson you will always get the best results from your own wand. One that is suited specifically to you. Of course, there may be many wands that are suited to one person's performance or there may only be one. It depends on the power and compatibility of the wizard. The wand chooses the wizard Mr Watson, never forget that." He added wisely. The magical tape stopped and set it self on the counter. Mr Olivander now walked over to the small boxes at the front of the store and picked up around ten and brought them around to Harry. "Now let's see, try this one. 12 inches and maple, unicorn hair. Give it a wave." Just as he was about to wave it, Mr Olivander snatched it out his hand and quickly thrust another one in to his palm.

"11 inches and rosewood, Dragon Heartstring." He snatched that one out of his hand as well and if Harry hadn't gone through this process before he would have been confused and a little annoyed as to why he kept getting the wand snatched out of his hand.

This process went on for another fifteen minutes, during which Mr Olivander had thrusted about twenty wands at him before declaring them unsuitable. After pondering a particular wand for a certain length of time, he handed it to Harry, almost hesitantly, "12 and a half inches and it has combination of woods, holly and yew…Its core is a single hair from a hellhound, which was very dangerous for us to acquire."

He talked very slowly, looking at the wand warily. Harry could understand why. It wasn't often a wand had a combination of woods and that, combined with an extremely rare magical core made the wand very special and not to mention powerful. He significance of the material wasn't lost on him either.

As soon Harry touched it, he felt a charge go through his body, his magic tingled, making it more focused and a white translucent aura glowed briefly around him. Olivander's eyes gleamed with fascination, "Very interesting…That wand in your hand is no ordinary wand Mr Watson and unless I am mistaken, it has chosen you as its master."

Harry swallowed and looked back down. He could practically feel the power radiating from it; it suited him much better than his phoenix wand. "Th-Thank you, how much will that cost?" Harry managed to get out, still staring at the magical instrument in awe. After he had paid ten galleons for his wand, he made his way outside again, bursting with anticipation to try his new wand out. He started walking down the street his mind in a daze but something flashy in the corner of his eyes caught his vision.

He turned and saw a poster on one of the shops advertising a trunk:



The top trunk makers have released a trunk in which you can now practically live in! It contains four rooms, a bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, a kitchen, an exercise station and a living room. FURNITURE INCLUDED AND FITTED!

Price: 1000 Galleons Only!

Intrigued, Harry walked over to the shop ("Magical Gadget's and Equipment") He realized that buying that trunk would be easier than having to sign and sort out all the paperwork for buying a new house. But where to stay? He couldn't just set it up in the middle of nowhere; Trunks weren't exactly the most inconspicuous objects. His mind wondered back to Hogwarts and the Chamber…

The Chamber. Why not 'set up camp there?' And the Chamber would also be an ideal place to train in. He could set up the exercise station for physical training and use the vast space in the Chamber to practise his magical training. Yes! Everything was actually falling in to place. So, with smile on his face and feeling lighter than he had for a while, he opened the door and entered the shop.

The store was relatively new, Harry summarized. It had clean white walls, shelves adorning them with all sorts of gadgets. There were Sneakoscopes (Harry was surprised to learn they were invented only 5 years ago), storage boxes which had a button that could make them invisible or shrink them, Diaries and journals that had security spells on them and voice activated passwords (Harry thought it was more for preventing annoying siblings from reading it than stopping Dark Wizards), many vials of potions which could be used for nonsensical things like changing hair colour to useful items like being able to cause explosions to create distractions.

He walked to the front of the store, where a large, beefy and unpleasant faced man was behind the counter, smoking a cigar.

"Erm…excuse me?" Harry asked, unsure at how to approach him.

The man grunted, obviously annoyed at having to serve someone.

"I'd like to view that trunk that's being advertised on the window of the shop."

The man sneered at Harry, "We only allow customers who can afford items to view them. You think a kid has enough money to buy a trunk that is top-of-the-range. Go bother someone else boy, I've got more important things to do." The man said in an arrogant tone and then went back to his cigar and rolled up his sleeves so Harry would get a view of his large muscles.

Harry merely raised his eyebrows; he was far from being intimidated. "I said I'd like to see the trunk. Why would I ask to view it, if I didn't think I could buy it?" He said, his voice turning icy.

The man turned to look at Harry and leaned over so his face was the only thing in Harry's view. Harry wasn't about to back down, although he was having hard time from not recoiling visibly from the man's horrible breath. He had to bite his lip in order to stop making a comment on mouthwash and hygiene to him.

"Let's see the money then." He snarled, with spit flying from his face. Harry drew back in disgust and wiped his face. The man started to grin at this but his mouth opened in shock when Harry withdrew the correct amount of money from his pouch by saying the required amount.

Harry smirked at him, and said "I'm still waiting to see the trunk."

The man shut his mouth in a snap and looked at Harry, sizing him up and down before going through the back door and returning with a package in a small cardboard box. He opened up the fastenings on it with his wand and withdrew a small miniature sized trunk. Harry stared at it in disbelief, surely that wasn't it.

The man saw this and gave Harry smug look before flicking a switch of some sort attached to the 'trunk' and then before Harry's eyes, it enlarged into a full-sized compartment. A keyed in Shrinking Charm, he thought Handy. Harry didn't pay much attention to the image on the poster, but now that he saw it for real, it looked much better than his original trunk. There was a large crest with the shape of two wands crossed over each and it was lined with red and gold. He could see the switch now that it was full size, and saw another one next to it. He pointed that out to the man, who looked more interested now as he realized Harry was really serious about buying the trunk.

"That's keyed in to the owner, so only you can open it." He grunted. He narrowed his eyes at Harry. "Shouldn't ye be in school still? Hogwarts ain't got another few days till it closes."

"One would think…" Harry said vaguely, still looking at the trunk. This caused the man to look suspiciously at him. Harry suddenly jerked his head up. "Let's see the furniture and the inside."

When they were inside, the man (Ernie, Harry realized from the name on his tag), showed Harry around the inside the trunk.

Each of the 4 rooms was normal sized except for the exercise room which was quite spacious. The bedroom contained a single bed, a cupboard on the side as well as a desk. There was also another door in their which led to a bathroom, which had a shower, a toilet, a sink and was decorated with white marble tiles.

The kitchen was cramped with all the items like the fridge and ovens. Harry wasn't a brilliant cook but he knew enough to get by until he got to Hogwarts. The living room was pretty much bare except for a leather armchair and a couch. Harry didn't mind much, he wouldn't be spending a lot time in there anyway and he couldn't exactly buy a T.V. because he could remember Hermione's voice telling him electricity interferes with the magic at Hogwarts and seen as he was staying there…

He supposed there may be a spell to make it run on magic but Harry didn't really care much for a T.V. anyway.

The exercise room was Harry's favourite. It had a running track all around the room and in the middle there were muggle weights to lift as well as mats for push-ups and sit-ups. It was perfect!

After buying the trunk and shrinking it before fitting it inside his pocket, Harry made his way back outside to the main street. He started skipping joyfully, happy that his outing so far had been successful, causing passers-by to look at him oddly. But Harry didn't care as he started to hum an upbeat tune.

He was about to enter Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlour when a chill shot through then air. Harry stopped abruptly and his mood darkened slightly, he couldn't explain it but the atmosphere around him seemed to thicken with trepidation and become tinted with an ominous air. It was a feeling Harry had experienced, one he always associated with…

Death Eaters

He heard the first screams from behind him, and he quickly turned and made his way to the source. Rational thinking had left his mind; he was acting on pure instinct. Never mind the fact that he was unaware of how many of them there might be, and that he had no help…but he did have the element of surprise. His training from the past year kicked into his system as he turned the corner and saw them.

There were six groups consisting of five Death Eaters among the street, spreading out. The Order wasn't here yet but Harry knew he couldn't wait. He focused on the first group closest to him; they were further from the other Death Eaters, who Harry doubted would notice him as they were preoccupied.

As Harry drew his new wand, his magic tingled again, electrical sparks charging through his body. His magic had never felt more honed, more powerful. It was like the first time he wore glasses, as if he was seeing the world clearly for the very first time, viewing everything with a remarkable clarity.

He shot a Banishing charm at one of the Death Eaters before firing a Blasting curse at the one next to him, who flew backwards into the wall and then slumped down, seemingly unconscious. With two of their Death Eaters down, the other three turned in shock to the perpetrator, before one of them recovered and fired a Killing curse at him. But Harry already anticipated this and had rolled out the way. The green light hit the shop windows that were behind him, and as the glass shattered, Harry flicked his wand and the shards turned in mid-air and started hurtling towards the Death Eaters.

The fragments of glass penetrated two of the Death Eaters skin as they howled in agony, however one of them came to managed to raise a shield to block the glass. Harry cast a Body Binding Hex which overpowered him and he fell to the floor as stiff as a board. He stunned the other two Death Eater who were writhing in pain before incarcerating all five of them and snapping their wands.

He moved on to the next group who had the Cruciatus Curse on some villagers who were trying to fight back. Where was the Order or the Aurors, Harry thought frantically. He gained one of the Death Eaters attention, who smiled cruelly at him. He raised his wand and started to say, "Cruci–,"


Harry bellowed the curse, knocking the man off his feet and causing his wand to fly into the air. He knocked into another one of the Death Eaters who was holding firing curses at an old man, which lead to them both being knocked to the ground in a tangle.

The other three of Voldemort's minions, quickly turned their focus on him and fired curses and hexes at him but Harry managed to deflect them with ease, these Death Eaters were obviously some of Voldemort's lesser skilled fighters.

He managed to incapacitate two of them, when the Death Eaters who were on the floor before got up and they both fired two identical jets of sickly yellow light at him. Harry had no idea what the curse was and he had no plans on finding out. He rotated his wand bringing up a silver shield, which deflected the spells right back at them. Their eyes widened in horror before they were struck and they started thrashing violently on the floor, their hands holding their throats, gasping for breath, with their eyes bugging out of their sockets. Harry fought the urge to hurl as their face turned blue and they went unconscious from lack of oxygen.

"Avada Kedavra."

Harry dived out of the way in alarm, cursing himself for forgetting the Death Eater behind him. But no jet of green light passed the space he had just vacated, but instead he heard a scream and loud thump on the floor from behind him. With mounting dread Harry turned his head, with his heart in his throat and saw a small prone figure on the floor, lying dead with an older woman crying over the body.

Her Child.

Rage filled Harry's body. Pure unadulterated fury came over him, directed to the Death Eater who taken away the young child's life and caused severe anguish to his mother.

And he was laughing! How dare he take perverse pleasure in something so twisted! Harry charged at him, dropping his wand and kicked him in the stomach causing him to go flying backwards on to the floor. The Death Eater looked at Harry and paled, fear clouding his eyes. Harry's hair was standing on end from the cold anger rushing through his veins, his eyes giving out an unearthly glow and magical energy pulsating around him.

The Death Eater scrambled and hurried to get up and run, but Harry raised his hand and raw magic escaped from his palm and slammed into Death Eater, resulting in him flying through the wooden walls of a store. From the corner of his eyes Harry saw two groups of Death Eaters heading towards him, curses forming on their lips but before they could finish their incantations a jet of white light emerged from Harry's body surrounding them, resulting in them shielding their eyes in pain.

Harry snapped his fingers and metal chains appeared out of nowhere and bound the Death Eaters. As they struggled against the unbreakable chains, Harry dimly heard the pops of Apparition, resulting in the appearance of the Order members and Aurors who entered the battle against the two remaining groups.

But they were too late in Harry's opinion. Too late to save the small toddler who never had a chance to live his life, too late to save the mother from the awful grief that came with losing a child. He calmed his magic down and made his way back to where his wand lay but before he got there someone picked it up.

Harry raised his eyes and found himself looking into the face of a younger version of Albus Dumbledore. Harry swallowed and had to suppress the storm of emotions that came from looking into his old mentors face. It was nearly the same, except his face was less wrinkled with age but still had the lines of anxiety that the older Dumbledore had during Harry's sixth years. The twinkle in his eyes seemed rather subdued as well.

Harry held his hand out for his wand which Dumbledore returned promptly.

"Thanks," Harry managed to get out, swallowing a painful lump in his throat. He looked around and realised the rest of the Death Eaters had been apprehended, while some managed to apparate away.

"It is I who should be thanking you Mr…?" Dumbledore replied kindly.

"Po-Watson, Harry Watson," Harry answered, correcting himself quickly and looking anywhere but at Dumbledore's blue eyes. He was starting to get nervous in Dumbledore's presence and he feared looking into Dumbledore's eyes would make him lose it completely. It seemed his mind was in an emotional mess at having seen the death of an infant and meeting the younger version of his teacher.

Dumbledore must have seen something in his eyes because he asked, "Are you okay, Mr Watson? You don't have injuries or wounds that need tending to?" He peered into Harry's face, looking at him with concern

"No, no, it's just…" He waved his hand in the direction of the mother who was cradling her lifeless child in her arms, knowing it was half the reason for how he was feeling.

Dumbledore nodded gravely, "Ah yes, alas death is tragic but yet as natural as living and breathing."

"Natural! How is a young child being killed in cold-blooded murder natural?" Harry snapped, forgetting his inner turmoil at Dumbledore's words, his disregard for the loss of life…

"I do not mean it like that Mr Watson," Dumbledore said, slightly taken aback at Harry's tone, "My meaning is that Death comes for everyone and yet you cannot prepare yourself for the heart-breaking pain of when it does." He sighed and suddenly looked very old, exactly like the Dumbledore from Harry's life. "It is indeed horrible and even more so when one deigns to take a life for no apparent reason, as was the case here."

Harry's anger drained out of him, his brain catching up with him and reminding him that this was the way Dumbledore spoke.

"Sorry, sir," Harry mumbled embarrassed.

"It is of no consequence, Mr Watson," Dumbledore said, smiling benevolently at Harry. "Perhaps a Lemon Drop would cheer you up? They are a rather delicious muggle sweet I am quite partial too." He said while removing a pouch from the inside pockets of his robes.

Harry laughed, the way he was acting was just so…Dumbledore. There was no other way to describe his eccentric behaviour and he marvelled at the way he could overcome the previous events. He supposed that it was his way of keeping sane; after all, before Voldemort he was fighting a war against Grindelwald.

"No thank you, they're a bit too sour for my taste, I have more of a liking to Liquorice Wands," He replied, still laughing quietly. Dumbledore's eyes seemed to come to life and started twinkling at him.

"Ah yes, one that is popular for many young people, although a bit too chewy for my liking."

"We all have our preferences sir." Harry said smiling. He took a long, deep breath before saying, "I should get going now; it was nice meeting you sir."

"It was a pleasure meeting you as well, Mr Watson despite the circumstances. Perhaps our paths shall cross again one day and we can discuss more on the wonderful topic of sweets. One of Earth's many pleasures I like to indulge myself with."

Harry smiled at Dumbledore one last time, "Perhaps." He checked his pockets and noted with relief that his trunk was still there, before disapparating with a soft pop, focusing on the Chamber of Secrets, his mind thinking about the long training sessions in the coming days…


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