Stealing Cinderella By: AkiChan323

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Stealing Cinderella

Kagome was pissed. Well, actually...pissed was an understatement. Her parents were going away with her little brother Souta for some school trip and he was only aloud to bring his parents, and he practically begged their mom and dad to go. And in the end, he got his way...just like always. And since they were gonna be gone for around two months, they had insisted that Kagome stay with someone that her parents knew.

"But moooooom! I'm fourteen, I don't need a babysitter!" Kagome stomped her foot in frustration as she glared full force at her parents, who shook their heads with exasperation.

"Exactly Kagome, you're only fourteen...we can't legally leave you alone for such a long period of time...besides, you're going to stay with your fathers buisness partners family...since you and Inuyasha are friends I didn't think that you would have a problem with it" Kagome crossed her arms and her glare turned into a frown.

"I don't have a problem with him, its his friends Miroku and Kouga! Miroku is a pervert and Kouga is such a show off! He always does really stupid stuff when we're in the same room...and the worst out of them all is Inuyasha's brother Sesshomaru! He is such a jerk! And he gives me the creeps..." her mom sighed with exhaustion before lifting her gaze back up to Kagome.

"Just promise me you'll behave yourself while your there? Please?"

Kagome sighed in defeat as she turned towards the stairs.

"Fine...I'll go pack"

When her door was closed she leaned back against it and slid down until her butt hit the floor.

"Damn...why couldn't I stay at a friends house?A friend who was a girl? At least I'd have some fun, and the level of normality wouldn't be skyrocketing off of the charts..."

"I'm getting this feeling that you arent looking forward to staying in the same house as me..." she gasped as her head snapped up, her electric blue eyes locking on to a pair of mischevious amber ones. He smirked at her as he climbed into her room, tapping his shoes on the outside of the window sill so as not to get dirt on her nice, clean bedroom floor (Kagome was really easily irritated by the pressence of dirt in her room.

"Inuyasha you perv, I thought I told you to use the front door like a normal person and stop using my window like some creepy stalker!" she punctuated the last word by slamming her window closed rather harshly. He blinked and tilted his head to the side as if asking her what he had done wrong, he looked like a clueless puppy.

"Whatcha do that for?" she just looked at him for a moment before crossing her arms and leaning her weight onto her right foot.

"Do what for?" he backed away slightly and took a seat on her bed, leaning back using his arms to prop himself up on the bed.

"Close the window? Its kinda stuffy in here" her eye twitched with annoyance. 'I should have seen that coming...cant he wait until we at least leave the house before he complains about the atmosphere in my room?' she sighed before walking over to her closet and pulling out a rather large, black traveling suit case.

"For your information, I closed the window so that no more perverts could climb through it...I have a hard enough time dealing with the one I've already got hanging around in my room..." a frown appeared on the amber eyed teen's face, as he sat straight up and leaned to the side, trying to see what Kagome was packing.

"Oh come on, you can't officially call me a pervert! I saw you naked once and it was an accident! I told you I didn't know you were in the bathroom..." Kagome laughed lightly as she shoved some jeans into her suit case, looking up at her friend with a bright smile on her face.

"How is it that you can make me laugh even with a memory that's supposed to be extremely humiliating to me?" the last part of the sentance was a little strained because she was trying to reach for something high on the shelf in her closet, causing her to stretch up on her tip toes, making her shirt come up showing a sliver of her lower back. Inuyasha's eyes wandered down and a light pink blush spread across his cheeks upon spotting the small amount of exposed skin. Snapping out of his trance he shook his head lightly before reaching up and scratching the side of his nose, a sheepish grin on his face.

"I suppose its one of those weird gifts..." he chuckled lightly before getting up and grabbing the box that Kagome had been reaching for this entire time.

"Whew, thanks Inu!" he blushed again, but because she had used the very cutesy nickname that she had gave him the first time that she had noticed how much he looked like a clueless puppy when he was confused. He hated it.

"Would you stop calling me that? it's bad enough that you use it but it Kouga hears it then I'm gonna be socially doomed for the rest of my adolecent life..." Kagome laughed at the look of utter mortification on Inuyasha's face, as she crammed the rest of her stuff into her bag. She dusted her hands off on her jeans (that she was wearing at the moment) and snapped the suit case locks shut.

"There all done! No we can get...hold on, how did you get all the way to my house on foot? You're house is like, thirty blocks away from here and your parents don't let you go anywhere alone without a friend or showfur..." the look on his face was priceless, he looked like he was about to burst from holding back laughter.

"Mom and Dad forced Sesshomaru to drive me here to pick you up! He's waiting outside right now!" Kagome blinked, still trying to process the information that she was just handed...and when the information finally reached her brain, her jaw dropped in shock.

"Why couldn't they send you over in a limo like always?" she didn't want to admit it to Inuyasha (or anyone else for that matter) that Sesshomaru totally creeped her out, it would be rude to say even if it were a justifialbe feeling. It was just that he always seemed so distant with everyone, and he was so cold, and controlling...he could be kinda scary at times.

"Jaken had the day off along with every other driver...they formed a union and now they get a couple days off a month...this just happened to be one of those days, should have seen the look on his face when dad told him to drive me here! He looked totally petrified!" The wide idiotic grin still hadn't left Inuyasha's face as he grabbed hold of the handle of Kagome's suit case.

"Now lets get going before his highness throws a hissy fit-THUNK" Inuyasha had pulled her bag off of the bed and when it hit the floor it hit his foot. His eye was twitching like mad as they began to water, he was biting down on his lower lip, trying his best not to yell. Kagome couldn't helo sniggering slightly at the pained look on the silver haired teens face as she took hold of the handle and lifted it from his foot.

"Are you okay?" he nodded before limping over to her door and opened it for her. She easily lifted the bag with the one hand that had a hold of it and walked past the shocked boy and out her door, down the hall, down the stairs, and over to the front door. When she got down the stairs, low and behold who else but Sesshomaru himself stood in the doorway, his arms crossed and his golden eyes darting back and forth. He was obviously a very impatient person. When he looked up at Kagome upon noticing her pressence in the room she flinched before smiling weakly and giving him a small bow.

"Gu-tenmorugen! Sesshomaru-sama..." he merely raised an eyebrow at her as she pulled her bag over to the door and began to lace her shoes.

"What took you so long? Did my idiot brother distract you in any way?" his eyes darted to the side, looking past Kagome completely to land on his brother, who was limping gingerly down the stairs. Sesshomaru smirked at the difficulty that his brother was having in something as simple was walking down the stairs...which hadn't been a problem as they were leaving to come here and get 'the girl' as Sesshomaru liked to refer to her, when the idiot nearly knocked him over on his one man stampede down to the car, Sesshomaru's car. Kagome simply ignored the snide comment and continued to tie her shoes.

"For your information, that sack of bricks she calls a suit case of the 'essentials' (he air quoted essentials) dropped on my foot you wise ass!" Inuyasha was not in the mood to put up with his older brothers remarks at the moment as his foot was in excruciating pain. That sentance was all that it took to wipe that smug smirk off of Sesshomaru's face as he picked up Kagome's bag, 'Damn this thing is heavier than a sack of bricks' and headed out the front door towards his car.

"Asshole..." Inuyasha cursed his brother under his breath during the entire time it took Kagome to tie her shoes, get her coat, and say goodbye to her little brother and parents. She then took hold of Inuyasha's arm and looped it around her shoulders to help him balance as she helped him out the door and towards the car, which by this time Sesshomaru had already gotten into and started up. She helped inuyasha into his side before getting in the other.

"Wau! Your car is really comfortable Sesshomaru-sama!" Kagome tried her best not to sound like some blithering idiot that she was sure he thought she was, she didn't want to get on his bad side before she even got to their house. There was a pause in which Sesshomaru adjusted his mirrors before the most unexpected thing happened...

"Merushi, Kagome-san..." he had actually thanked her for the compliment! Inuyasha looked absolutly thunderstruck, and Kagome...well, Kagome was speechless. Sesshomaru looked into his rearview mirror so that he could back out of the driveway, and saw the odd looks on his two passengers faces. he turned his head towards them and raised an eyebrow questioningly. Their faces immediantly became blank as he turned around to face the mirror again and slowly began to back out of the driveway.

Kagome felt a shiver go up her spine as they started down the street.

'I have an odd feeling that after the next two months there won't be anything left that will surprise me...'

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