Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs' resignation couldn't have come at a better time for Director Jennifer Sheppard's political career. It came not long after she received a visit from the CIA wanting to borrow one if the special agent's team for a long and potentially dangerous undercover mission. She had been reluctant to agree knowing how fiercely protective Gibbs was of his agents but with him gone she knew no one would protest her loaning the agent in question out to the other agency. She knew the team was vulnerable, that they were still coping with the loss of their 'boss' but the CIA needed a decision and the agent quickly. Telling them they could have the agent she got ready to upset Gibbs' team even more by taking away it's new leader.

Exactly a week after Gibbs left, she'd given the team that time to get back to normal, she called DiNozzo into her office. He was hesitant to accept the mission, claiming that the team still needed him and he wasn't sure that the CIA where were his skills were most needed. She informed him that he wasn't being given a choice in the matter and that he would be helping their sister agency. Knowing there was no point in trying to arge he sighed and agreed to helping, asking for time to explain to his team what was going on. Telling him that was up to the CIA to decide she introduced him to Agents Smith and Jones, the two agents with whom he'd be working most closely. They allowed him to say some quick goodbyes, stating that he didn't need to pack anything as everything he could need would be provided for him.

Abby cried, hugging him tightly, she didn't want Tony to go with the CIA. She didn't want him to be taken away so long after she had lost Gibbs. Pormising her he would be back as soon as he could he turned to the rest of his team. Ducky was looking disapprovingly at Jones and Smith but smiled at Tony, urging him to be careful and make sure he got back before Jethro found out that he had been 'borrowed.' Silently he looked down to the floor at Ducky's words, he wasn't even sure Gibbs still cared about him, if the older man ever had. As if sensing what he was thinking Ducky gave him a quick headslap, whispering that the older man had loved him. Trying to hide his blush he turned to McGee, gently swatting the younger man's head and telling him to take care of the others. The other man nodded, and gave him an uncharacteristic hug, murmering in his ear to take care of himself. Gently pushing the 'probie' away from himself he smiled, and listened to similar sentiments from Ziva who also gave him a hug which he wasn't expecting. Finally he turned to Palmer, he and the 'autopsy gremlin' were friends although not exactly close friends, and he shrugged, not really knowing what to say. Palmer smiled and offered him a friendly hug, quietly telling him to come back soon because no one else was able to listen to Ducky's stories without zoning out and he still hadn't taught the medical examiner's assistant the secret to staying awake.

Having said goodbye to his team he turned to the two CIA operatives. Silently they nodded and escorted him from the building, into a waiting sedan. As they were driven to a private airstrip they informed him that he was being sent to a special forces boot camp and that he would remain there until he was trained to their satisfaction or his position in their operation became essential. Nodding he took in everything they were saying, slightly hesitant about the special forces part of the mission and asked if he had to pretent to be one of them. He was told no and given the designation tango-eight as they reached the chopper that would be taking him to his destination. On board was all the supplies he would need for the mission and they accompanied him to the drop off point.