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Past, present, future

It's been four years since the cure for the APTX4869 was created. Four years since Kudo Shinichi and Miyano Shiho were born again. Four years since the Black Organization was finally discovered and got what they rightfully deserve. Four years since Shiho went to America to get away. And four years since Kudo Shinichi and Mouri Ran were married..

Yes, it was fours years ago. But.. Ran died two years after their marriage. She died because of cancer. Cancer of the breast, to be exact. She left Shinichi a beautiful young girl which they named Kudo Reina.

Shinichi was pulled out from his trip back to the past by the squeal of his only daughter, Reina, who was happily bouncing while tugging at his shirt.

"Otou-san (father) ! I'm going to be late if you keep spacing out like that! Let's go already!", whined Reina as he smiled and led her to his car. Reina had rich black tresses just like her mother Ran while she had her father's captivating blue orbs.

"Hai, hai (yes, yes), Rei-chan. Don't be too enthusiastic about it. Look, your otou-san still didn't comb his hair", Shinichi said to his daughter while pointing to his messy hair.

"Shinichi-kun, Rei-kun! Ohayou (good morning)you two.", Agasa greeted the two.

"Ohayou professor/ojii-san (grandpa)", came two simultaneous reply.

"We'll be going now, professor", Shinichi said shutting the door of his car as he stepped on the gas and sped up to Teitan Elementary School.

Meanwhile, in Beika airport:

"I didn't imagine myself stepping in the ground of Beika again.."

As other passengers were met by the love of their life, one lone figure was left alone, with no love one to at least greet her.

"I guess accepting this job is a bad thing. After the memories that happened here. I wish I won't see Him or his wife…"

As she recomposed herself, a girl with long black hair that reach to her back and emerald eyes around her age went towards her.

"Are you Miyano Shiho, the teacher from States that will be teaching Teitan Elementary School?", the girl asked smiling.

"Yes, I believe I am Miyano Shiho", another girl with long strawberry blond hair that reach to her waist and piercing blue orbs responded coolly.

"Welcome to Beika, Miyano-san! I'm Emihara Aisha, the one who will escort you here and also one of the teachers in Teitan. Please follow me and we'll be going to your apartment.", Aisha said taking one of Shiho's luggage and leading the way. Taking one last breath, Shiho followed Aisha and hoped that she won't see Him again. For the sake of her heart..

"Please… Please don't let me see you again… Kudo-kun.."

In Teitan Elementary School:

"Ohayou Reina-chan!", yelled a first grader to Reina after she kissed her father goodbye.

"Ohayou, Kura-chan", Reina beamed to her best friend.

"Guess what Reina-chan!! We'll have a new teacher tomorrow!!"

"Really?? Who's are new sensei (teacher) ?? Is she a girl or a boy?", Reina asked as she hoped that it was a girl.

"She's a girl! And her name is Miyano Shiho-sensei!!"

"Cool!! I want to meet her!!"

Hehehe… It's a cliffhanger!! Shiho's their teacher? Cool!!

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