Title: Raspberry Muffin
Pairing: Lucia/Haru
Warning: AU. School-verse.
Disclaimer: Umi-chii don't own Rave. Mashima-sensei still does.
A/N: I'm procrastinating on tentacle-pron, so please bear with me as I write this ficcu.

First in the Hunger, Not Anger series.

A/N: You'll notice that once you got past chapter 2, things will get lighter and thus a change of summary. I also want everyone to know that this was originally written as a drabble, a one-shot. Only through the demands of schyra to write more that turned this thing into a series. I didn't want to flood the Rave section of , so I only posted these as one multichaptered story. Remember though that this is regarded as a series of one-shots that follows each other.

Raspberry Muffin

"And I told him..."

Haru sighed and let his chin fall onto the table. Beside him, Musica was rambling off again about chemistry and how stupid their teacher was. Stupid raspberry muffin, making him feel all emo.

"Then he asked me if iPod got mercury inside! Oi! Haru! Are you even listening?!"

Haru huffed at the carton of milk in front of him. No, never eat raspberry muffin when you have a friend ranting about chemistry teachers.

"Musica, please shut up."

Musica blinked at the younger boy beside him. Something's off, and it definitely had nothing to do with the half-eaten raspberry muffin.



"Alright. I got the message," A sigh. Haru straightened himself up, while staring at the sighing Musica. "What did Mr. Rich Blond do now?"

Trust it on Musica in figuring things out so easily. But Haru just remained passive, while staring at his best friend's downcast eyes. He noticed the twitch of fingers, as if eager to punch a face. Shaking his head slightly, he regarded the half-eaten muffin with great interest, instead of the fist inlaid with a lot of tattoos and silver rings.

"It's nothing, really."

"Liar," Musica hissed at the boy, black eyes glaring at silver ones. Indeed, Haru is never the best when it comes to lying. "You should have known no matter what you do, you'll never get to save his ass."

It was now Haru's turn to glare at his friend, anger slowly flaring inside of him. He knew it was his fault from the start, but Musica have no rights to step in their relationship and do as he pleased.

The elder boy was suppose to speak again when the school bell suddenly rung, and soon, everyone in the cafeteria grabs their books and bags and filed themselves out of the huge hall. Haru did the same, eager to leave his friend as fast as he can. He already knew that such turn in conversation can not be avoided, but he also wished that at least the older boy will be able to understand his side. Everyday it's always like this, and Haru doesn't know anymore if he should sacrifice his relationship for the sake of his friendship with Musica, or the opposite.

Striding faster than others, he rushed to the hallway where he can mix with the rest of the academy's students and avoid his friend. He was disappointed somehow though, when he after walking past the locker hall, he realized that no one had been following after him at all. Sighing, he continued on his way to his classroom, and hoped his teacher won't ask anything about iPod having mercury inside.