OKā€¦this story was actually written by my girlfriend. She doesn't do a lot of writing, so I can't exactly say where this is going to go, or when this will be updated. I told her I'd post it on my own username, that way I know people would come to read it and respond to it.

This IS posted with her permission. The only thing changed was the names and descriptions so it would fit Haruka and Michiru.

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Chapter 1

I looked across the room as I felt eyes on me. I smiled at the only person who sat at the bar. A woman was checking me out, go figure. I went back to my laptop while the bartender did what he had to do.

"Hey boss lady, the one and only person sitting at the bar wants to buy you a drink." John, my bartender, said.

I looked up at him and nodded as he set a drink in front of me. "Can you find out her name?" I asked him.

"Sure thing." And he went over to talk to her.

"How about you ask me?" A voice said from my right. A smile came to my face.

"So then, what's your name?" I asked her.

She pushed my laptop closed. "Haruka. Now how about you telling me yours?"

I looked up at her and felt a chill go down my spine. She was beautiful. She had short blonde hair with the deepest teal eyes I'd ever seen. She was about six feet tall, only a couple of inches taller than myself. She wore a forest green dress shirt with a gray stripped tie hanging loosely around her neck. Her black slacks almost hid her scuffed black shoes.

"Michiru." I said. "It's Michiru."

She offered me her hand, bringing mine up to her lips and kissing my knuckles. She pulled out the stool beside me. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Likewise." I told her.

"Now tell me something." She started. "Why is a beautiful woman sitting alone at a bar in the middle of the afternoon?"

I laughed softly. "Well I'm actually working."

"Working at a bar on a laptop is a little unusual wouldn't you say?"

"Yeah, it is, but why is a well dressed woman like you sitting in a bar in the middle of the afternoon?" I asked her.

"Well, I just had a shitty day at work and I decided to be the boss that I am and take a short day."

I laughed softly and gave her a smile. It's been so long since another person had grabbed my attention, and it was a female. I shook my head and let my thoughts go.

"Tell me, pretty lady, what's on your mind?" she asked me, brushing a strand of hair away from my forehead.

"Honestly? Well, I was just thinking why I've waited so long to ask someone out." I looked at her in the eye. "I'm done for the afternoon. Would you like to go get something to eat?"

She pushed my laptop aside and grabbed my hand. "Let's go. I know this great place on the eastside."

I laughed and waved at John, the bartender. She led me to a new, 2008, black ford pick-up truck and opened the door for me. I stared out the side window as she pulled away from the curb. I was doing this, I was on a date with a woman I had just met; go me.