She's a Genie in a Bottle

She's a Genie in a Bottle

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Azula sat alone in a small room. Her legs were folded, her eyes were closed, and she was in a deep meditation. She was reflecting on that day, long ago, when she had been trapped here.

"I got greedy that day" thought Azula, "I made a foolish mistake and I'm paying the price."

It hand been a hundred years ago now, she reflected. She still remembered it like it was yesterday.


Green smoke poured from a bottle in Azula's hand. A young girl in an Earth Kingdom outfit came out and kneeled to Azula.

"Oh, thank you, mistress, for freeing me from my prison. Now I will grant you whatever you wish!" said the girl

"Anything?" asked a skeptical Azula

"Anything! You only have to ask" replied the girl

Azula thought for a moment. She had heard of wish-granting creatures before. They were called genies, also known as Jinn. They were mythical and believed to have power over everything. She grinned.

"I wonder what I should ask for," thought Azula, "I could ask for Daddy dearest to drop dead now so I can have the throne immediately. Or I could ask for the Avatar's head or a pike. Or… Wait, no matter what I ask for, I'll always be dependent on her. That simply won't do." In a trice, the answer came to her.

"I wish for unlimited power and eternal life in which to use it!" she cried.

The girl looked on her and saw her for the power-hungry, psychotic girl that she truly was.

"As you wish" she said in a smug tone, and snapped her fingers.

Azula doubled over, feeling the infinite power coursing through her.

"Incredible!" she exclaimed, "I can feel it! I can do anything! I can go anywhere! I'll be the ruler of this world!"

"Don't be too hasty," said the girl in the same smug tone.

"What do you… aaah!" said Azula as a gold bracelet snapped onto each arm. "What's going on?"

Then Azula looked at the girl's bracelets and she understood.

"No! No!" she screamed as red smoke enveloped her, drawing her into a new bottle that was created in front of her.

End flashback:

"That was the day," thought Azula bitterly, "The day I became a genie."


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