Chapter 3: Old friends, new enemies

Chapter 3: Old friends, new enemies

"Ty Lee!" Azula exclaimed, "What are you doing here? How are you even still alive?"

"I should be asking you the same thing." replied Ty Lee, "But we might want to go to my house to talk."


"Because of the people. Your name is incredibly reviled."

"What? When I get my hands on whoever did that…"

"It was Zuko. But he's already dead."

"Let's just head to your house and talk. I'd like to know how you're over 100 while only looking about 70 or so."


The two soon arrived at Ty Lee's house. It was moderately large and was pink. Once inside, the two sat down.

"Would you like anything, Azula?"

"No, just tell me what's been going on while I was… away"

"Well, the Avatar beat Ozai before the comet came. Your brother took the throne. He ended the war, disbanded most of the Fire Nation's military, returned the conquered territories, and ushered in a new era of peace."

"How very like Zuzu. He has the perfect chance to nail the Avatar from behind with a fire blast, take the throne, and then use the comet to finish our world conquest, but he doesn't. That fool… Anyway, how are you still alive?"

"A combination of exercise, healthy eating, and herbal therapy. Unfortunately, I was beginning to think I'd die before you could make your triumphant return."

"You thought I'd return?" gasped Azula, "But why?"

"Come on, Azula, I know you," replied Ty Lee, "You always find a way."

"True. True."

"But how are you still alive and still so young?"

"Well, 100 years ago, I was turned into… a genie," Azula said in a low voice, "It was my own fault too… If I'd been a bit better with my wording I wouldn't have been forced to spend 100 years baking in a bottle in the desert."

"Are you joking? Genies aren't real."

"I never joke about things like that," replied Azula harshly, "I thought you said you knew me."

Ty Lee gulped. "Well, that's certainly Azula's attitude" she thought.

"Oh it is, is it?"

Ty Lee gasped, "Are you reading my mind or something?"

"Why yes, yes I am. You're like an open book to me. However… I won't let your 100 years of loyalty and faith in me go unrewarded." Azula snapped her fingers and Ty Lee's body instantly reverted to its teenage state. Ty Lee whirled and examined herself in a mirror.

"Wow! I haven't felt this good since… ever!" Ty Lee exclaimed as she did several flips, "Look at how limber I am again! Ha! Suck it hard, Arthritis!"

"Well, Ty Lee certainly likes her reward. Now I can just go with a much simpler plan: have her steal the bottle and wish me free."

"Ty Lee," Azula said out loud, "Come over here. I've got something I need you to do for me."

"I'll do anything, Azula," said Ty Lee, more cheerful now than ever. She cartwheeled over

"Good, that's what I expect from you. Now then, as a genie, I'm bound to a certain object, in this case a bottle. I have to grant wishes to whoever holds it. Unless someone wishes me free…"

"And you want that someone to be me," Ty Lee finished.


"Where is it? Just tell me where I can get it and I guarantee I'll get that bottle for you."

"Here," said Azula as she snapped her fingers once more. A piece of parchment with the address her "master's" apartment appeared on the table. "And here's what it looks like," she added, making another scroll with a colored image of her bottle appear on the table.

Ty Lee picked up the scrolls and studied them. "OK," she said, "Tonight, I'll get your bottle and set you free."

"Excellent, I knew I could count on you." Azula got up. "I'll see you again tonight. I'll be in my bottle, waiting."


That night, Azula sat in her bottle, meditating. "It won't be long now," she thought with a smirk. Suddenly she heard the door creep open. She got up from her position and stared through a stain-glass window at the door. One look told her all she needed to know. "That's not Ty Lee!"

What happened to Ty Lee? Who is this new person and why would they be in a poor household late at night? Review if you want to find out.