Back for good?

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As the previous weeks event played around in his mind Captain Jack Harkness tapped continuously against the phone in front of him. He was tapping rhythmically against the side of it as he tried to talk himself into doing what really needed to be done now… but so far, no luck.

He picked up the phone for the sixth time since sitting down in front of it, but three seconds later he slammed it back down again. His head fell in his hands as once again he was reminded he had just dropped out… again. His hand hovered over the phone again. Falling back against his chair, Jack shook his head. He just needed to do it, regardless of what was going around in his head… regardless of what Gwen thought. He picked up the phone again, shoving it against his ear.

Just then his trial of thought was interrupted by the arrival of Ianto. Ianto took one look of the phone shoved against Jack's ear and sighed, "It may work better if you type in the numbers."

Jack looked up, startled, "Yeah well… I guess the numbers are having trouble coming to me."

Ianto tried a smile, "Just call her… we need her. Do you want us to loose limbs because none of us know any decent first aid?"

"Yeah I know, I guess it's just harder than it was before to…" Jack trailed off, barely daring finish his sentence.

"Replace someone," Ianto finished, he sighed and took the phone, "I hate it too, but… you've just got to do it."

Jack nodded, "You're right." He took the phone from Ianto and, barely breathing, he typed in the right numbers. "Hi Martha?" he said into the phone. "Yeah, it's Jack… I need you to come down here, that okay?" he gulped and nodded. "Okay, see you then sweetheart." Jack hung up and turned to Ianto, who was staring at him. "What?"

Ianto raised his eyebrows, "Sweetheart?"

Jack grinned, "I'm allowed to flirt a little, aren't I?"


Martha entered the hub, smiling. But it changed to sadness when she saw the lack of two important members. When Jack told her Owen and Tosh were no longer with them she was, to say the least, shocked. It changed to confusion when she realised what they wanted from her. "You want me to replace Owen?"

"No," Jack insisted. "Not replace."

Here, Gwen gave a snort, "That's exactly what you want."

Jack groaned in frustration, "What else am I supposed to do Gwen?"

"You could have at least waited a while -"

"Waited?" Jack interrupted. "Waited what Gwen? A month? A year? You can't wait around in Torchwood. I'm sorry but people can die here, it's just the way it is."

"You can't," Gwen muttered. "Maybe if we wait until…"

Jack angrily slammed down his fist on the table, "I can't wait for someone to get injured before I hire someone else! Martha is a skilled doctor who knows about the job and is totally trustworthy. She's got the job."

Just then the hub opened. And there he stood. Owen.

He grinned as soon as he saw them, "Miss me?"


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