A/N: Some kind of somewhat-intended-to-be-canon Bakura Ryou + Yami no Bakura interaction. Just dialogue but I don't think you'll need help in figuring out who's who.

Edit (info): In manga volume seven in the tabletop RPG between Yami no Bakura and Yami no Yuugi, Ryou died in order to defeat YBakura. He was resurrected by his game piece, however. You should know this in order to understand.


"You promised me though."

And fulfilled My promise, didn't I? I even helped

"Your idea of helping never leaves out helping yourself."

Yes, everyone gets their fair share. Unlike you, I never disregard Myself

"…That makes people hurt… they suffer."

You are still young, Host. You don't know what that word means, no matter how good your hunch is

"You know."

I know

"Then, please don't make me understand."

You don't need to

"Thank you."

There's no way to understand before you have died

"But I have."

I know.