Nanoha StrikerS: Pursuit of Perfection

"Divine… Buster!" The brunette mage in a white and blue barrier jacket pointed her energy-charged device at the two enemies on the ground. "SHOOT!" The bright light consumed them both, their barrier shields shattering. Understanding her fate, the female of the two turned back to a little alcove into which she cast a final smile.

"Nanoha-chan." Her radio activated in her ear. "Do you need help? I've cleared my area and am ready to support if needed."

"No… I'm fine. Thank you, Fate-chan." She surveyed the wreckage. "I've disposed of the enemy mages. It appears that everything is… ah!" She gasped.

From the alcove hidden in the wreckage emerged a young boy with bright green hair. He had a barrier jacket on, his left sleeve bloody from the deep cut that made his arm practically useless. In his other hand he carried a pitch black cartridge staff. "Unforgiveable."

Nanoha's mouth was open wide as she stared at him from above. "Nanoha-chan? Nanoha-chan, what's wrong? Did something happen? Nanoha-chan!"

"How dare you… how dare you?!" He raised his head to reveal his piercing purple eyes. He gripped his device tighter. "Jormungand!"

In a tin male voice, it spoke. "Sonic Move!" In a blaze of green light he raced passed her.

"Ah!" She turned around, readying her staff for an attack.

As he reappeared he snarled. "I'll avenge them." He lifted his weapon over his head. "I'll take my revenge for my parents right here and now!"

"P-parents?" Nanoha's staff went down to her side.

"Explosion!" Jormungand blinked as it loaded a cartridge. Propulsion energy began to pour out of it.

The boy held it back with one hand as he forced his other to make a sign, yelling out from the pain. "Blackest regions of space, bring me the strength of what's hidden! Dark Matter Lance!" Black and purple waves rippled around the tip and blades. "LAUNCH!"

"I… killed this boy's… parents…."

Raging Heart blinked. "Incoming attack. Block?"

"I… I killed his…." The black beam and boy combo came rushing at her, targeting her heart.

"Emergency Override. Nanoha is unfit for battle. Level three counter, Round Shield and Chain Bind, HQ permission granted." With her own power, Raging Heart slid in between and spread a barrier. "Casting Bind." Three balls of energy burst into a complex web of fibers that wrapped around the boy.

"What? GAH!" He was sent to the ground below.

"Those two mages… they attacked to keep… him safe? Not as soldiers? Then they were…."

"My parents." He spoke in a grunt as he got to his feet, the constraining field still holding his arms down. Nanoha's eyes quivered as she gasped, the color palate in her eyes reversing. She stared at him with those odd colors as he forced his working fingers to lift Jormungand. "Load Caster, shell two."

"But that will…" It objected.


"… Acknowledged." A special bullet loaded into the casing. Two blades shot out the back of the scepter, one cutting into the bonds that held the boy.

"GAAAAAAHHH!" He screamed, causing Nanoha's eyes to widen even more.

"Why?" She whispered, her entire body trembling, her hand over her mouth, just waiting to puke. "Why did you…?"

The boy stood up, blood trickling down his legs from the gash in his chest. "Curse Field."

"Curse Field!" He was surrounded by a black magical circle and a chill wind blew through him.

He took a fresh breath and looked into her eyes with a demonic red. "Load Caster, shell seven." Without questioning, Jormungand obeyed.

A black and red flame covered the device, extending over the blades. With a blank look, he pointed it straight towards the airborne maiden. "Viral Lancer."

"Tamahachi Nanoha. Imminent danger." Raging Heart blinked.

The boy leapt into the air. "SHOOT!" He and this device thrust forward, consumed by the flame.

As the flames spread across the sky, to Nanoha's vision it looked like the jaws of death itself. "Don't come near me!" She squealed in fear as her magical energies appeared in spheres in front of her.

"Crossfire Shot." The pink balls became projectiles as they completely coated him.

"KGH! Must… make… GAH!" The forces canceled each other out.

"Stay away, stay away, STAY AWAY!" She didn't even look as her enemy was forced to the ground again, and yet still got pummeled by her endless attack.

"Master." Raging Heart's voice forced her to stop and open her eyes.

"Oh no!" The smoke cleared below, the green mop was face down in a crater. "What have I done?!"

"Huk!" The boy shoved his staff into the ground and, inch by inch, he rose to standing position.

"No way…."

"I'm using the last one, Dad. Jormungand, load caster, shell nine."

"You are aware of the results of shell nine."


"… Loading." Black balls of energy appeared everywhere and began to consolidate on the tip of the device as it glowed red hot.

"Why…." Nanoha couldn't think straight. "Why are you going so far?! What can I do to make you stop?!"

"Either you die, I die, or we both die! Either way, this last attack will decide it!"

"High power anomaly detected. Levels increasing at alarming rate."

"Singularity Cannon, charge set to 300 percent!"

"Nanoha-chan!" Her radio hissed with Hayate's voice. "I'm getting extremely high energy readings, it's off the scale! What's going on over there?"

"H-he said 'Singularity Cannon'."

"SINGULARITY CANNON?! That's a Five S rank! Get out of there, NOW!"

"EH? Five S?! But he's just a boy! That will…" Nanoha dove for him. "No, you can't! That kind of power will destroy you!"

"Target locked on!" Jormungand blinked as Nanoha approached at full speed. "Farewell, Soran."

"Ah, farewell, partner. Mom. Dad. I'll see you soon. SINGULARITY CANNON, SHO-" Without warning, Jormungand's AI crystal split in half, and the entire device shattered. The energy lost stability and the world stood still for a second.

When the time dialation returned to normal, Nanoha had been blown a mile away, and she looked up at the ball of smoke that reached up into the stratosphere. "No…." A tear ran down her cheek. "My mistake… my mistake…. WHY WOULDN'T YOU LET ME SAVE YOU?!"

Five years later:

Nanoha bent down with her bouquet of flowers, placing it in the center of a large crater. She sniffled as tears escaped her eyes. "Nanoha-chan…." Fate's thoughts reached her ears.

"I know. Fate-chan." She turned around after rubbing away the moisture. She looked up to the four charges at the edge of the crater. "And this is why you should always check your intelligence before engaging in battle. That little boy's death could have been avoided, his and his parents, if I had done the proper recon. It was five years ago today. Subaru, he would probably be your age by now if he had lived. Don't ever let yourselves have something like that hanging over your heads. You're all dismissed. We'll meet again tomorrow."

An hour later:

Subaru shoved the restaurant doors open, panting as she scanned the room. "Hard day at work?" A male voice spoke from behind her.

She gasped happily and turned around. "A depressing one. She took us to a grave site and told us a sad story." Subaru hugged him tight and planted a short kiss on his lips. "But I feel way better now that we're together again, Soran."

"Same with me, Subaru." He stared at her with his bright purple eyes.