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Note: This is my first WILAY Fan Fic.

I had always loved Henry & Holly from moment I saw them in show, and there isn't many of fan fics about them so I decided to write one. Reviews would be appreciated.

Start All Over


By: Jenia

Holly Tyler sat in her room in the loft, a photograph in her hand. A picture of her, and Henry's arms wrapped around her waist, back from when the two of them just gotten together. Looking at the picture, send her heart racing, the way that usually Vince sent her heart racing. Holly didn't understand how those feelings for him just came back. She remembered hanging out with him, she remembered him helping her, but afterwards after he left, she found herself unable to stop thinking about him. Holly thought that her feelings for Vince were strong, now she wasn't so sure.

Besides, Henry was one of the nicest guys she knew. Like today, for instance, he went out of his way to help her with her paper, putting his plans on hold. That's what she loved about him, even after their break up, he treated her with respect. Holly was starting to begin to think that break up was a mistake. 'How could I ever hurt someone like that' Holly knew that if she could go back in time, just to be with Henry again. She would. She sighed, placing the picture on nightstand besides her bed, and laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

All this time she thought it was Vince, but then it wasn't as if he showed any move to show her that he cared. Henry was a different story. She knew that he cared about her but not way she cared about him. Holly saw how happy he was with Kate. "What am I going to do now?" She mumbled under her breath, closing her eyes for minute when she heard a knock on the door.

Holly's eyes snapped open, her heart skipping a beat a though of Henry coming back. 'Get a hold of yourself' She told herself. "Come in" She called out, sitting on her bed, in time to see her older sister Valerie come inside her room.

Valerie came towards her. "You all right Holly? You have been really quiet. Did you and Henry get in fight?" She asked her, sitting on the edge of her bed, besides her.

'I wish that all that was' but for moment she remained quiet, as she tucked the strands of her hair, behind her ear. Silence filled the room for a moment. Holly shook her head. "No, we didn't get in fight" She responded before pausing. Should she be telling all this to Val? Even if she was one of people she always told everything to. Would she understand? "But no, I'm not okay"

"What's wrong Holly?" Val asked her in concerned voice, placing her hand on Holly's shoulder.

For moment Holly just watched her older sister. She felt tears forming in her eyes for moment, at the thought of Henry, especially at the thought of Henry with Kate. "It's Henry" She paused. "I think I might like him again" She confessed, seeing Val's eyes going wide.

"When did that happen? I thought you liked Vince"

"So did I, Val" She sighed, placing both of her hands on her lap. "You know how he was helping me with my paper today?" Holly asked as Val nodded. "Then we were hanging out for little bit. But he put all his plans on side just to help me Val, and when I saw him with Kate earlier. My heart broke and I couldn't stop thinking about him"

Another silence filled the air for few moments, before Val placed her hand on top of Holly's. "Maybe your feelings never truly went away from him. Did you tell him how you feeling?"

Holly instantly pulled her hand back and stared at her sister, her eyes wide. "You know I can't do that Val, he's with Kate" She paused, putting her hand through her hair. "You don't tell a guy who's with someone, how you feel. That never ends well"

"Maybe he feels Holly, but you never know if you don't tell him"

Holly shook her head, more tears forming in her eyes. "I seen him with Kate, Val. He's happy with her. I see the way he looks at here. There is no wa…" Holly's voice broke. She glanced away from her sister, walking out of the room before Val even hand chance to say anything else.

"Holly!" Val called out after her, catching up to her. She grabbed a hold of her arm.

Holly spun around. "What?" She snapped, tears now falling down her cheeks, making Val back away and look at her sister for a moment.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…" Val stopped when she saw Holly shaking her head.

"Don't Val. I'm going out" With that she opened the door, almost bumping into Vince who was standing in the doorway. "Sorry" she mumbled before running past him and into the hallway.

Vince looked after Holly then glanced towards where Val was standing. "Was she crying?" He asked her and Val just nodded, looking towards the hallway where Holly was just few moment earlier.

"What happened?" He asked her while hanging her a package.

"I'm not sure, she was just upset. I tried to talk to her but she just got more upset" Valerie responded, taking the package before looking back towards the hallway.

"Do you want me go after her, see what's wrong?"

Val just shook her head. "She won't talk to you when she's this upset. Just let her cool down. I'm sure that she will be all right" Val responded before glancing towards hallway again as if she expected for Holly to come back through it again.' At least I hope that she will be okay'