Daniel woke to the sound of crying. He groaned. Beside him, Sha're stirred.

"It's your turn," he reminded her

She pulled the pillow over her head.

"It was your idea to have a baby," she countered.

"You were a willing participant," Daniel shot back.

A small hand tugged at Daniel's arm.

"Daddy, the baby is crying again," said a small voice.

"Ok, ok, I'm getting up," Daniel said, sitting up.

"You put Kat back to bed. I will deal with Claire," Sha're said, leaving the bedroom.

"I wanna see the baby," Kat whispered to Daniel.

"But then you have to go to bed, ok?" where his daughter was concerned, Daniel would do just about anything.

They quietly snuck into the nursery. Sha're was holding baby Claire in her arms, softly humming an Abydonian lullaby.

"Can I hold the baby, Mommy?" Kat asked.

"I thought you were supposed to be in bed," but Sha're carefully lowered Claire into her sister's arms.

"Hi Claire," Kat said, smiling.

Daniel put his arm around his wife.

"Our family is perfect, Dan'iel" she whispered in his ear. "Thank you for finding me."

"This is worth it," Daniel whispered back, looking at his two perfect daughters.