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Chapter Eleven

Don't Mess with the Pink Haired Princess!

The next day at school felt weird for all three of them as they once again entered a school. A dreaded memory for Naruto, but Sakura and Sasuke just sighed at having to go through this all again. Talk was running through the school about yesterday's activities; the choosing of the Seishun High School Regular tennis team players and the drama that followed. Sakura was the main focus as she had had the most drama and with her serve the day before, but Sasuke was close behind as being the new hottie of the school.

"Jeez, back to this hellhole," Naruto shuddered as he took in the sight of the gigantic building that was the place they now called 'school', his hands fisting in the uniform he now had to wear.

"Don't complain, at least you don't have to wear a skirt that more than half the male population is wishing would blow up," Sakura sulked as she tried yet again to hold her skirt down as wind gusted past. Sasuke just smirked at her discomfort and walked on ahead.

'Jackass', Sakura thought to herself, before following him in with a slight pout on her lips, not noticing that most of the boys were zeroing in on that little movement.

As they walked through the doors many eyes rested on their entrance. It was like they were the hot new celebrities in their small town, the ones that everyone wants to find out every saucy detail about. It didn't help that half the girls were trying to trip up Sakura, or half the boys were deliberately bumping into Sasuke, or the fact that everyone was just ignoring Naruto's exclaims of being 'the next Hokage'.

Classes breezed by with all three of them sitting in the corner, trying not to get attention from anybody. Questions were asked from everyone as to where they came from, how they learnt to play tennis, and were they dating anyone, etc, which they answered as cryptically as possible, always smiling to get the questioners focus from the question to their face.

Finally, when the last bell rung for the day, the trio couldn't be more thankful. Sakura was about to break someone's nose, and it was leaning more and more towards that Tomoka kid who wouldn't stop trying to touch Sasuke. It was really bugging her, because to get to Sasuke she kept shoving Sakura out of the way, and there was only so much floor-kissing she could do before her inner decides to take things into her own hands. It got so bad once Sakura had to chew on Naruto's hair just to stop the urge to smack the piggytailed hair girl around. It tasted like ramen…

So the breath of fresh air was much welcomed to them all as they stepped out into the sunshine, their eyes squinting to the uncustomed bright rays.

"That had to be… the most excruciating, most painful day I have ever had to live through. And this coming from a girl who got her ass whipped each way in the Chuunin exams." Sakura complained as she jumped on Naruto's back, her blue issued school shoulder bag swinging to obscure Naruto's vision for only a moment. "I am so TIRED!" She shouted to the sky before slumping onto his back, Naruto hardly even budged at her dead weight. "Wake me when it's over."

"When, what, exactly is over?" Sasuke questioned, not really caring what she was talking about as he placed his hands over behind his head, his jacket hanging behind his back, dangling from his right hand.

"The mission!" She exclaimed in retort, pressing her face further into Naruto's neck as he just chuckled at his team-mates actions.

"You were never the one to quit Sakura-chan," Naruto joked as he hitched her higher up his back.

"Naruto, there is only so many times I can take being body slammed into the lockers because a group of girls see Sasuke, or Eiji-san, or Ryoma-san, or any of those other guys on the tennis team. I CAN'T HAVE MY FACE OUTLINE IN ANOTHER DOOR WITHOUT KILLING SOMEONE!" Her eyes lit with fire as her inner decided to make an appearance.

A chuckle from her left had her head turning like something out of the poltergeist; her eyes still alight with her inner fire. Sasuke doubled over in mirth practically had her seeing red as she passed her bag to Naruto calmly before hoping off his back and walking silently over to Sasuke.

"Something… funny…Sasuke?" Her voice sent shivers up Naruto's spine as he quickly stepped back, placing the fence of the tennis courts they were now at between him and his other two team-mates.

"Hn," Sasuke quickly straightened up, finally noticing the promise of pain and fear evident in her eyes. Sakura's expression just turned downright scary as she launched herself at him, just missing him by a hairs breath as he jumped on the fence and scaled over it as fast as he could without his chakra.

He didn't even need to turn around to know that the pink-haired fireball was right on his tail. His feet hit the ground solidly as he turned to run only to find that the next thing he knew he was tasting asphalt, definitely making him regret ever messing with the spitfire.

This all happened in a series of seconds with Sakura standing on her team-mates back doing a victory dance as the finale. Naruto just shook his head as he too threw himself over the fence, landing solidly on his two feet as he walked over to help pull up his squished best friend as Sakura stalked off, her nose in the air with pride.

None of them noticed the group of people currently sitting on the benches to the right of them, their mouths gaping open as various drink bottles, towels and tennis racquets littered the floor where they had been dropped in shock.

"Dude… who are these people?"