Good decisions comes from experience,

but experience comes from bad choices.

Anonymous (must be a very experienced guy)

"Fuck this!" a scream rose in the air of a packed street of New York City. A pink-haired woman (they're natural, guys!) ripped apart a newspaper and shitcaned it to the nearest shit can. However, she was meant to became a victim of peculiar gazes, beaming all around. The woman giggled tensely, fake smile shining more than the sun above. Can't go unnoticed, can you, Sakura? She thought to herself. Oh, just forget and ignore it. You should not care if they care, since there's no point in caring if they care. Damn! Shut up! It's too complicated. Right now I have more important things to care about. Like CHA-CHING!

True, Sakura Haruno didn't have a single penny left in her pocket. And no food for already two days, only water and some coffee some guy gave her in exchange of shining, pearly white (fake) smile. And all of this was because her foster parents managed to kick her out and keep her away from her rightful (My parents were rich, goddamn it!) inheritance. Motherfuckers! Of course they've forgotten all the hours I spent, working my gorgeous ass off for their sake! An artist like me should be spending endless hours in galleries, introducing other filthy rich people to my works, not roaming around NY aimlessly and with empty stomach! And it's been a week already! Is there anything like fairness in this world?! The last phrase came out loud and Sakura earned another bunch of peculiar looks. Again an intense smile. So…where should I be heading next?


Dark rainy night at Konoha hospital of NY. Uchiha Sasuke has just made his complicated and hardly readable signature on the departure sheet and was about to head straight home.

"Uchiha!" a loud voice flew through the empty hall and hit Sasuke's ears with all the pain he was so familiar with.

"What, Temari?" he asked without turning around.

"Get your ass upstairs and check on the patient. NOW!" Uchiha Sasuke turned around, demonstratively rubbing his ear.

"Do I look like a person, able to pull another all-nighter?" he asked in sarcastic tone. Temari opened her mouth to argue, but by seeing a blue-ish marks under his eyes (Two all-nighters, people!) and paler skin than it is supposed to be (Coffee does its magic.) she sighed.

"Alright, at least take a look at the file"

"Temari, I barely hold my eyes in their holes. Why don't you go to someone like Naruto, who has more energy than the entire hospital all together?"

"Because he's an idiot. You, on the other hand, are slacker. Still, you, at least, have some brain…I think" Temari crossed arms on her full chest, making her oh-so-opened breasts rise up to Sasuke's liking: his tired eyes fixed on the twins. (Gimme a break, my brains are already shutting down! Might as well keep one of them alive.). Right then, Uchiha's trademark, ultra shiny and super sexy smirk arrived to his lips.

"From the mood you're in, I suppose Shika hasn't been serving his man's purposes very well" he stated matter-of-factly. Furious look was followed by more furious blush on the opposite sex's face.

"He, at least, doesn't talk himself out of work!"

"I always talk myself out of work. Get used to it already" Sasuke sighed and snatched the file from Temari. He read it for a while, then closed with a clap and handed it back.

"Give him…anything you think of from kidney inflammation. If he doesn't get better, let me know in the morning" Sasuke whirled around on the heel and was about to leave.

"The guy's in pain, you moron!" Temari shouted after him, fists rammed into hips, covered by long white smock.

"Then give him some pain killers" Sasuke retorted in the mid-door "oh, and have Karin collect his family history. Might come in handy"

"Why her?" Temari raised her eye-brow.

"Because you lack temper" and he left her steaming.


"I'm driving home for Christmas, oh I can't wait to see those faces…" soft tune blew out of speakers in black BMW (What the hell? It's April!) that Sasuke was driving through the wall of rain. While heading back to the suburbs of NY, Sasuke couldn't stop his sleepy brain from wandering off to usually deserted, self-pity-full thoughts and memories. Home…Like where? Hell, most likely. Yeah, the mansion (Oh, excuse me, the golden lion's cage) I and my family use to live washell. Exactly: I and my family. There was never a 'we'. Or no, rather there was me, Itachi (pathetic excuse of a crackpot brother) and my family. It was never his. That good-for-nothing bastard! Has everything my parents ever earned at the palm of his sticky hand. And all he does is roaming around, hooking girl up so they could satiate his endless perverted fantasy. And I am…what? A (already) respected doctor (graduated a year ago), with good salary ("Uchiha" did it all) and nice house (God bless NY's suburbs)…and a miserable life, with miserable disposition and miserably polished (once again, thank God for mirrors) smirk. Yeah, life is a bli-

The last thought was cut off at the second turn, already at the entrance to the labyrinth of suburbs. The light of the BMW suddenly illuminated a figure with red raincoat and light pink head. Sasuke cursed by pushing the break to its limits: his car stopped inches from (what light helped him to discover) a woman. However, the moment he felt relieved that the accident didn't really happen, the woman collapsed in front of the car.

"Shit!" Sasuke cursed once again and jumped out of the car. He lifted the unconscious woman and took a closer look. Thank god she's not hit. But then why..? He checked her pulse, her eye pupils (Blazing green…emeralds? Not bad at all.), her un-sequent breathing. The rain was pouring and Sasuke was already soaked. He then sighed and lifted the woman from the cold ground. Can't be helped. I am a doctor. I gave that…oath of Hippocrates, or whatever it's called. But it totally sucks to have someone in the house, especially when it means working after hours for free. As Shika would say…what a pain! He shoved woman's luggage into the boot and sat back to the wheel. Sasuke took another glance at the peacefully lying woman on his back seat and drove off. I hope this isn't what they call the Mistake of Life.


Sheesh, this pain in my head…I don't think I can take it much longer. Wait a minute…why is everything so dark? Oh, right, my eyes are closed. Sakura tore her eyes open, but everything around went into vivid palette of colors, going round and round. She tried to sit up, but something warm and gentle pushed her back to cushy pillows and blankets: all that Sakura's skin could identify, differently from her eyes.

"Take it easy. Your body's weak" a beautiful, throaty, manly, soothing voice reached Sakura's ears. Now that's what I can a music. But…wait a minute…who the hell is he? And where am I?

"What is this place?" Sakura breathed out in a weak voice, pressuring her forehead with her palm "my head hurts like hell" the blurry silhouette slowly moved and the next sensation Sakura felt was a small pill being pressed into her palm. She raised her weak hand and put the pill in her mouth. The next thing she felt was a hand, lifting her head and fresh, cold water touching her dry lips. She drank hungrily, then her head carefully was laid back onto the pillow.

"How's your vision?" the same voice asked.

"Blurry" Sakura answered weakly "but it's getting better"

"Good" was the short answer and the silhouette walked away.

Slowly, the terrible pain went away and Sakura could see things clearly now: what she found was a spacious sitting room, with tons of music disks, grand piano, book shelves, paintings, couch (she was lying in), armchairs and fireplace burning. Sakura could still hear the rain pouring down, which meant it was still the night. Another sensation that she came to realize was that her skin all over the body was actually touching the warm blankets. She looked under them and, to her greatest horror, found that she was only wearing her underwear and bra (all only pink crochets).

"Your clothes were all soaked" the same voice reached Sakura's ears and she sat up "you still seem to not have a cold. That's a good sign"

Ok, I'm dead and I'm in paradise. This guy…I mean you just look at him! Is that even a guy? I was thinking more of a god: that face, that hair (I can already feel its silkiness), that look (ok, it IS freaking cold, but…I just LOVE it)…and I can already see (and feel nonetheless) those muscles under that tight jumper…black suits him so well. Oh, God, thank you! Thank you for letting me collapse into arms of your own replication! I now absolutely believe in what Church told me: you do have your messengers here!

"HEY!" Sakura's thoughts were interrupted by a loud call "you ok?"

"F-fine" she stuttered, still looking at him with shocked eyes.

"Well then stop staring. You'll start drooling. That's the last thing I want on my couch" Sasuke put a cup of tea on a little table. Sakura looked at the steaming cup, then back at Sasuke.

"And you are?" she asked, wrapping herself tighter into the blanket.

"Sasuke Uchiha. I know you're Sakura Haruno. Checked your ID" he said it all in a simple, matter-of-fact manner, as if it was a normal thing.

"You-what? Checked into my THINGS!"

"Had to make sure you're not a criminal or something" Sasuke leaned onto couch's back, his smirk crying out with sarcasm "but from those…looks of your that's the furthest thing in my mind" Sakura blinked at him twice, blush dusting her cheeks.

"Pervert" she said angrily, turning away from him.

"Hardly" Sasuke continued his annoyingly self-confidant smirking "I'm a doctor. So from the moment I checked your pulse, you can have confidentiality between the doctor and the patient"

"Hmp" Sakura took the cup of steaming tea and had a sit: the warmth of the drink spread through her body even faster than from the fireplace "thanks" she said softly.

"Yeah" Sasuke pushed himself off the couch's back "when you feel good enough to walk, go get something to eat, cause your body is exhausted. If you're on a diet, better have a drink of vodka before you eat. Kills the fear of getting fat"

"I'm not on anything like that!' Sakura stood up for herself instantly "it's just that…" she couldn't finish the sentence: the fact itself that she's left penniless was embarrassing. Sasuke sighed.

"Look, I really don't care why you want to feel a constant hunger all the time. But while I'm around, no patient of mine will get away with killing themselves. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sleep. Shower's on the second floor, second door" and he was about to disappear in the staircase.

"Hey, why did you help me in the first place?" Sakura stopped him.

"Let me see…" Sasuke pretended he was thinking hard "maybe because I'm a doctor and the instinct of following the oath of Hippo-something was strong enough…bullshit" he smirked at her "you just happened to be in my way. Consider yourself lucky, not flattered"

"You're not a very nice doctor" Sakura smirked him back.

"No, I'm literally working as a doctor against my own will" Sasuke's look turned distant only for a brief moment "but you were worth a while" he showed to her old luggage "those works are good" and disappeared into darkness.

Sakura looked after him, stoned.

Tremendously amazing looks, ass attitude, tough mouth...prestigious profession…good taste in art (DUH, he phrased mine!). Then how come he lives alone? Duh, girl. Not everyone is able to control that kind of person.

A completely black cat, with little round bell on his neck, jumped on the back of the couch and looked at Sakura with big yellow eyes. My mistake, he doesn't live alone.


Sasuke collapsed into his bed right after having a cold shower: images of Sakura's body weren't exactly easy to get rid of. God, that woman is so…darn sexy! How will I ever erase her of my memory? She's a patient! I can't have an affair with the patient. No matter how astonishingly beautifully they are. Still, I'm an idiot. Idiot, because I think about her. She' s an artist to begin with. That means she's not stable, nor reliable. Why in a world those artist girls are so sexy? With those overall dimensions she should be posing for Playboy. There's no fairness in this world, really! The image itself of completely naked Sakura made Sasuke's hips heat up…and all there is in that place (Alright, now only the lower brain is working. Great!).

"Shut up" he mumbled under his breath and turned on the other side.

This wasn't such a good decision after all. I might have wet dreams once again!


A/N: hey, hey, hey! Here I am, back with my…erm…"M" rated story "Life sucks – deal with it"! Why rated so high? Because…well, here's how most problems between a different sex can be solved: it all leads to one thing – sex. That is why I rated so high…hey, that kinda rhymes, don't you think :DDDD well, you get the idea. Hope you people are going to like this ;) waiting for reviews (flames) about the story (why it isn't worth being here) ;) see ya guys later ;)

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