Never knew…I…could…feel…like this.

It's like I've never seen a sky…before…

Want to vanish inside your kiss,

Everyday I'm loving you more and more…

Listen to my heart, can you hear it sing:

Come back to me…and forgive everything!"

Moulin Rouge "Come what may" reprise.

"One kind word can warm three winter months."

Japanese proverb

"The Grinch thought of something he hadn't before. What if Christmas, he thought, doesn't come from a store? What if Christmas, perhaps, means a little bit more." Dr. Seuss


7 months later…

Snowy late evening in New York City (it's ACTUALLY snowing there!).

Finally (almost over) day of work (pro-longed hours) in Konoha hospital, Sasuke Uchiha's department.

"Well" Sasuke looked at his worn out teammates (Shikamaru was lying on the table, not able to lift his head anymore) "say it"

"You were right" Karin sighed.

"Oh, yes. And I forgot, wasn't it you who said that it was nothing?" Sasuke continued his not-very-Christmas-riddled gloat.

"Fine, you were right, can we go home now? I wanna make sure I make it before Santa" Temari scoffed.

"Santa? Wasn't it Satan?" Sasuke shrugged "I always get them confused. Doesn't mater really, since I'm druid"

"You're an atheist, we get it" Karin put on her long coat.

"Only on Christmas and Easter. Rest of the year it doesn't really matter" Sasuke shrugged.

"That was actually a good one" Shikamaru yawned and slowly slid into his leather jacket.

"Come on, we're gonna be late" Temari grabbed him by hand "my brothers' are coming and I hadn't prepared anything"

"You better do, cause I don't want him to eat me" Shikamaru mumbled, but not silent enough for Temari to miss.

"He's fine, he's just…a little shy"

"Right. The other one actually talks with dolls he makes" Shikamaru rolled eyes.

"Sounds like a creepy family" Sasuke noted, also sliding into his coat.

"It is. Strange how I managed to survive it" Shikamaru sighed "being troublesome sort of runs in Temari's family" the four left the office and headed towards the exit. Naruto caught up with Sasuke on the way out.

"Hey, wanna join me and Hinata for a Christmas dinner? Her sister is coming from L.A. and they both cook wonderful ra-"

"No, thanks" Sasuke declined.

"You have any other plans?" Naruto cocked an eyebrow.

"Yeah. They're showing Home Alone once again. Can't miss it, it's the annual ritual"

"Right, right. Come on, it'll be fun. It's food, it's people"

"No" Sasuke cut him as they stepped right into circling whirlpool of snowflakes.

"Merry Christmas everyone!" Karin shouted before leaving.

"Merry Christmas!" Temari and Shikamaru waved her back "Merry Christmas you too, Sasuke" Temari winked him.

"Yeah, I'll be sure to be cheerful this year" Sasuke noted ironically.

"Right. Merry Christmas, Naruto"

"Merry Christmas, you two"

"This is annoying" Sasuke sighed.

"What? It's holidays, celebration. Aren't other people allowed to be happy?"

"I don't have a problem with them being happy. I have a problem with them celebrating the unseen and impossible arrival of a mythical figure. Also all the Jesus being born and Rudolf with red-shining nose like a car light in a sky…makes me feel like a grown-up in a kindergarten"

"Oh, come on! I once hear that Christmas is not a date, but a state of mind" Naruto shrugged with a goofy smile "if Santa is what makes people happy, then why not believe in it? Jesus did change the world and now people are celebrating his birth. It's…something phenomenal"

"Well, you'll have your little baby-jesus born soon and it has nothing to do with Christmas"

"Yeah, but…Christmas sort of makes it look even happier of an event"

"If that's what you think…" Sasuke sighed.

"Fine, go to your home and watch Home Alone" Naruto patted Sasuke's shoulder "Merry Christmas, Sasuke"

"Yeah, whatever" and both went to their own cars.


Sasuke drove through a snowing wall and half-listened to the tune, coming from the radio. I'm driving home for Christmas…Oh I can't wait to see those faces…(Great! They're playing this song on April AND December? Boy, someone sure is obsessed with Christmas spirit…I hope it's not spreading, cause last I checked, the only cure for that is a common sense…obviously, on Christmas most people lack it, but damn!).

Sasuke stopped when stoplight turned into red. His eyes automatically tracked people, walking in the street, always either in groups of two or three or more. His eye was suddenly caught by a couple, sitting in a small café: a blonde and a pale-faced man. Sasuke looked at them for a while, then smirked and drove off.

Christmas spirit, huh? Again, their coming-back-together has nothing to do with it.


A soft knock on Itachi's apartment door woke him up from his thoughts. The man sighed and went to open it.

"Hey. I heard it's a bad luck to be alone on Christmas" Karin said, with a soft smile on her lips.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" he cocked an eyebrow at her.

"Not particularly" her smile turned into a little sad one "guess we're both on a same both then" she sighed "I brought Christmas cookies" she winked.

"I…have some Christmas wine" he opened the door wider.

"Nice" Karin stepped in and turned to Itachi again "Merry Christmas, Itachi"

"Merry Christmas, Karin"


Sasuke took a turn into suburbs and headed straight towards his home. Finally, some peace and quiet. And it's holidays too. Gosh, I can't wait for this sleeping-till-it's-noon stuff and everything that's included in holiday service pack! And no Tsunade for whole four days! Life just can't get be-What the HECK?!

Sasuke pulled the car in front of his garage gate and stepped out of it. He was staring at a dim light, coming from his own windows. It was nothing like electric light…more like candles and fireplace. Ok, whoever is ruing my holiday is going to hell this instant!

Sasuke marched inside and…froze in shock: his living room really had fireplace burning and candles all over. Not only that, a Christmas tree was shining in a space where the living room and corridor to kitchen met. Also, vines and Christmas toys were hanging everywhere they could be hanged. A bunch of red socks was hanging on the fireplace as well. Ok. Either I'm in a house of an elf…or I had just been…well…robbed, in a sense.

"Thought you might not do any decorating during Christmas" a familiar female voice reached Sasuke's ears "so I just…came earlier and did it for you"

Sasuke found the source of the voice and located it with his own eyes…

And there she was, standing in my home with all her beauty. Almost the same, only her hair now grew longer…almost down onto that delicate waist I use to love hugging so much…but her voice hasn't changed one bit: still my beautiful nightingale, my own, personal Barbara Streisand. My most beautiful dream that came true…

Sakura Haruno.

But why? Why now, after all these months…and not a single note before? Truth is, I didn't know what to do: to be happy, or angry, or sarcastic, or just ignore her.

Ignore her? I was NEVER EVER able to ignore her in a first place!

"You're probably wandering, what the hell am I doing here" Sakura walked closer to Sasuke, honey-like gleam in her eyes "well, I…I wanted to apologize and…seeing as I figured that I can't live without you a moment longer, I…came to ask whether I could come back" she closed her eyes for a while and took a deep breath "I love you, Sasuke Uchiha, and…the thing I did to you is…probably unforgivable and…I totally understand if you don't want to see me ever again, but…I wanted you to hear me say this: I'm sorry. Although maybe it's one too many times"


Sasuke stared at Sakura, his eyes drilling hers.

"Well" Sakura whispered "say something"

He didn't….not at first at least.

Sasuke hugged her tightly, pressing her delicate, yet strong body to his own. A wind of warmth blew inside him as Sakura's soft hands touched his back and helped to increase the pressure between them.

"You're an idiot" were the first words Sasuke spoke to her, still not letting go.

"I know" Sakura exhaled "what I did was…stupid beyond belief" she smiled softly "is there any way I could repay you?"

"Well…not doing it EVER again would be nice" Sasuke noted sarcastically. They retreated a little as Sasuke rammed his forehead into hers "I missed you" he whispered.

"I can tell" Sakura smiled "and I won't do it again. That's a promise"

"Good, cause…you see there was one thing I wanted you to promise and since you ran away, I…" Sasuke dug behind his collar and pulled out a chainlet. He unclasped it, ignoring confused Sakura's look. As Sasuke pulled it away from his neck, there was a little, round object, lying silently in his hand.

"Sasuke, I…"

"I know" he put a finger to her lips "but I was waiting for quite a while till I could say this and it was your fault I did, so…keep quiet" he slowly and carefully slid a ring up Sakura's finger.

"I sure hope that this isn't just a stupid dream…although it sure feels like it" Sasuke noted. Sakura scoffed.

Gosh, even when he's being serious he's being sarcastic. God, I can't believe it! I…he…Santa does exist!

"Sakura Haruno…will you marry me?" Sasuke spoke out without even stuttering. That is he didn't have time for that, cause Sakura gave him a kiss into lips the moment he spoke these words.

"You had a lot of time to practice, hadn't you?" Sasuke smirked at her, referring to her timing.

"You have no idea"

"But you sure messed things up, you know"

"I know… I thought I lost you already, but…" Sakura sighed, tapping hands into Sasuke's chest.

"Well, took you long enough to realize you make a mistake and come back. Seriously, you didn't think I'd just let you slip by without drilling a ten foot hole into your conscience, until you're totally guilt riddled and-"

"Would you just shut up" Sakura said and kissed him again.

"My, my, aren't we interrupting" Naruto's voice cut through a cute scene. He and Hinata, with now a big belly, were standing in a living room, snowflakes quickly drying out on their clothes.

"Welcome back, Sakura" Hinata smiled warmly "Merry Christmas"

"HEY! You knew?" Sasuke's jaw dropped a little.

"Of course" Naruto giggled "couldn't just leave you all miserable and alone"

"So thoughtful of you" Sasuke rolled eyes. He still didn't let go of Sakura, as if she could disappear again.

"God, do I love happy endings" Naruto flashed his trademark goofy smile.

"Don't be annoying" Sasuke sighed "Merry Christmas"

"HAH! I knew it! You had it in you! The Christmas spirit!" Naruto raised a victorious fist into air.

"I don't believe this guy"

"Come on, Sasuke, he's just happy for you" Sakura brushed her hand through his hair "I would be"

"Well then" Naruto gave a clap and took a bottle of wine, which mysteriously appeared on the little table "let's drink for Christmas and reunions and…well, love"

"You're so cheesy" Sasuke sighed, but his face was riddled with happy smirk.

"Oh, bite me" Naruto giggled, not stopping smiling "so…cheers to…freedom…we all know what we're talking about"

"To truth" Hinata winked to Sasuke and Sakura.

"Beauty" Sakura squeezed Sasuke's hand tighter.



Christmas isn't that bad after all.

Oh, and since that Christmas…my life has become like one, big, never-ending Christmas day.

Gosh, how I love Christmas!




A/N: Well, the reason I chose Christmas is because I love it that most :DDDD I love the winter and my favorite celebration is Christmas…I hate my birthdays, cause they always turn out like crap and I love Christmas….cause they always turn out a good crap :DDDD anyway, thank you for reading, reviewing…being patient with my slow updates. Anyway, thanks for sticking around ;))) and…not to quote Naruto, but… I love happy endings ;)) well, see you some other time…maybe in a one-shot or something ;))