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A/N: Obviously this was meant to be Logan birthday fic... but then I got distracted with RL stuff and forgot I'd finished this...

xxx Birthday Bunnies xxx

Logan couldn't claim that he'd never dreamt of waking up to a bunny on his birthday. When he was about three of four he'd wished, with all of a pre-schooler's feverish dedication, for for a white, fluffy angora bunny. What he got instead was a black guinea pig that he baptized Bugs.

Not quite ten years later his teenage boy phantasies were populated by a different type of bunnies, the ones found in those magazines that were not quite so impossible to find for a bunch of eager thirteen year olds. Needless to say that he'd never woken up to one of those neither.

Now both the cute and furry rabbits as well as its less fury, more curvy human counterpart were part of a past of which he hardly ever thought. Nowadays Logan spent his birthday trying not to wish for anything, happy and content when like this year it ended with a nap on the sofa that had been a soothingly dreamless …. until he was stirred by some kind of presence.

Looking around drowsily, Logan tried to make out whatever it was that had awakened him. The penthouse was dark, only illuminated by the diffuse light filtering out of his office. From his vantage point stretched out on the sofa the only unusual thing Logan could see was a, white, fluffy pompon sticking out midair from behind the wall divider.

In sleepy fascination, Logan followed its up and down-movement, frowning in dozy puzzlement as the plushy object disappeared from his sight for a moment... only to show up again together with the silhouette to which it was attached.

A decidedly female, decidedly familiar silhouette, one that he was used to seeing in a tight, black catsuit... now was clad in an equally tight, brightly pink combination of top and hotpants, head adorned with something fluffy-pointed that looked suspiciously like bunny ears.


The pink figure that indeed, as his squinting eyes confirmed, looked like Max, groaned.

"Sketchy... Don't ask."

His brain still failing him, Logan opened his mouth, tongue vaguely searching for words.

Max raised her hands, warding off his perplexed stare. "Just don't. Don't ask, don't think, forget I was here and if you happen find a file on those dog fights at your desk tomorrow you better pretend it was Santa."

"Funny... would have guessed the Easter bunny." Logan's sleep-hoarse voice surprised himself as much as his visitor.

The pink silhouette stiffened and half turned around, giving him a long, undecipherable look over her shoulder. Still not sure what was the appropriate thing to say, Logan opted for a loop-sided half smirk until bunny-Max made a final turn, heading for the door.

Not even pretending not to stare, Logan considered the few seconds of unobstructed view of Max's pompon-decorated backside his very own secret birthday present, quite oblivious to her indignantly huffed "Men!".

xxx The end xxx

So yeah, there seems to be something going around causing bunny fic in certain brains.