Hey! This is my new story. After watching Inuyasha i just couldn't get the idea out of my head no matter what. I even dream about it :P So, to clear my mind before exams i decided to wrote it. I don't know if you'll like it (i hope you do :P) but this is really not the point here :P I published first three chapters. if you want me to continue, just tell me. If not, i'll just write it to myself in my notebook :P

Few things:

1)Its been three years after Kagome fell to the well so she is 18.

2) Sesshomaru pelt is not his tail in my story, but that will be explain later :P

3)Kagome never met Rin before.

4) I think that's all for now :P

5) Enjoy the story and tell me if i should continue it!

6) English is not my first language so I'm sorry for every little mistake I made ;D

And of course:

"abc" is talking

abc is thinking

"abc" - is flashback/quotes/important words ;P


The sun was starting to rise above the ground, enlightening the clearing. Yes, it was a hard and long battle, but in the end, they succeeded. The most fearful enemy, Naraku, was finally dead. Everything would be perfect if not for the fact, that the jewel was shattered, once again, by none other than Kagome.

The young miko, after seeing her beloved half-demon on the edge of death, felt something inside her. Mysterious energy building up in her body, demanding to be released. So she took her arrow, pointed it at Naraku and shoot. Unfortunately in the same moment, he turned to face her and the sacred arrow pierced right through his chest and the jewel.

Now everyone was back in Kaede's village. Instead of celebrating, like other people or the weather itself, our favorite gang looked sad, almost depressed.

Young girl with brown hair was sitting in the corner of the hut with her head down, staring at the floor beneath her. Sango, the demon slayer, was thinking about her little brother Kohaku. During the battle, he protected her with his own body as one of Naraku's tentacles was heading at her.

With his last breath, he said "At least that is all I can do for you, after all this trouble" Then he smiled. And died on her lap. Just this last sentence brought new tears to her, already red and puffy eyes. She felt a hand on her shoulder and looked to see the man she grown to love during this whole encounter with seeking the jewel shards.

Miroku, the lecherous monk, tightened his grip and brought her in a warm, comforting embrace. His face also has this pained look. He was just sad because the woman he loved was devastated.

Little kitsune, Shippo was sitting on his lap, sulking because his adopted mother was not with them. On the other side of the hut, a man with silver hair, dressed in red kimono was sitting on the floor, his back facing the wall and his golden eyes looking down at the woman who had her head on his lap.

Kikyo, as you can easily guess, was sleeping and breathing heavily. Inuyasha cursed himself mentally. This was his entire fault that his beloved was in this state.

No. It was not my fault. It was HER! He thought immediately.


Inuyasha was fighting with Kagura, when suddenly he saw a few already cut tentacles from Naraku's body heading toward Kagome's back. She turned just in time to shoot an arrow at them, but they dodge it and keep on moving. Without a second thought, he jump between her and slashed them to ashes. Just then, a piercing scream reached his ears.

"Kikyo!" He yelled and ran to her laying body.

"Inu…yasha…" She started.

"Do not talk. Save your strength." The half demon replied with worry evident in his voice.

"Inuyasha go figh, I'll take care of Kikyo." Said Kagome. He hesitate for a moment but did as she told and went back to fight Naraku with new strength.


Damn! He thought. If Kagome wasn't so reckless and weak I could have saved Kikyo in time and she wouldn't be hurt that bad! He really had no idea how she actually survived this one because from what he could tell, the older miko was without her soul collectors. However, that really did not matter to him. All in all, she was still alive, and that's what made him happy.


Five hundred years in the future, the young raven-haired girl was coming out of the well in mini shrine. As usual, the first thing that reached her, was polluted air. That was mostly the reason why she loved the Feudal Era so much. No cars and no factories. Just nature, peace and quietness. If you exclude all the demons that is. By this time she was in front of her house.

Kagome really felt bad after leaving all of her friends from the past on their own, but right now, all she wanted was to see her family and spend a day as a normal, average girl. So without a second thought she slid the door opened and screamed…

"I'm home!"

"Kagome? Is that really you?" Her mother asked in disbelieve.

"Come on mom, of course it's me. Who else were you expecting?"

"I'm just so happy to see you!" She gave her daughter a tight embrace.

"So how long will you stay with us this time?"

"Only one day. I promised Shippo I will be back tomorrow morning. We still have the jewel shards to collect." Kagome replied with a bitter grin on her face.

"Oh, so this bad demon is still alive?" The older woman asked with concern. She never told anyone, but every time her only daughter crossed the time, she was worried to no end.

"No mom, we killed him tonight. That is why I'm here. To tell you all that there is no more danger." The miko replied with a smile but then her face changed into confused one.

"Mom where is Souta and Grandpa?"

"Oh, they went to visit your uncle about two days ago." Kagome sighed at that.

"And you were here all this time by yourself?"

"Yes. I had this feeling that you were coming back so I decided to wait." Her mother replied with a smile. "I know you must be tired, so why don't you go take a nice long bath and I make you something delicious to eat?" Kagome flashed one of her rarest smile and hugged her mother tightly.

"You're the best Mom!"

"Can't…breathe…" The raven-haired girl immediately released her mother, murmured a quick 'sorry' and then sped up to bathroom.


After a long hot bath and the most delicious food she ever ate, Kagome went to her room to take a long and deserved nap. Jumping on the bed, she gave a long sigh of relieve.

This feels so good. I sure missed my bed. She shifted on it, now facing the wall.

I wonder how everyone are doing. I hope Kikyo is better by now. It was my fault that she was hurt in the first place. And with that thought in mind she drifted off to sleep.


When she woke up it was already dark outside. Looking at the clock on her nightstand, she spotted that it was 9.30 pm.

Might as well go back to Inuyasha and the others.

Therefore, she packed a few of her clothes, some ramen for Inuyasha, few chocolates and lollipops for Shippo and, of course, a whole lot of bandages and others medical supplies. When she went downstairs her mother was standing in the kitchen with a pair of new shoes in her hand.

"I saw that your old shoes were…well…" She laugh nervously.

"Yes mama I know. Thank you very much, I really love them!" The young miko smiled and put them on. The shoes were nothing special. They looked exactly as the old ones, only that those were black.

"I should get going now." Kagome's mother sighed.

"I know. Be careful, I have this strange feeling something bad is going to happen."

"Don't worry mom. I promise I will be strong." And with that and a quick hug, she ran off from home to the well. After some time she managed to get out. Without Inuyasha or anyone to help her, it really wasn't an easy task; with a huge backpack like this one.

With a few deep breath of fresh air, she lifted her yellow bag from the ground, placed it on her back and began slowly walking in the direction of Kaede's village. Suddenly it started to rain. Kagome really did not mind it. In fact, she was happy. Rain was the kind of weather she just loved, though she really had no idea why. However, a sudden scream stopped her from spinning in circles. The Miko looked in the direction the voice came from. It was deep in the forest and without her bow and arrows, she really wasn't sure what to do.

Well, I can always produce a barrier. That should keep me alive for some time. She thought. So, with a new determination she ran in the dark area of the forest only to end up in a clearing. What she saw made her breath caught in her throat.

A demon, looking like a scorpion, was breaking a flesh of a human woman in half with his teeth. She tried to run, there was no hope for that woman to survive but she still had the chance. Unfortunately, her legs didn't move an inch but someone else's did. The demon was now a few feet away from her, so Kagome put up a barrier around herself. Scorpion only looked for a moment, like in deep thought, and then melted the barrier with the poison released from his tail.

Now Kagome knew, she had no chance of survival. She wanted to scream, to call Inuyasha but she didn't. He already saw her as a weak, pathetic human so there was no way in hell she would humiliate herself even more.

"Why won't you scream and beg for your life?" The demon asked with a hint of irritation in his voice.

"Why do you care? I won't play by your rules." She simply answered, receiving a low growl from the scorpion.

"You have the shards of the shikon jewel. Give them to me."

"Over my dead body." Kagome replied, knowing fully that this is what the creature will do after killing her. Moment later she felt his tail slashing her chest, cutting the chain with bottle of the shards on it. Young miko fell to her knees, clutching her chest tightly. She could feel warm liquid pouring from her fast, mixed with the poison.

"Now I shall eat you. You do look tasty." And with that, the demon lower his head and open his jaw, showing two big fangs. Suddenly something in Kagome kicked in. She remembered the promise she made to her mother, that she will be safe. She wanted to see her friends again, to show Inuyasha that she wasn't weak. Her miko energy released itself when the girl's skin made contact with scorpion's fangs, burning them a little. The demon took a hint and retreated along with the jewel shards. When her aura disappeared, she could tell that there was no way she would make it to the village. She tried to scream, speak, but no words came out of her mouth. So with a blurred vision, no strength in any of her muscle, the poison still running in her blood and with the soft 'thump' she landed on the ground.