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Despise the situation Inuyasha really couldn't help but let out a frowned smile. He knew that his god forbid half-brother was in, as the young miko called it once, denial. Not dwelling at the thought too long he unleashed the Backlash Wave, sending Kaguras attack straight back at her, erasing her from Earth once more.

Letting out a deep breath and thanking to anyone that it was finally going to end soon he spotted a strange black cloud of smoke up in the air. Looking closely he now saw, that the smoke formed some sort of black circle, which was growing at incredible speed. When it was covering the whole sky above the battlefield, his eyes widened at the picture.

"What in the hell is going on?" he asked confused.

Yesterday night:

Kagome was floating in the endless darkness, wondering why exactly she was here, in this inhuman place.


"I have no business with you." The Daiyoukai stated calmly and was about to leave when a hand grabbed his forearm.

"What is your problem exactly? For the past few days, you were avoiding me as if I was something disgusting. Care to tell me why? Because I have no idea and it drives me nuts!"

He didn't answer. Heck, he looked like he did not even acknowledge that something was said to him. Kagome sighed. She knew it would not be that simple.

"Listen Sesshomaru, you may not like me, hell you can even hate me but that is not the problem here right now. We are in difficult situation." He still did not make a move.

"They will be here tomorrow evening." Now that caught his attention. The Daiyoukai looked at her and nodded to continue.

"There is no way that we can defeat Naraku when he has the sword. However, there might be a chance. But before I tell you anything I must ask you one question."

"I'm listening." Kagome took a deep breath. 'Here we go.' She thought.

"Do you trust me?"

Sesshomaru couldn't help but blink in confusion. What kind of question is that?

That depends on what manner we are speaking." He replied calmly. The young miko let out a relieved sigh. It was going better then she imagined so far.

Well, for example, what would you do if I told you that I can recover Sounga?"

That is not possible. The sword is…" he trailed of when realization of her words downed on him.

In hell." Kagome finished studying the Daiyoukais' eyes for any kind of emotions. She learned quite some time ago, that if she wants to know or at least suspect what the Dog Demon is feeling, she should look into those two gorgeous pools of gold.

'Gorgeous? Where that come from?' The young miko blinked surprised at her own thoughts, blushing slightly.

Anyway, I want to go there." She said, already knowing his answer, before it even came.

No." Voiced even more seriously than her own statement.

I will go there whether you like it or not. The question is will you let me die there?" In a sharp motion his eyes were on her, studying, calculating, and wondering.

Do not mix me with this little scheme of yours, Miko."

'Tch, like I would want to.' Kagome countered in her head.

You will die almost instantly after putting your foot in this place."

Not exactly. I separated the pieces of my soul to not feel the pressure of hell, when I will be there." Silver eyebrow rose, hiding under equally silver bangs.

Where are the pieces?" he asked, not being able to stop his curiosity.

Presents." Kagome replied smirking and looking at the sheath she bought.

'Yes, that would indeed explain her motives. However….'

Then you will die even before you get there." Kagome felt like frowning.

'Must he always talk in this monotone voice? Even about death?'

Not exactly Lord Sesshomaru." She said moving in front of him.

'God this is so humiliating!'

The golden eyes were following her every move, watching with growing surprise how she moved in front of him, put one hand on her heart, the other behind her back and kneeled on one knee.

Lord Sesshomaru, the greatest ruler of the Western Lands I would be honored if you could assist this humble being he-„ she never finished because a clawed hand was holding her two inches above ground.

Se…sshomaru." She said softly, placing her own hand on his wrist, struggling for air. He looked at her with those bloody red eyes, before slowly and gently putting her back on the solid ground. The miko took a few deep and spasmic breaths.

What was that about?" she half screamed at the Daiyoukai. As expected, he didn't answered, though when Kagome looked at him, she was surprised to see a strange expression on his face. Something drifting between anger and shock.

'It's just like he didn't even knew he did something.' She mused in her head along with the silence that engulfed both of them.

Sesshomaru on the other hand had a pretty good idea why his body moved on its own accord after hearing the raven teenager girl calling herself 'humble being'. Of course, he knew that it was only a formula, but still, it sounded wrong hearing it coming from her mouth.

You are not weak."

Huh?" Kagome blinked in surprise. Where did that come from?

Do not, under any circumstances, call yourself weak, pathetic or humble being. You are carrying this Sesshomarus' royal blood; therefore you have no obligations to speak about yourself in that way." Now she was even more surprised. Not that she didn't expect similar explanation. It's just, she never heard him speaking more than one sentence; short one at that.

Okay, so as I was saying…." She laughed nervously under the deathly glare he shoot her.

I need your Tenseiga."

'Short, quick and straight to the point. How's that Sesshomaru?'

Very well." The Daiyoukai said, handing her sheathed sword.

'Now this is definitely weird.' Kagome thought staring, more like gaping at her savior with open mouth, very effectively copying fish. In this kind of situation, what the poor Lord of the Western Lands could do, other than letting out a small satisfied smirk on his lips.

Just like that?" she asked in disbelieve.

Hn. Your goal was obvious from the beginning. Dreamer talked with this Sesshomaru early in the morning." Now, the frown was clearly visible on her soft features.

Trust the stranger to spill your plan out." She mumbled angrily.

Miko, how are you going to get in that place?" Now, her face change to embarrassed but at the same time mischievous grin. Reaching out in her backpack she took out a strangely familiar necklace.

Please don't be mad. I remembered seeing something like that in your memories so I went to Lady Sayas' chamber and took one."

Sesshomaru didn't know about what he should be angry more. First, Miko brought back the forbidden topic of his Birthday Ritual. Secondly, she went on the first floor, which was forbidden. And finally, she stole his mother property, for what she should be long dead. Kagome, somehow feeling his internal conflict decided that now would be the best time to take her leave. She put the healing sword on her hip, taking the other one, not noticing how a pair of eyes was, once again, watching her every move. Putting her black blade on the ground, she took something that looked like a paper doll out of her pocket. Clasping her small hands around it, Kagome mumbled something and a second later, familiar blinding white light engulfed her frame. When it died down, Sesshomaru saw… another Kagome, standing next to the original one.

That's to be save. When I won't be there tomorrow it might cause unnecessary uproar. Besides that Naraku might discover our, my little plan." She said, feeling the urge to explain it to the Daiyoukai. He only nodded once in return. The young miko explained in a few words to her copy what to do, then looked at Sesshomaru, took a few steps back and squeezed the necklace, opening the black portal.

Miko." She heard right before entering. Turning around, she saw the demon lord with this strange look in his eyes.

I know. I will." She replied, catching him off guard and smiling brightly at him. Turning back she took a deep breath and entered the portal.

'Who would have thought that the great Lord of the Western Lands would be worry about someone?' was the last thought before the complete darkness engulfed her.


Even though Kagome felt flattered about that, she was still thinking if it really was a good idea to go here.

'Well, I did said I would go to hell and back if it would help. I really need to be careful about saying stuff like that.' She mused; wondering just how long was she floating like that? Or maybe she was falling? It was really hard to tell, without any sign or wind. Speaking of it… Kagome choked, feeling like the space around her was suddenly filled with very heavy air.

'I guess that's what Sesshomaru had in mind saying that I would die as soon as I put my foot here. This means I must be getting closer.'

And true to her words, no longer than five minutes later, she fell on her back with a loud 'omf'. Massaging the damaged part of her body, the young miko slowly stood on her shaky legs.

„Finally a solid ground." She murmured quietly, like afraid that someone or something might hear her. Sure, she remembered this huge dog alike beast, or the other creature that was killed by Sesshomaru. Feeling a little sick, she grabbed the hilt of Tenseiga, a little startled to see a warm, light blue glow coming from inside her closed palm.

'Of course, I completely forgot that the sword could reject me. Way to go Kagome. Keep it up and you will never see the daylight again.'

Brushing her stupidy away, the young miko finally looked around at her surroundings. If someone could call it that. She was standing on the rock road, just like the one she saw in the demon lord memories. To her left was complete darkness, just as to her right. Behind her, the 'bridge like road' was engulfed in darkness. She also registered some strange noises coming from under her, but she didn't dare to look down, afraid of what she might see. Finally looking in front of her, she saw the continuation of, what seemed to be the only road here. Having no options, Kagome took a slow step forward, followed by another one. She could feel her heart beating loud and inhumanly fast in her chest. Gripping the hilt and gulping her fear down, she kept walking.

Finally, after god knows how long, she came to a crossroad. There were three roads to choose now. One to the left, one to the right and one to keep going straight.

„Hm… what to do now?" Kagome thought aloud.

„If I want to find Sounga, maybe Tenseiga will react or something." She said pulling out the beautifully made blade. It always amazed her, whenever she had the chance to see the sword in all its glory, how the blade seemed to glow with this delicate blue light.

'Complete opposite to its owner.' She finished in head, and pointed the end of the blade at the road to the left. Nothing happened. Then at the road to the right. Also nothing happened. Finally at the road in front of her. At first nothing happened, but then she could swear she felt a little spark inside her palm. Sighing in defeat, she put the sword back in the sheath and took a step forward.

„'Whenever you don't know where to go, just keep going straight, Kagome.' Well grandpa, let's see if you are right at least about one thing." She said, taking a firm step.

Again, the road seemed to never end and truth to be told Kagome was really tired. Her feet hurt from walking so much, she was thirsty and irritated because of all the previous reasons. Just when she was about to continue her walking, the young miko felt like her chest tightened painfully. She grabbed the front of her outfit squeezing it tightly, praying for the pain to go away. Finally after a few moments it subsided. Kagome was sitting on the ground, breathing slowly and deeply.

"Just what in the world is going on up there?" she whispered, standing up. Without much of a thought, the young miko started to walk again, knowing now full well that she don't have much time. She was so wrapped up in her own thoughts that she didn't notice the end of the road and the door that looked like they were floating in mid air. Tenseiga gave a few strong pulses. Kagome looked at the sword and then back at the door. She felt the pulse once more, though this one was kind of different, like the sword itself was reassuring her that everything will be ok.

'Oh god I did not thought just that right? I really am going crazy am I?'

"Well, here goes nothing." She murmured, opening the door. At first, she was blinded by the bright red light, but when her eyes adjusted to it, she saw something long and dark violet, moving from right to left.

"Oh.My.God." she whispered, her eyes wide with fear. She saw this creature once. Well, back then it wasn't creature, only its spirit. But right now, she was standing right in front of the real, living thing.

'How they called him back there? Ah, Dragon from hell. Yup, the name hit the bull's-eye, that's for sure.' She thought backing up a little, surprised to discover that there were no doors behind her back.

"Now I am officially dead." She whined quietly. As if on command the giant dragon stopped moving and set the pair of his black eyes sharply at her.

"Woman, you are not dead, but not fully alive either. What is your purpose here?"

'The hell? It can talk?' she thought and swallowed her fear with a loud 'gulp'.

"I came for the sword." She replied, surprised that her voice sounded so stern.

"That I already guessed. Why do you wish to obtain it?" Kagome was silent for a moment.

"You see there is this bad guy Naraku who stole the sword of the first Inu-no-Mato mostly because of me, though I really didn't do anything to harm the western lands. Anyway, I wanted to do something to help, so I came here willingly, well, not after a little fight with Sesshomaru, but anyway…" she kept babbling like a crazy, not even noticing a single figure coming out of the shadow.

"Sesshomaru?" the figure asked. Kagome finally registered that someone was talking to her so she looked up and blinked. In front of her stood a man, with long silver hairs, put up in a ponytail, midnight blue moon on his forehead and navel single strap on each of his cheeks. Though what mesmerized her the most were those beautiful molten gold eyes.

"You are…"

"I'm Inu-no-Tashio, Sesshomarus' father."

"I already know that." Kagome replied angrily. He raised one eyebrow at her.

"Could you please kindly repeat what you were saying? Especially about this Naraku person. I have never heard such name before."

"Well, he was once human, a villain named Onigumo. He wanted to obtain the Jewel of four Souls, so he manipulated his comrades. I don't know exactly what happened, but all I know is that he betrayed them so in return they burned him alive. He survived and this priestess, Kikyo, took care of him. He fell in love with her, though she already loved Inuyasha."

"Inuyasha? My other son?" he asked surprised.

"Well, yeah. Anyway, he wanted her probably just as badly as the jewel, so he gave his body to demons. That's how Naraku was born."

"I see." He said, waving one hand at the dragon, who curled up in a corner of the chamber like a good, obedient puppy. Kagome couldn't help but chuckle at that.

"Something is wrong?"

"No, no everything is fine." Funny, how after this little conversation, the whole tension simply vanished, like it was never there.

"So how are they? My sons I mean." He asked, his voice softer and warmer than previously.

"Well, Inuyasha mated with Kikyo and Sesshomaru is as usual, I guess."

"Mated with priestess?" he asked and she cached a little disgust in his voice.

"Hey! I am one too, you know?!" she said, completely forgetting about horrifications and such. The Inu Demon blinked and sniffed a couple of times.

"It is true that you are one. However I can smell the scent of my older son on you. Are you his lover or mate perhaps?" Kagome blushed furiously at that.

"N-no, I am n-not. Sesshomaru helped me. I mean, I was attacked by a scorpion and poisoned. He used Tenseiga to review me and gave me his blood to stop the poison, saying that my purification power will clean it and everything will be ok as long as I stay calm. I tried, trust me, but back then I was pretty angry at Inuyasha and before I knew it I was like that."

"Oh, so you are a half demon?"

"Not exactly. I mean, I have strips and moon but only when I fight and I can change into dog demon too. Well, I did it only once after Sesshomaru went into bloodlust while trying to stop Narakus' demons from attacking the castle."

"Hm, that is indeed interesting. Do you know what it means now?"

"Huh?" Kagome blinked surprised.

"Never mind. You will learn it eventually." He said smirking a little, which does not quite sit well with her.

"So my son is finally a Daiyoukai hm?" The young miko saw. That he was looking at her from the corner of his eyes. Unfortunately, every little mention of the Birthday Ritual was making her face beautifully red, when she remembered they 'encounter' in the clearing.

"Y-yeah. Though it was hard to deal with him and the after effects of subduing."

"Oh? So you were the one who did it?" he asked surprised and she nodded.

'It looks like Saya was thinking about it from the very beginning too. This is just so like her.' His thoughts were interrupted when the said young lady was on her hands and knees breathing heavily.

"What's wrong?" he asked concerned.

"I guess I was wounded."


"My puppet, with a piece of my soul is fighting right now along with others."

"That's ludicrous! Do you have any idea how dangerous is it? And probably no one knows you are here too?" she shook her head, gripping Tenseiga.

"Only Sesshomaru knows. I asked him for the sword." Inutashio kneeled next to her.

"Why are you trying so hard, going so far as to risk your life, only to help?" he needed to know this. Her answer will decide his own struggle.

"Because, even though we were enemies in the past, Sesshomaru helped me. And somehow I helped him, when I found Rin, the human girl he was taking care of. He and his mother gave me a place to live, everyone there are nice to me. People really admire your son. That's why I don't want Inu Clan to disappear, Western Lands to disappear. He gave me new life, it belongs to him. If he tell me to jump into fire I will do it, because I want to show him, everyone want to show him that he is not alone. That we care for him, love him and that he too, can love in return instead of being coldhearted."

Inu male was looking at her with lips slightly parted and eyes wide in utter shock. He never in his life and after life thought that he would one day hear a confession like that. Because even though she probably didn't knew it, she just confessed her feelings. For his son no less! Not mentioning that she bound her life to him forever by saying 'He gave me new life, it belongs to him'.

"Very well then. We need to go now or you will truly die and I doubt my son would be pleased about that." Kagome looked at him confused, but he ignored her, waving his hand once more. The dragon straighten his body and the young miko finally understood why exactly was this beast curled. When the last part of his body was gone from the place, she saw a small pedestal with a sword laying in the center of it.

'So it was protecting Sounga. Still, it looked kind of funny.' She thought watching as Inutashio took it and turned to her.

"Before I gave you this sword, there is something that need to be done first." She nodded, not really knowing what was going on and gulping when the said man was standing right in front of her, too close for her liking.

The Daiyoukai brushed the black hairs from her shoulder and smiled slightly seeing another puncture wound in the junction between Kagomes' neck and shoulder.

"I see." He murmured quietly and without any warning dived down in the same spot, piercing the soft and young flesh with his single fang. He licked the few drops of blood and withdrew smiling softly at her confused and shocked expression.

'Cute.' Was the only thought that came to his mind.

"Um…" the miko wanted to said something, but her mind was too dumbstruck to muster even single word.

"It is for safety. You cannot wield this sword if you don't have two bites from the same clan."

"Oh, I see. Well then, thank you." She smiled warmly at him, which, to her surprise he gladly returned. It looked odd, maybe because the man in front of her looked very similar to Sesshomaru.

"I think we should go now." He said, whizzing at the two headed beast. They lowered down to the ground invitingly.

"You don't mean…?"

"Yes, we will be riding him. It is the only way to get out of this cursed place."

"We?" she asked surprised.

"Yes, we. I am the only one who knows where is the exit as well as the only one here, who can control the Dragon from Hell."

"Um… excuse me for asking, but if you know all this, why did you never tried to run away?" Inutashio let out a sad sigh.

"I am bound to this place. I can leave it only once in a thousand years, for one day from sunrise to sunset."

"Oh, that's sad." He smiled slightly, stretching his hand to her. Kagome took it surprised and a second later she was sitting comfortably on top of the one head.

"Grab something, we will be going very quickly." The girl nodded, squeezing tightly the wine red colored shackles. With a one, sharp move they took in the air, flying higher and higher. Finally the walls of the rounded chamber ended and once again, Kagome was engulfed by darkness.

"I think I will never get used to this darkness." She heard Inutashio speaking and nodded in agreement, to afraid to speak. It really was hard to breath at the current speed. Finally, this heavy stench was no longer present in the air she was taking. The young miko let out a sign of relieve and blinked closing her eyes at the sudden light that appeared above them.

"Where are the fight is taking place?"

"In the clearing, about ten kilometers from the castle." The man nodded and motioned for the dragon to turn sharply right.

Another minute later, or ten perhaps, the young miko saw the same light again. Though this time it was getting bigger and bigger. When they finally reached it, she closed her eyes for a moment. After opening them, she saw the ground beneath her, filled with warriors, demons, big red dragon and; here she smiled slightly; giant white dog, hovering over her 'second' body.

'I guess he knew about the risk too.' She thought, finally noticing that no one was moving and everyone, excluding the white furrowed beast and his father were looking at her with wide eyes and mouth. Though she suspected they were more shocked to see the dragon rather than her.

"Young Lady." She heard someone calling and looked at Inutashio.

"Here, take the sword." He said giving her the said object.

"Thank you, but what am I supposed to do with it later?"

"That depends only on you and you alone." He smiled.

"Are you coming back now?"

"Nah, I think I will hang around here a little longer. I haven't had much fun for such a long time." Kagome smirked seeing the mischievous gleam in the older male eyes. 

She recognize it almost immediately. Inuyasha used to have the same one when he was up to something. Not that it ever changed.

"Hey." She said softly to the dragon.

"Could you put me down there?" she pointed at the white dog, but she meant her copy. Unfortunately, it looked like the creature was not the smartest one, and in the end she landed between big red. Standing up, and biting farewell to the beast, she turned around and looked at the said bloody eyes.

"Hey." She said a little nervous and stroke the white fur slowly. The dog purred softly licking her with his tongue lightly, from the side of his jaw. Second later she was engulfed in the pink smoke. When everything cleared they all saw Sesshomaru in his human form and Kagome right.in.his.arms. The poor girl was, for the third time that day blushing furiously.

"You're late." The Inu Lord said looking down at her. Kagome gulped and looked back up, straight into his, now golden eyes.

"Sorry. I got… distracted."

Sesshomaru held her gaze a little longer before breaking it and looking lower, where she hold the sheathed sword. He quirked an eyebrow, and in a swift motion brushed her hairs from her shoulder and saw the two puncture wounds; one was still fresh.

He looked up in the air and saw his father looking back at him, smirking slightly and showing something. The younger Daiyoukai tensed a little, completely forgetting that the young miko was still in his arms, and that they were still on the battlefield, in the middle of the battle. He kept his gaze at the silhouette above, before he felt a hand on his shoulder. Looking back down, he saw Kagome, who too was smiling slightly.

"What is it, Miko?"

"Your father told me that I can do anything I want with it, so… khm, let me do it properly." He only blinked, completely not understanding what she was talking about.

Kagome on the other hand kneeled in front of him and stretched her arms above her head, which was bowed down.

"Lord Sesshomaru, ruler of the Western Lands, it would be my honor if you could accept this modest gift from… your friend." She finished the last part looking straight into his eyes and smiling that bright smile of hers.

The Daiyoukai nodded and took the sword, which pulsed three times before being pulled off from the sheathed sword.

"It is all truly touching but can we finally end this farce?" Kagome turned around and saw Naraku staring back at her, with this disgusting smirk plastered on his face.

"Ah, we will end this alright. But you won't came out of this alive."

"Dear Kagome, I am truly hurt by you. First you send a false body instead of the real you and now, those harsh words? Do you really thought I wouldn't notice? I am like radar when it comes to you. I can feel you, your soul. Of course, at first I was fooled, but then I noticed that your soul is separated in pieces, which you so carefully hid in random objects. Am I wrong?"

"No, you are not. But I don't see what it has got to do with anything."

"With one piece of your soul, how much power do you think you can put in Tenseiga?" his smirk turned into full blown grin when he saw how her whole frame tensed. Of course, Kagome being Kagome focused only on getting Sounga, forgetting, again, smaller details.

"I do not believe that will be the problem." Kikyo, who appeared out of nowhere spoke.

"Kikyo." Naraku spoke with as much venom as he could muster. The dead priestess ignored him and stepped next to Kagome.

"You were very brave. Somehow I knew that you were planning this." She whispered to her reincarnation, placing her right palm on the girl's chest and the left one on the side of her head.

"Pray." Kikyo mouthed and Kagome did so, closing her eyes. Everyone else were watching with interest as the gifts they received from their friend were glowing with warm, milky light, a second later small orbs flew off of them and straight to Kagomes chest. The young miko took a few deep and calming breaths. Not that the whole process of retrieving her soul back was painful. She wasn't accustomed to the power swirling inside her body.

"Thank you." She whispered to Kikyo who let out a small smile.

Naraku cursed under his breath. This was certainly not going according to his plan. He straighten one hand above his head, motioning for other demons to attack. Nothing happened. Frustrated he turned around and came face to face with the dead Inu Lord.

"Looking for something?" Inutashio said smirking a little and stepping out of the way to view the two headed dragon, currently ripping to pieces the last of the demons.

"It's over Naraku!" Inuyasha screamed satisfied. The spider freak (AN: I really couldn't help myself :D Do forgive for that :P) didn't answer, instead pulled out something from his back. Kagome recognize it immediately. It was the same gorgeus sword she saw back in the secret room.

"Sesshomaru!" she screamed at the Daiyoukai, who immediately understood, pulling the Sounga once more from its sheath.

"Inuyasha you need to go too." Miroku said quietly.

"Huh? The hell me?"

"The sword Naraku posses can only be defeated by Supreme Conquest."

"Sup-what?" The monk sighed. Why his half human friend couldn't listen when things were so complicated?

"Supreme Conquest. Weren't you listening the last time? Why do I even ask. Anyway, to destroy the sword, we need Sounga's Dragon Twister, Tenseiga's Dragon Strike and Tetsusaiga's Backlash Wave. So go there and do your job."

"Yeah, yeah whatever. I wasn't going to let that bastard brother of mine get the whole glory for killing Naraku anyway." He murmured standing next to Kagome, who rolled her eyes.

"Ok, we will do it on three." She whispered to them. Both Inu males nodded.



"Three! Now!" she screamed and all of them released the mentioned earlier attacks. There was a huge explosion and a lot of smoke. But when the gray curtain disappeared Naraku was standing in the same spot, without even one scratch on his body or the sword.

"What the hell? It was supposed to work!"

"Calm down Inuyasha. There was nothing wrong with your attacks." The half demon turned to see the 'older' version of his brother.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Your father." Inutashio replied simply, making his son jaw drop to the ground. Sesshomaru on the other hand did not even turned slightly to look at the man.

"So what was wrong?" Kagome asked, trying to ease the tension, knowing full well that now was not the time for family affairs. Inu Lord took a few steps and stopped in front of her.

"You are missing glue."


"Yes. Something that will stick those three attacks together, turning them into one."

"Okay and what that glue is?" The man blinked surprised.

"You don't know?"

"I wouldn't ask if I knew now would I?" she bit back impatiently.

"Indeed. Well then, what will defeat the darkness?"

"Excuse me?" the young miko half screamed.

"Just answer me." He replied calmly. Kagome sighed and thought about it for a moment.

"Light I suppose."

"Good. And what about fire?"







"Love." She replied automatically. Inutashio smiled at her.

"O-oh… you mean…" her cheeks took a lovely rosy color.

"You need to attack, yes, but they must be filled with love. You three must love each other."

"Then we might as well give up." Kagome said in a completely defeated tone, but seeing the confused expression on Inutashio's face she added.

"Even though I would have no problem with loving them, because I do, those two will never even feel compassion for each other."

"Well then, I see no problem. You must be their connection."

"Excuse me?" she blinked surprised. The dead Lord didn't answer. Instead, he grabbed her shoulders and moved her so she was standing with her back pressed against Sesshomarus' chest. Ignoring both death glares the pair was shooting at him, he grabbed his younger son and placed him on their left side.

"If I understood correctly, you said you love both of them, right?" even though he said it with serious face and tone, the young miko couldn't help but notice this gleam in man's eyes again. Not trusting her voice she only managed to nod weakly.

"Well then, you will be what keep them together."

'I already do that.' She thought tensing as she felt someone grabbing her left hand.

She looked down and saw two clawed hands wrapped around her smaller one.

"Glue." Inutashio said smiling and leaving them alone.

"Ridiculous." Sesshomaru spoke for the first time.

"I can't believe it but I completely agree with you on this one." Inuyasha murmured.

"We can do it." She said softly and brought their intertwined hands to her chest and squeezed them reassuringly.

"I suppose I could try." The half demon said, surprisingly calm.

"Hn." Sesshomaru said putting Sounga in front of Kagome, crossing their blades. Inuyasha followed suit, squeezing their hands even more. The Daiyoukai, instead of doing the same, brought Kagome closer to her body, hugging her with one arm. The girl blushed and Inuyasha snickered.

"Let's do it." The Inu Lord whispered in her ear. She swallowed and nodded.



Without even swinging their connected swords the three attacks were unleashed swirling around one another, melting into each other, turning into blinding gold twister of energy.

Naraku watched, his hand with the sword high above his head, the attack almost ready to go. He sighed and let out disdaintful smile.

"So that's how it is huh?" were the last words he said, before he was ripped to pieces and separated from the jewel.

When the smoke cleared for the second time in a few minutes all that was left to see was the sword lying on the ground, next to the pink crystal ball.

There was a moment of silence, before the loud and happy cheering filled the clearing. Kagome released their hands, hugging Inuyasha and kissing him in the forehead and cheeks a couple of times, too happy and too excited to even care if it was all right. When her friend was swept away by his mate, the young miko hugged the nearest body, which happened to be the Lord of the Western Lands. Sesshomaru didn't even have time to register what exactly was happening before a pair of soft lips was kissing him on the cheeks and forehead, cheering happily about everything and nothing at the same time. Feeling, for the first time in his live uncomfortable, he put his one arm, which was still holding the sword around her waist and the other one around her shoulder to push her away. Unfortunately, when his head turned to her, to tell the girl to stop this nonsense his lips were sealed with the same pair of the ones who were invading his face for a while now.

Funny thing, how something deep inside his chest stirred when her lips moved slightly, making his own move a little. Instead of pushing her away, the arm around her waist tighten its hold, bringing her closer and the one on her neck, with a few moves tilted her head for a better access.

Kagome wasn't quite sure what was going on, because of her closed eyes. She was afraid to open them, because she truly felt good. Even when something wet, brushed against her lips, she parted them willingly allowing the unknown object to enter her 

mouth. The young miko felt how her inner beast purred in delight. Though it wasn't the only purr she heard; and that brought her back to her senses. Her eyes cracked open a little, and the one thing she managed to saw were the silver hairs and the fragment of something in color of magenta. She quickly moved away a little, which wasn't an easy task, because of the hand curled in her raven locks.

Kagome watched mesmerized as Sesshomaru opened his eyes slowly, almost lazily, revealing the eyes she could drown in. Though there was this something in them, she couldn't exactly pin point what, but it made them look all the more beautiful.

"U-um…" she tried to say something to break that uneasy atmosphere. Sesshomaru on the other hand find it strangely amusing.

"Hn?" he questioned, quirking an eyebrow.

"We finally did it huh?" she said happy but nervously at the same time.

"Indeed." The Daiyoukai replied smirking mischievously which made Kagome all that nervous.

Not far away from them Inuyasha smirked at the scene that ended when his 'sister' step away from his half-brother and went to retrieve the sword.

'One day Sesshomaru. One day you will called her name.' he chuckled.

"Something wrong?" Kikyo asked.

"Nah, everything's fine."


The Daiyoukai stood still, watching how Kagome was looking around on the ground.

"That Young Lady is something special hm?" his father asked, standing next to him.

"Hn." Inutashio smiled. No matter how much his son would deny it to him or anybody, including himself, it was clearly visible, that the bond between him and this raven haired girl was already formed.

"What are you doing here?" Sesshomaru asked looking at the older male.

"Ah, your friend here explained to me what was going on so I decided to drop by."

"You bit Miko."

"Hm… yes, it was necessary for her to wield the Sounga. By the way, what is her name? She never introduce to me properly." Sesshomaru narrowed his eyebrows.

"If you wish to know, ask Miko herself. This Sesshomaru will not fall for such a cheap trick." Inutashio sighed. He knew it won't be so easy.

"I heard you became Daiyoukai."


"Well then, I have a small gift for you. Actually that is the true reason I came back here today." He said standing in front of his son and brushing his hairs from his shoulder.

"I told you, you should put them in ponytail." He murmured before diving down and biting his son skin. Sesshomarus' eyes widened and subconsciously he looked at Kagome who only smiled at him softly. His father looked back at him after a moment.

"Happy Birthday Sesshomaru." Inutashio said and hugged his son.

"Um, excuse me for interruption…" Kagome trailed off.

"Ah, young lady. Excuse me for asking but what is your name?"

"Oh, it's Kagome. Higurashi Kagome." The older male took her hand and kissed it softly.

"That's good to know. Do you need something?"

"Ah, yes. Here." She said handing the stolen sword back to Sesshomaru. He took it and looked at her.

"Is there anything else?" Kagome looked at him unsure, which made his playful side came out again.

"Well, you see, I was wondering if you could keep it?" she said opening her palm to reveal the pink crystal ball, now completed. Inutashio looked at his son face and blinked.

'Since when did he smirk like that. Hm, this Kagome lady really is special, huh? I do hope he know what will happen if he accepts this gift.' With that in mind he backed away a little to give them more privacy.

Sesshomaru stretched his hand and place it on the smaller one, pulling it along with the body to him.

"If that is what you wish then this Sesshomaru will gladly accept it." He whispered in her ear, smirking at her, once more rosy cheeks. Withdrawing his hand and his face, he kissed her on the cheek and was about to turn to leave when she screamed loudly.

"What is it Kagome?" Sango and Inuyasha asked at the same time.

"I forgot! I completely forgot!"

"Forgot what?" the half demon asked, his ears moving from too high voice.

"I have a math test tomorrow! I need to go back to study!" And with that she dashed from the clearing, using her demonic speed.

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