Me in the mirror

This happened in the middle of summer.

Billy returned from London to Everington. He met his former teacher Mrs Wilkinson and his dear family.

He decided then, it was time to visit Michael, his best friend. He run street down to meet him and knocked his door.

Michael greeted him in his sister's clothes. "Come in" he said softly.

Michael's parents were out. The house was left alone and there were no adults to watch them.

Billy and Michael played.

They wore all their parents' clothes. It made Billy feel quite awkward to use girl's clothes, so it was Michael who chose a frilly skirt for him to wear.

"It suits you" said Michael.

Billy soon forgot about it and then they started to talk about life in London, and life in Everington as well.

"This year has been so boring without you" said Michael while touching his lips.

"Some students found out you were a dancer and wanted to make fun of you" Billy's face went white "Don't worry, I told them to shut up"


"Yeah! I'm your best friend, remember?. Now stay still"

Billy stood in front of the mirror. He was wearing a skirt, and had lipstick on his lips. He looked down to his feet.

"Oh, you're right!. The shoes!." Michael left the room and went back carrying with him her mother's shoes. "Try this"

Billy looked absolutely feminine. It didn't feel right at all.

"How is London?" asked Michael

"It's big …"

Michael leaned on his seat to kiss Billy. And then he smiled.

A smile full of love.

An innocent kind of love. As it is childhood.

Billy couldn't express it with words. He was a more physical type of person. He expressed all with his body. Indeed, he was born to dance.

So he danced.

And Michael could do nothing but watch, amazed by the beauty of the dance and the dancer itself.

Billy's favourite dance was tap.

Classic was good but no one could ever beat him when he danced tap.

He felt like Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire.

So powerful, so full of emotion, so… free.

Billy stopped dancing and took a long breath.

"I do not like guys, you see"

"I like only you"

Michael smiled. And Billy returned that smile.

And they spent all the afternoon together. And all the days left before Billy returned to London. And then, they did nothing but wait silently to see each other again.

See, that's the wonderful thing about childhood, not worrying about the future. And love without thinking what everybody else would say only wondering how that love will grow and blossom.

Notes: I have been learning English for many years, but I commit a lot of mistakes. I like writing and this is a good way of practising, also. Please, do tell if there's anything wrong with the grammar. Billy Elliot is one of my favourite films because children are introduced into an adult's world. That kiss Billy gave Michael before going to London made me dream about this pairing and so, I decided to write a short fic about them.