Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Edward leaned towards Bella, his crooked smile lighting up his eyes. Bella's heart raced as he came closer, their lips meeting. Bella's blood pressure shot through the roof and Edward chuckled, pulling away.

"Edward," Bella breathed, "Please, I want to be a vampire." Almost immediately, Edward's smile disappeared, and his gold eyes became a shade darker.

"Bella, we've already discussed this." Bella held onto Edward's icy hands, staring at his slender, cool fingers.

"A week earlier won't matter…please." Bella put on her best sad eyes and then she saw Edward soften up slightly.

"Not before the wedding." Edward nodded as this was his final decision.

Bella suddenly felt her anger flare. Edward was always being overprotective and because he was a vampire, he made nearly all of Bella's decisions. Edward was opposed to changing Bella into a vampire even though it was the only thing they both wanted more than anything. Bella felt her skin temperature rise, thinking that Edward just wanted to stall Bella's change. All he cared about was her staying human, and trying everything as a human before he took her life away. Prom was definitely one that Edward forced on Bella, but marriage was ten times worse. Being married at such a young age wouldn't help telling her friends any easier, and when telling her father, he almost had a heart attack. Renee Dwyer's cheerful mood turned into a frenzy fit.

Did it seriously matter to Edward that she had to be married with a pulse, soft skin and cheeks that turned into tomatoes instantly when she was embarrassed? Didn't Edward say he loved her for herself and that was what he would be keeping, so did it really matter whether she was a vampire before or after the marriage? As Bella thought about this, Edward knew from Bella's facial expressions and her angry eyes that something bad was about to come up.

"I won't marry you until I am." Bella looked up and Edward looked furious,

"God, Bella! Why can't you stick to the plan for once? Is that so hard?" Bella cringed away from him. Edward knew this was what Bella wanted more than anything, so why wouldn't he just let go and do this Bella's way? His beautiful chiseled cheeks were as cool as snow. Finally Bella angrily stood up, her cheeks feeling warm with fury,

"Edward, we've talked about this so many times before, and you know that I want this. After all the times we've talked about this, you're still trying to force something that I don't agree with on me. This is supposed to be a mutual decision not just your decision. If you want to get married this soon, I want something in return."

"Remember what I said, before!" Edward's lips curled halfway into a smile, joking, obviously trying to lighten Bella's mood and for the sake of getting into a big argument.

"I can easily lift you towards the end of the aisle, that is, if you need assistance." Bella's neck turned hot, wishing she wasn't so clumsy, and stormed out of Edward's room slamming the door loudly. Bella let out her breath in a big sigh, obviously disappointed.

'He's not even taking this seriously.'


Edward was already knocking on the bathroom door the second Bella locked it, "What, Edward?" Bella asked, irritated.

"Bella," Edward sighed, "I'm sorry."

Bella ran some cold water into her hands and splashed some onto her face, mixing the water and tears. She looked up, her makeup smudged into streaks running down her cheeks. Sniffing, she turned off the faucet and wiped her face into the hand towel.

"Bella? Honey?" Edward began to sound worried.

Bella wiped her eyes again, "What? Are you worried that I'm going to drown in the toilet?" She yelled harshly. The other side of the door was silent. "Who knows... I just might!" Secretly, Bella wished Edward would talk back and she could crawl back into his solid arms, happy. After another painfully long silence, Bella yanked the door open, finding Alice, Jasper and Edward near the door.

Edward was squeezing Alice's arm and she shook her head frantically. A fast, silent message came into Edward's mind and he let go of Alice, turning around. Jasper stared at Bella, his brows furrowed around his dark, black eyes.

Alice and Jasper seemed to speed away in two steps and Edward was by Bella's side instantly, "I'm sorry, love."

Bella dared herself to not look into his eyes, knowing she would have to forgive him. Bella inhaled Edward's sweet, chilly breath, "I have to go."

Edward nodded and silently swept up Bella, gliding down the curved staircase. Downstairs, Edward opened the red truck's door and seated Bella inside. Bella looked straight ahead, "Bye." Edward brushed Bella's hand, but she quickly moved her hand to the steering wheel, starting the engine.

The enormous truck roared to life, and Bella pulled out of the woods, doing her best not to look back. Finally, at the end of the long driveway, Bella set the gear to drive, and stepped onto the gas pedal.

Bella didn't realize how late it was, and she knew Charlie would not be happy. Of course, as soon as Bella parked her truck, Charlie ran out, "Where were you, Bella?"

Bella shrugged, "I'm sorry Charlie, Alice and I got a little carried away with the wedd-"

Charlie didnt' hear Bella, "Well call next time. Oh, and Jake called." Charlie looked at Bella expectantly. Bella narrowed her eyes at her dad, "It's not going to happen. Jake and I are the past, Dad."

Charlie rolled his eyes and murmured, "It's never too late."

Bella slapped her dad's arm, "Dad! How can you say that when I'm getting married in one week?" Bella's lips began to tremble and her eyes filled quickly, "You can't keep pretending it's not happening, Dad. It is!" Bella blinked rapidly, trying to disperse the tears anywhere but her cheeks.

Charlie shook his head, "I know, dear. It's just... you're so young. How do you know if Edward's the right one?"

"Oh is this what this i about? That I'm not smart enough to know who I love?" Bella yelled, "I love him, Dad!"

Charlie stared at Bella, his face sinking with disappointment, "I'm sorry... but can't this wait a year or... five?"

Bella scoffed and trudged up to the front door, "It's happening in one week and that's final!" Charlie's shoulders hunched up and he stared at the ground sadly.

I tried, thought Charlie, poor Jake.