Summary: A human who studies supernatural creatures drops into Halloween Town

Summary: A human who studies supernatural creatures drops into Halloween Town. For her, it's a dream come true; for Halloween Town, it's a living nightmare. But the scientist is lucky, because she's caught the eye of a man called the Pumpkin King; however, an old foe with an army of insects is about to wreak havoc on the poor newly psychokinetic woman, and it's not certain if her king can save her…

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Prologue: Human Named Shadow

Shadow Johnson climbed onto her motorcycle. She sighed as she revved the motor and took off down the street. Why was her work always discredited and why was she put off as a mad woman?

It made her blood boil. She felt just awful. She didn't see why she had to be booted from the nature project just because she was interested in creatures like vampires and werewolves and banshees.

She stopped by the old graveyard. Her friend Lini from a long time ago, who had died in a car accident, was buried there. She felt like a visit right now.

Shadow knelt next to Lini's grave. "Hey, Lini," she whispered. "It's me, Shadow. You gave me that nickname, remember? 'Cause I always hid in the corners of the room."

She shook her head. Why did she feel silly talking to Lini's gravestone? She did it a lot when she needed comfort.

Suddenly, an eerie wind blew past the grave. It made her hair fly and scattered red rose petals. Shadow looked down, and gasped.

There were rose petals on the grave. But that wasn't what shocked her. The petals were spelling out "GO TO THE HALLOWEEN TREE".

"Halloween Tree?" Shadow looked around. "I must be losing my mind."

She stood up. Clutching her notebook full of theories about supernatural creatures, she walked into the woods. If there was a "Halloween Tree", it would be in the graveyard forest.

"Hello?" she called into the trees. "Is anyone here? Am I going crazy?"

Three children appeared in front of her. One was a girl, the other two boys. The girl was dressed as a witch, one boy dressed as a devil, the other a skeleton. The girl smiled. "Who are you?"

"Um… I'm Shadow Johnson, and you three are?"

"Lock," the devil answered.

"Shock," the witch agreed.

"And Barrel," the skeleton finished.

"Well… I… do you three know anything about a Halloween Tree?"

"Conference!" Shock cried after a moment.

The three huddled up like a bunch of little football players. A few moments later, Shock stepped forward. "Alright, Miss Johnson, we'll show you the Halloween Tree, but don't tell no one else."

"You have my word," Shadow promised.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel led her to a tree with a grinning pumpkin on it. "This is it?" Shadow asked, hands on her hips. "This is the Halloween Tree?"

"Yep," Shock said. "Open up the pumpkin part and look inside and make a wish. On Halloween it'll come true."

Shadow opened it and looked inside. She couldn't see anything but darkness. "Hey, Shock, I don't see any—"

And suddenly, she felt a push; and she was falling down the tree. She screamed. Why didn't she just hit the bottom already?

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