Spring doesn't just arrive in Juban, it explodes. It's not just the warm breezes rolling off the ocean,
or the parks eruption into color, it's the attitude that makes the season. And spring was an attitude infection
that had spread instantaneously across the city as well as it's schools. Cheer was not as forced on people
as it might have been at that time, as the scenery of the cherry blossom trees in bloom was simply too breathtaking
for one to feel any anger or depression for a long period of time.

But of course, there's always an exception.

"Mommy, where's daddy?" The young girl asked. Her hand scrunching up the hem of her
red dress and a finger in her mouth as she looked up quizzically at her mother.

The young woman sighed and looked down on her daughter. "I'm sorry, Rei-chan.
But your father won't be watching the blossoms with us today."

"But why, mommy?"

She sighed and ran her hand through her daughter's hair, "Because your daddy is a busy man, sweetie."

Rei pouted, "Not fair. I want daddy here."

Her mother smiled comfortingly down on her daughter, "I know, Rei-chan. I know. Tell you what,
why don't you go see if your grandpa needs your help, ne?"

Rei nodded and ran through the shrine to find her grandfather.
It can never be said the amazement a young child has looking at throngs of adults gathered in one place.
Rei's eyes traversed through the crowd of people gathered to view the blossoms at the Hirikawa Shrine.
So many, she thought. So many people around her of all ages, An elderly couple here, a
younger one there, kids running around, some with their parents chasing after them.

It was enough to make her walk back to the shrine rather difficult.

The young girl sighed and leaned on a the trunk of a tree and kicked a dust cloud. She sniffled a
little as she looked at the children playing with their parents. The smiles on their faces
sending small jabs of pain through her heart, "Daddy..."

'Daddy' had been absent more and more lately, it seemed. When she did see him it was a quick
hi and bye, off to his job with barely another word to her or her mother.

"Don't you like mommy and me anymore daddy?""Of course I do", he always replied. And just like the rest he had turned and left home.

Rei frowned at the memory, "You're a liar daddy."

She sniffed again and rubbed her eyes, trying to push the painful memories away.
She sat up to make her way back to the temple again when something caught her eye.

The crowd had parted enough for her to make out a young boy, who looked to be her age,
run at top speed toward the temple. She saw him cut behind a corner and
peek out before running again. It was then that the crowd once again obscured her vision and she lost him.

However, from the direction he ran off too where he was going was obvious.
"You can't be here!"

The boy turned to her and glared. "Who says?"

Rei glared right back "Say's my grandpa!"

The boy looked around. "Don't see him here".

Rei crossed her arms, "Well, you still can't be here!"

To her consternation the boy sat down and upturned his head.

"What about you?"

Caught off guard by the question Rei replied, "What about me?"

"Are you 'posed to be here?"

"Yes I am! I live here!"

"Ehhh..." The boy stood up and approached Rei, "Then where can we play?"

"Play?" She blinked. He wanted to play? She never had a lot of friends come
by so the idea of playing once again caught her off guard.

The boy smiled as he stood up and grabbed her hands, "Sure! Let's play!"
This was easy. So many people around, and that made things so much easier.

She moved behind the crowd to the bushes and slowly tiptoed to one of the cherry trees.
As she got close enough to make a dash she felt a tap on her shoulder.


"Tag! You're it", her playmate shouted as he dashed off.

"Ooohhh! Come back here!" Rei shouted as her new playmate laughed and weaved through the
crowds of people. A smile was on her face as she chased the young boy.
So caught up in the game the earlier feelings of hurt were all but forgotten.
All that mattered now was finding that boy and make him 'it'.

She stopped for a moment as she lost him and concentrated. Concentrating always helped when
she wanted to find something, as where it was always seemed to pop in her head.


She raced to the rear of the temple, amazed at how far he was able to get through the crowd.

"You can't get away!"

She turned the corner to where he was at, and knew he was hidden around the stones that had
been placed there. She was about to run to the center of them to get a view of what was
behind them all when a voice behind her called.


Rei turned to find her mother and grandfather in tow with a young woman that
she had never seen before, "Mommy? Grandpa?"

"Uh oh", she heard behind her. As she had guessed, he was hiding behind one of the stones.
The girl, his sister she thought, rushed to him and picked him up.

"What did I say about you running off?!", she scolded, and he winced at her tone.

"Young man", he heard her grandfather say as he walked toward the girl and boy.
"A temple is no place for games and shenanigans. You could have been hurt or lost, and
you would have made your sister here sick with worry".

The young woman frowned at the eldest Hino, "He's my son."

The old man's eyes widened as he stammered. "I...I-I'm sorry. Please forgive my assumptions, but,
well...damn, and she's so pretty too, nice legs- Ow!"

"Father, stop talking!" Mrs. Hino retracted her fist from her father's head, and the eldest Hino
laughed sheepishly. Mrs. Hino bowed to the younger woman, "As my father said, Please forgive his assumptions."

The other girl sighed before shaking her head. She then bowed as well, her son still in her arms.
"No, it's me who's sorry, as I let my son get away." She put her son to the ground and put her hand on his head.

"Now apologize too."

The boy turned to his mother, a confused look in his eyes, "Why?"

"Because you weren't supposed to run off and cause trouble."

The boy scrunched his nose up before lazily mimicking his mother and bowed.

Mrs. Hino smiled down at the young boy, "It's quite alright, young man.
You kept my daughter company, that's apology enough."

With that the boy looked up to his mother with a face that screamed,
'There. You see?'

His mother lightly whapped his head, "Don't be so cocky, kid."

She turned once again to the shrine keeper and woman beside her and bowed.
"Thank you again for helping me with my son. We'll be on our way now".

With that she took her son's hand and began to walk off.

Rei moved forward, hands around her mouth, "Heyyyyy! Boy? What's your name?"

The boy stopped and turned around and looked at her. He then turned up to his mother who nodded toward the girl, indicating it was ok. He looked back at the girl and grinned.

"Yusuke. Urameshi Yusuke."

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