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Six Years Ago.....

It was snowing lightly that day, as a bitter cold wind blew outside the shrine.

Yusuke looked up to his mother a small frown on his face, "You seen Rei, ma?"

"Shh", his mother replied. "Rei's inside, Yusuke, but today's not a good day to be
fooling around. Do you understand?"

The child blinked at his mother in confusion, "Why not?"

"Because... because Rei's mother passed away."

Yusuke's lips parted, surprised. "That's why I haven't been able to see her."

Atsuko nodded and crouched down to look her son in the eyes, "So I need you to be on
your absolute best behavior today, ok? No screwing around, no pranks, no nothing.
Now's not the time."

Yusuke looked downward, as though the thought of such things pained him.

But for Rei...


Atsuko smiled, "That's my little man. Now come on, let's pay our respects to Hino-san, ok?"

Yusuke nodded in affirmation as he mother took his hand and led him inside.
The pair made their way into the shrine, Atsuko politely greeting people and
Yusuke standing silent. They made their way to the alter where Mrs. Hino's
picture stood. Atsuko then closed her hands in prayer, offering up a silent
prayer to the elder woman who had approached her many years ago.

Yusuke mimicked his mother and prayed also. The only difference between
the two was that Yusuke kept glancing over to Rei. Rei was not paying
attention to anything, lost in her own world as tears continued to fall from her eyes.
Yusuke looked back and forth between his mother and Rei before nodding to
himself and walking over to the young girl.

Coming up behind her, he put a hand on her shoulder, "Hey."

Rei didn't move an inch, not hearing him even though he had been touching her.

For a moment Yusuke considered jerking her to get her attention, but with all
the people around and with what his mother said earlier thought better
about it for once, "Rei...?", he ventured again.

The young girl finally stirred, turning towards Yusuke. Her eyes were red and
puffy as she wiped away her tears as best she could, "Oh... h..hi Yusuke."

"Hey", was all Yusuke could say. Rei turned away from him again to look forward.
He continued to look at her, a pang in his chest at seeing how different she was now
from the fiery but fun girl he was used to seeing.

"Uh... I'm sorry 'bout your mom, Rei." He murmured. He looked at her again, "Are you OK?"

Rei only answered with the shake of her head and a sob as she continued to look forward.

Yusuke scratched the back of his neck uncomfortably, "Ok... ummm... how
'bout your dad? Is he OK?"

*That* got a response. "I don't know! He's not here!", she hissed.

Yusuke blinked before putting another hand on her shoulder,
"Well, that's OK... my dad's not here either."

Rei's eyes widened at that before turning somber once more. "Sorry."

Yusuke shrugged, "'S Ok. I'm used to it."

Rei nodded at that not sure what to say.

Yusuke continued to watch her in silence for a few minutes, unsure now of what to
do or say, long having run out of ideas.

Rei herself was a mess. She knew Yusuke was still there and trying to help but all she
could concentrate on was that she was never going to see her mommy again. She was
alone now.


Tears started to fall once more as the emptiness hit her anew. As she was going to
stifle a sob she gasped in surprise as she felt a hand take hers.

Yusuke smiled at her, "At least... you got me, right?"

Rei stared at him, her tear strained face surprised at his response. For the first time in
awhile she smiled and nodded.

Grandfather Hino continued to watch the group of people before him. His concern for Rei
lifted as he watched Yusuke stand by her, holding her hand. The fact that Rei had smiled,
even for a little bit, relieved him a bit, knowing now that she would be ok.

Ghostface211 presents. . . .

A Sailor Moon- Yu Yu Hakusho Crossover

Baby's Got A Crazy Ghost

What has happened?

An ordinary day like any other until a young
girl, Usagi Tsukino, found and rescued a cat
with a strange crescent moon mark on the animal's
forehead. She then witnessed something no one,
not even those in charge of Heaven and Hell could
have ever expected.

Yusuke Urameshi dying to save a child.

Chapter 2: Requiem for a delinquent

Yusuke opened his eyes slowly. He felt disorientated and the
slightest movements just made it worse. "What the hell's goin on?"
The first thing he noticed was that he was floating in the air, and
he jerked in response, "How the bloody fuck am I floating?

"Oh my god! What happened here?"

"Some kid got run over by a car!"

"My... my god I... I never even saw him!"


"That poor boy..."

Yusuke frowned, "Hey, I'm right here y'know. I'm fine."
He then looked to the ground to find..."What the hell?!?
Is that me on the ground?!?"

"Clear the way! Give us room please!"

Yusuke turned to find a pair of paramedics rushing up to
his 'body' and the young crying child he had saved, "The kid's
fine. Just some scratches" ,Paramedic A said, "How's the older kid?"

Paramedic B turned to A and shook his head in the negative.
A sighed, "Well, let's take the little kid in, just to be safe."

Yusuke frowned, "I'm right here guy. I'm fine."

The nameless paramedics apparently didn't hear him,
as they picked up the lifeless body on a gurney and
carried it off to the ambulance. Watching this, something
in Yusuke snapped.

"LISTEN TA ME, YA FUCKTARD!!" Yusuke shouted as he
fired a powerful right hand at Paramedic A. Normally,
such an attack would knock a person out for three days.

So one could understand Yusuke's surprise as
his fist went through A's head, and the resulting
momentum of the attack sent Yusuke to floating
upside-down, blinking in confusion as the ambulance
drove away.

Man, he thought as he watched the ambulance take off
with his body, This is freakin' nuts! What happened to me?

He frowned as he remembered his day to this point. Being
woke up by Rei and forced to go to school. Getting harassed
by that asshat Iwamoto and cutting class after getting away
from old man Takenaka. Getting chewed out by ma and
kicking Kuwabara's ass. And then...

Then he met that kid and...

"Oh... right... I got run over by that car." Yusuke stated in a subdued
tone as realization began to seep in. He looked down upon the scene of
his death and frowned, "Then... I died. So... so... what am I? A ghost?"

"Bingo! You figured it out a lot sooner that I would have thought!"

Yusuke frowned as a girl wearing a kimono right beside him, also
floating in the air appeared. Her long blue hair was tied into a ponytail,
and she was sitting on an oar. She smiled sunnily down upon Yusuke,
"Y'now most people don't get the idea after accidents like this."

Yusuke frowned at the girl, "Who... or what in the blue hell... are you?"

If anything, the girl's smile grew even brighter, "Name's Botan. Sweet
and sassy guide to the River Styx. Girl of a million names, but they all
mean death so it's kinda pointless. Nice ta meet'cha!"

Yusuke starred at Botan as if she was the oddest thing he had ever seen in his
life, "Oy, fruit bat... whadda mean 'nice ta meet'cha'?"

Botan frowned, "What's with that look?"

Yusuke frowned and crossed his arms, "Oh gee, I dunno... maybe it's cause I'm dead
and the grim reaper's more perky than tits on a cheerleader? I mean, death
goin' 'bingo'? Gimmie my break."

"Heh, well you're just as the grade book said you'd be," Botan cheerfully replied.
She then pulled out said grade book from her kimono and began flipping through
the book, finding Yusuke's information.

"Now let's seee..... Yusuke Urameshi, fourteen years old. Mostly lewd, crude, and violent,
has little to no patience, highly reckless, loves the five finger discount, and a stupid

A vein popped on Yusuke's forehead.

"Loves to fight, extorts money, smokes, drinks, gambles, swears like a sailor, and
has a V.I.P. seat in the principal's office... my goodness, how did you manage to get that
boot so far up that poor boy's..."

"CAN WE FUCKIN' MOVE ON HERE?!?" Yusuke shouted at the grim reaper, knocking
the girl off balance. Yusuke growled in annoyance as the girl laughed nervously.
Turning his back to Botan, the punk slowly regained his composure, "Yo, fruit bat-"

"It's Botan." Botan interrupted.

"Whatever," Yusuke waved her off. "....what happened to the kid I saved? He ok?"

Botan blinked before smiling, "He's fine. Just got some scratches on him."

"'S that so?" Yusuke scratched his chin as a soft smile came across his face.
He turned to Botan, "Then I'm fine too. Got no regrets. I'm ready to go to
heaven or hell or whatever it is I'm supposed ta be goin'."

Botan giggled and Yusuke frowned. "The hell's so funny?"

"What's funny is here you are all ready to cross over and I'm here to
see if you want to come back to life."

Yusuke blinked in confusion, "Wait... why am I allowed to come back to life?"

"Well... it's like this. Your death was so unexpected that there's no room for
you in either heaven or hell. I mean not even Buddha could have foreseen that
YOU would risk your life to save a child."

"No place for me? So... I wasn't supposed to die saving that kid?"

Botan frowned as she thumbed through her grade book, "Wellllll... I wasn't going to tell
you this since it would only piss you off..."

The punk grimaced, "Buuut?"

"But the kid was supposed to get run over and survive without a scratch!"


Botan nodded, "The ball was supposed to act as a cushion. So... in a nutshell,
your death was totally pointless!"

Yusuke grimaced as Botan continued, "Yeah instead of no one getting hurt, the kid gets a few
scratches and you die! Good job, stupid!"

The punk recovered quickly and rounded on prepared to put the reaper flat on her bottom,
when she giggled and put her hands up in a warding gesture. "Calm down, calm down! If
you agree to take this test, your death won't be permanent."

Yusuke looked at Botan dubiously and she shrugged, "Hey, I'm just as new to this as you are.
It only happens once a century or so. I mean, you won't rest in peace in your current state.
And really, what do you have to lose by taking it?"

Yusuke turned away from Botan, and was silent for a good deal of time before he shrugged and
put his hands behind his head, "Nah, I'll pass."

Botan blinked, "Hah?"

He shrugged, "Don't see nothin' wrong with being a ghost. 'S not like I'd do anything worthwhile if
I came back anyway," He turned around to face Botan and smirked at the reaper, "No one'd miss
me. They'd only curse god if I came back. Fuck, my ma's twenty-nine. With me gone, she MIGHT
actually find a decent guy."

Botan sighed and shook her head, "Just fourteen... and you're so fatalistic. Well, It's not like you have to decide
right away."

Yusuke frowned, "But I just said no."

Botan shrugged as her oar began to float upward, "Why don't you think about it while you attend your own wake.
You can give me your answer afterwards."

Yusuke's frown deepened as Botan floated back to the heavens, "DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME?!? I
" He shouted at her disappearing form. When it was obvious
she wasn't coming back, he snorted and floated away.

"Even when I'm dead, no one listens ta me," He grumbled.

Some days it just isn't worth getting out of bed.

"Stupid Yusuke...," Rei grumbled as she walked up to Yusuke's home. Once again,
the childhood friend that she had seemed to be burdened with making sure that he got
to school whenever she could. I even waited an hour for him to get up by himself, she
thought in disgust. And after the wake up call she had to give him yesterday... she let
off a low growl at his quick hands. Stupid pervert.

"Stupid boy... stupid school," she grumbled as she continued onward. It didn't help matters
that her little 'fan club' was beginning to once again get out of control. She couldn't tell what
was worse, being feared and ostracized for her own abilities or worshiped and revered for her
aloof detachment to the other girls. Add onto a new girl who looked like she was about
to become yet 'another' fanatic...

Rei's eyes lowered and closed as she tried to shake off the oncoming headache. Why do I even bother
getting out of bed?

Such thoughts were squelched as she finally arrived at the Urameshi residence. She knocked on the door.
No answer. She frowned as she rummaged for the keys Auntie Atsuko had given her. Gonna be another
day like yesterday, she thought. Opening the door, she was rather surprised to find a feeling of dread
creeping up her spine.

The scene before her didn't help her emotional stat any better. It was quiet. So quiet it was defining to the young miko.
While Auntie Atsuko wasn't exactly a morning person, there would still be some form of life going on in the house even
at this point in the day. The T.V. being on, a light peeking through the living area, something. But no light coming
into the small housing area save what was getting in through the windows and behind her.

"Hello? Anyone up?," She asked as she entered the home. She was answered by sounds of sobbing coming from the
living room that doubled as a bedroom in the small living area. She opened the door to find Atsuko sitting with
her knees hugged to her face. She was rocking herself slightly as Rei approached her. "Auntie Atsuko, what's
wrong? What happened?"

Atsuko turned to look at the girl, and Rei was taken aback by the look in the older woman's eyes. They were wide, yet
empty. No spark of life to be found in the single mother's glaze. Rei had never seen the woman like that and quite
honestly... it scared her. Her stomach was doing flip-flops and her heart was threatening to pound out of her chest.
Something big had happened.

Something big... and bad.

"Auntie," Rei began and wishing that she could keep the worry out of her voice. "C'mon Auntie, answer me!"

"Yusuke..." she let off mournfully, worrying the young miko even more.

"What about him, Auntie," she asked as she put her hands on the older woman's shoulders trying to garner
her attention. "What did he do now?"

The older woman continued sobbing, ignoring Rei's question, "Why... why'd you have... to go and die like that?"

Rei's eyes widened as she replayed Atsuko's reply in her head. Swallowing, she ventured, "What.... what did you say?"
Atsuko didn't answer as she wailed and broke down into incoherent sobs. Rei stood up, dazed as she processed the
information given her.

No... Yusuke can't... he can't be dead..., she thought as she slowly backed out of the house.

-Go th' hell 'way Rei, I don't wanna go to school...-

She neared the door, "You're kidding..."

-It's times like this when I wish you would just drop dead!-


- I wish you would just drop dead!-

"But I...."

-Drop dead!-

"I didn't mean..."

-Drop Dead!-

Rei was once again unaware of the tears that streamed down her face as she fell to her knees in shock.

This.... this wasn't real.

There was no way it could be.

But if it was, what could she do?


It was raining that day, a steady pour that soaked the ground as if the heavens
themselves were weeping for yet another lost soul being put to eternal rest.

Well... actually, no it wasn't. It was quite a sunny day for a funeral. Bright blue sky, a cool 50
degrees farinhight, and nary a cloud in the sky. Like the heavens themselves where blessing this
day that would be the final time Yusuke Urameshi would be atop this earthly surface
ever again.

Figures, frowned the dearly departed sprit who was floating towards the
Hikawa Shrine to attend his own wake. Yusuke grumbled as he remembered
the ditzy 'grim reaper's' offer the previous day, and even though he was here
he doubted that attending his own funeral would change his mind
about returning to life. Hell, he still couldn't figure out why he had even come.
Was it to say goodbye? To tell Botan that he was right? Or was it just to
kill time before he crossed over?

Either way, Yusuke thought, This is gonna suck.

He paused as he found himself looking at the familiar Tori of the Hikawa
Shrine, his thought trailing at the last time he had come here for a funeral.
When Rei's mom had died. He frowned as the memories of that day
replayed in his head, and of a question he had asked Rei on that cold day.

-At least... you got me, right?-

But she didn't anymore, did she?

Yusuke shoved his hands in his pockets angrily, "Che, thought yer life was supposed
to go into reruns after ya croke." He mumbled. He then began to float up towards the
shrine, "Might as well get this over with."

The funeral itself was rather nice, Yusuke thought. At least the parts
that he was paying attention to. Quite frankly, he was more distracted at
some of the various 'grievers' that had gathered at the funeral. If they
weren't glancing at their watches, they were making idle small talk
or grinning at one another at the thought that he was gone from
Juuban-cho forever.

The wake was proving to be even worse. Hell, it was two steps away from being
a full blown party as far as the punk was concerned. He was currently
outside, watching several students leave the grounds. Many of whom
who could barely contain their giddiness at the punk's passing.

"Thank god, that bastard's gone!"

"Heck yea, the demon's dead!"

"No more name dropping fees!"

God, I hate people, Yusuke thought irritably. His hands clinched into fists
at some of the student's comments, "Fuckin' asshats. Why do I always haveta be
right about this kind of shit?!?"

He snorted to himself. Not like these assclowns matter anyways, he thought, floating around
a bit. Where's Rei at anyways?

He floated back to the (need to know what this area is called!!) and found his mother staring blankly
at the wall, holding a picture of him grimacing at the camera, and Rei being comforted
by two girls that looked slightly familiar to him. He blinked as a conversation
he had with Rei a few day ago came to his mind.

Oh, so those're Rei's fan girls? He shrugged as he came closer to the girls.

"Rei-sama," Chiharu started and Yusuke gagged at the honorific.
Unaware, Chiharu brightly smiled. "Rei-sama is finally free!"

Sora nodded, her grin splitting nearly ear to ear. She was facing away from her idol, fortunately.
"I never thought I'd live to see this day! Rei-sama will never be sullied by that... demon ever, ever,
ever again!!"

"I'm just amazed that she's acting like this. You'd think that she actually
cared about that waste of space", said Anko. "It only shows that he did have some
power over her. Now that she can let it go and forget about him."

Yusuke gave Anko a deadpan look. Well, fuck you too bitch.

Anzu turned to Anko, surprise etched unto her face, "Excuse me, but the guy just died.
Can't you all show a little respect?"

Anko glared back at her. "You don't know. You don't what that creep has done to her.
This is a joyous time. He's not deserving of respect from anyone."

Sora simply sighed and shrugged her shoulders, "What does she know, she's new. She hasn't
been exposed to the horrors of Urameshi. You don't know how lucky you are"

Anzu blinked, "Whatever. It doesn't change the fact that he's dead and you're celebrating
like he was the anti-Christ."

Yusuke snorted and glanced at Anzu, Huh, at least one of these girls ain't a total stupid bitch.

Chiharu turned to Anzu, her smile was becoming radiant, and her eyes shining in a almost
worship-like way, "Ah, the naiveté of youth. Of course he was the anti-Christ! And Rei-sama,
goddess that she truly is, was the only thing that could deal with him. Now with him gone,
her radiance will began to truly show!."

Yusuke turned and looked warily at Chiharu, Oooookay, that bitch is crazy.

Anzu turned to glance at Rei and frowned, "It doesn't look like she's radiant to me.
She looks like she's grieving."

Anko shrugged nonchalantly, "It'll pass. And then she will rightfully forget about him."

Chiharu nodded in agreement, "She's probably more relived to be free of her duty than grieving."

Sora gave a knowing grin, "That has to be it. All those years of pent up frustration and hate are
finally being let out."

Anzu rolled her eyes at that, "Whatever you say. "I'm going to go talk to her. She's been
sitting there since the service ended." With that, Anzu walked away from the girls to Rei.
Noticing her hunched over, head on her knees, cradling her arms in her legs.
She frowned as she heard the young miko sobbing softly, "Um.... Rei-sama?"

Yusuke floated behind her, eyeing his childhood friend as she stared at the
wall with worry. Floating in front of her, he was taken aback at how lifeless her
eyes were.

I'm in the same spot, Rei thought, her mind bringing back memories she no longer wanted to see.
Her mind drifted back once more to her mother's funeral. Her giving her mother a final farewell.
To her father and how he didn't even have the decency to come to his own wife's wake.
And... to Yusuke. Stupid.... sweet Yusuke.

Their morning scuffle came to rushing back to her.

I...I...can't believe he's gone.

-It's times like this I wish you would drop dead!-

The tears began falling in earnest now, as Rei once again realized her angry words earlier.

"I... I'm sorry... Yusu...ke," she managed to get off in a choked whisper before sobbing deeply.
She cradled her face in her hands, "I... I didn't mean..."

Yusuke's face softened as he looked down upon his childhood friend,
"Stupid... like you could kill me with some stupid words."

Watching her as she was Yusuke couldn't help but think of a time long ago when Rei
had been like this. That time, however, he had been able to give a little bit of comfort.


"C'mon man! Stop and think about what you're doin'!"


Yusuke blinked, "What the hell?" He scanned the crowd to find Kuwabara being held back
unsuccessfully by his friends. He was bandaged up from his final scuffle with Urameshi
and was breathing heavily.


"Dang it Kuwabara, we're at a wake!", Himura Okubo, a slightly pudgy friend of
Kuwabara, cried out as he tried to keep the young fighter at bay and under control.

"As if he could hear ya' ya' idiot!!" Yoshi Sakamoto, a boy with sandy brown hair and
another of Kuwabara's friends


Weather it was out of embarrassment for Kuwabara's irrational outbursts
or Kuwabara was to distracted to put more effort into staying around to
see if Yusuke's corpse would respond to his challenge, Okubo and
Sakamoto where able to finally get their leader out of the shrine
and back towards his home, muttering quick apologies all the while.

Yusuke stared at the spectacle before chuckling to himself, "Man, someone's got a few
screws loose."

"What was that?"

Yusuke glowered and turned behind him to find two of his least favorite people in his life.

Iwamoto and Akashi... those asshats.

Akashi, a smarmy-looking man with buckteeth, simply snorted as he glanced at the departing
forms of the boys. "A street gang that used to hang out with Urameshi. Nothing but hoodlums."

Iwamoto gave a disgusted look, "In other words.... scum."

Akashi nodded, "Pure scum indeed, Iwamoto-san."

"Well, at least in Urameshi's case, he died doing a good deed." Iwamoto smirked at Akashi,
"Should improve our school's standing reputation. A double win for all."

Yusuke snorted, "Like I died to score brownie points with you, asshole."

Akashi nodded in agreement, "Although if you ask me, he probably chased that kid out into the street.

His fellow teacher chucked at that, "Wouldn't surprise me."

His chuckling stopped as Iwamoto felt a hand on his shoulder, and he and Akashi
where suddenly spinned around to find themselves face to face with Takenaka-sensei.
Iwamoto was slightly taken back by the dark look the older man was shooting at him.

"Between what those boys did and what you two have said... which of you is
truly lacking in respect, Iwamoto-sensei?"

Yusuke blinked as the elder teach turned his back on the disrespectful duo. Old man Takenaka...

Following the elder teacher back into the shrine, he watched as Takenaka first paid his respects
to his mother before kneeling at his picture. He sat there for a long while, looking as if he was in
deep thought.

"I have to admit, Yusuke..." he finally began, " I was surprised when I heard YOU, of all people, saved
that boy."

Yusuke snorted, You're not the only one old man.

"I'm sorry..."

Yusuke blinked. What did he have to apologize for?

"I'm sorry Yusuke.... but even now I..." he stopped suddenly, as if struggling to once again find
his voice, and Yusuke was surprised once more to find tears rolling down the man's face.
"I....can't bring myself to praise you for it."

At this, his mother, who had been catatonic throughout the event, curled up unto herself and cried.
Yusuke watched as his mother moaned pathetically, a sickening feeling creeping over him.

What the hell is this? Some sick kind of joke? Is this... is this real? Ma and Rei are a mess,
Takenaka's crying for me, Kuwabara actin' like he just fell off the short bus... Did... did I actually mean something to them?

He floated away from the shrine, frowning in thought. He couldn't watch anymore.

It was too... morbid.

Too much like a funeral

Because.....because it is a funeral.

This ain't fair.

This was the only thought that circulated through Yusuke's mind as he looked
down at the illuminated shrine. I'm gone. I'm good and dead and those...
those jerks have ta get all misty eyed and miss me now? Ain't me being dead
supposed ta be a good thing? You're not supposed ta miss me! You're supposed
ta be glad I'm not around! You're not...you're not supposed ta care about me.

"You're not supposed ta make me miss you jerks..." he muttered under his breath.

He caught some figures approaching the shrine out of the corner of his eye and
his shoulders slumped at who it was. "Huh, Th' guest of th' hour..."

The kid he saved and his mom. He snorted to himself as he caught sight of the kid,
extra bandage and nary a clue at what was going on. His mother looked very remorseful,
at least. Dressed in an all black business suit.

He snorted to himself as he reasoned why they'd come, "Come to thank me? Pff, why bother?
I'm dead remember? What good's it do to thank a dead guy?"

Yusuke floated in that spot for a while, surprised to see the parent and child re-appear
in a short while. The child was still as clueless as to the situation he was in, but the
mother was looking even more remorseful than before.


The woman stopped walking and looked down at her child, "Yes, dear?"

The boy looked up at his mother quizzically, "Why was th' boy in that big ol' box?
Was he sleepin'?"

The mother forced a smile on her face, "Yes, sweetie. He was."

Yusuke rolled his eyes, Oh great, now we're lyin' to the kid. Best funeral ever.

"Then why's e'reryone so sad?"

"Because.... because he won't be waking up for a very long time."

The boy blinked, "Oh." His eyes widened as he came up with an idea, "Hey momma?
Can we come back when he wakes up? That way I c'n thank 'em when he wakes up!"

And there it was.

Yusuke recoiled a bit in surprise at the child's innocent remark. He didn't know weather to
laugh or cry at that. The poor kid didn't get it. He was to young to. He couldn't come back.
He was dead. He floated further away from the shrine as the mother hugged to boy and
murmured something out of earshot.

'This sucks so freakin' much,' he thought. 'Just when I was ready to let these people move on
with their lives, they have ta' pull this crap on me. Damnit...'

They had to mourn him.

They had to miss him.

They had to make him miss them too.

"I.... I don't wanna die yet..." he whispered to himself. "I don't' wanna leave 'em alone."
He then frowned to himself as he realized what he had to do.


The girl materialized behind the punk, smiling softly ,"Yes, what is it?"

She didn't have to look at the boy to know that his face was pensive and serious, "I've decided..."


He turned to face her, eyes shining with determination.

"I've decided to take that test."

The moon hung low and full overhead, partially obscured by wisps of silvery clouds.
The night was still; insects buzzed and the rustlings of a few nocturnal animals disturbed
the silence, but the noises of man were notably absent from the area.

Suddenly, the noises came to a sudden stop. As if the few animal sensed something in the
air that did not feel natural. A primordial fear to something more dangerous to oneself.

A portal silently opened up in the middle of the street, and a figure stepped out into the street.
The figure was humanoid, but that was all one could tell even with what little light there
was in the area. The portal vanished behind it, and the figure pulled something out that
looked to be a communication device.

"It's me. I've begun the operation."

*Excellent. Please complete it as soon as possible. We don't have much time.*

"I understand. I shall not fail."

*Be sure you don't. We expect great things out of you.*


The figure then began to walk away from the area, slowly disappearing from the area into
the shadows. As if it had never been there in the first place. His final words, however,
seemed to echo throughout the area despite being spoken under his breath.

"Glory... to the Dark Kingdom."

End Chapter 2


I just wanted to apologize for the excessive swearing
that I have Yusuke doing. I think he would be more
likely to be using this kind of language in a looser,
less censored environment like Fanfiction, and I'm
also kind of a more foul mouthed person, so I'm
kind of projecting myself more on some of
my main characters.

Also, I wanna apologize for the delay. Real
life distractions like work and getting a PS3
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Well anyways, next time Sailor Moon debuts and Yusuke goes to
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