Thanks to the people that made reviews. I wrote chapter 2 but forgot to post it. so here it is

Chapter 2

"Hey, watch where you're going, asshole!" the boy said angrily.

"Sorry, dude!" Zack said anxiously. He bent down, going to pick up the bag. But the boy snatched the bag out of Zack's hands quickly.

"Uh, that's okay" the boy replied nervously. "I'm Jay, by the way." Jay was a couple inches taller than Zack, with tan skin, green eyes, and dark brown hair, which was styled in perfectly shaped spikes.

"Hey, I'm Zack." said Zack. He looked at the brown bag curiously. "What's in the bag?"

Jay pondered for a moment. "Can I trust you?" He finally said.

"Yeah...sure" Zack replied uneasily. Jay went into the dark alley motioned for Zack to come over. Jay looked around and then opened the bag. Inside revealed a green, grass-like substance.

"Want some?" Jay asked, smiling slyly. "Or are you too big of a pussy?"

Zack acted on impulse. "Sure," he said while holding out his hand.

They went to a secluded, and started rolling the weed.


Meanwhile on Carey's date...

Carey and her date where at one of the nicest (and expensive) restaurants in Boston.

"Thank you, for this wonderful afternoon, Mr. Moseby." Carey said smiling. She was wearing a short black dress.

"Please, call me Marion." Moseby replied. He was wearing a black suit and a red tie.

Carey smirked. "I would also liked to thank you for making this date in the afternoon and letting me rehearse again tonight. I'm so nervous for Friday night."

"Carey, you're a marvelous singer," Moseby reassured her. "You are going to do just fine." He chuckled. "I wonder what the boys are going to think to us."

"Oh, god! I didn't even think of their reaction." said Carey. "They will probably be--"

Moseby cut her off. "Shocked, angry?"

"Maybe. Are you ready to go?" Carey asked.

"Yes, let's leave." Moseby left the check on the table and he and Carey started to walk out the door.