Call The Shots

She wasn't his type. That was for damn sure.

Even now, standing at the pool table in this run down hole in the wall, Dean was positive that there wasn't one person there who thought that they were suited. While he, in his jeans and old leather jacket fitted in perfectly; she looked like she belonged anywhere but there. Her skin tight black pants and well fitting sleeveless top which showed off all her curves made sure that wherever she went, male eyes followed her.

"Your turn." Dean grunted.

Bela smiled serenely and then leaned over the pool table as she took her front. She was completely aware that he had a very good view down her top but she couldn't care less. Dean watched her move, her every move. Dealing with Bela was never easy. Her continual ability to get 'one' over on him was no longer amusing and beginning to become a bother. But it wasn't just that. There was something about her he couldn't put his finger on.

But I'd like to.

He immediately shook that idea out his head. Now was not the time to go down that road. However he couldn't shake the thought that when he got back to the motel room he'd be heading for a cold shower.
Was it because she was a thief and not a demon? He couldn't kill her, no matter how many times he told her he would. No, she was human, not a very nice one but still.

Lining up the cue with the ball Bela took her shot and watched as the ball rolled across and landed perfectly in the hole. Straightening up, Bela looked him and shot him a smile that clearly said, 'beat that'. Dean was all to aware that if he didn't make this shot, he'd loose the bet and the amulet. If he'd had any idea how good she was at pool, he'd never had made this stupid bet.

"How about we make this interesting?" Dean offered.

"A bet? That's funny because I thought that was what we were doing already."

"I win…" Dean ignored her little snipe. "…you tell me what you did. Why you saw that ship?"

If Bela was taken aback by his sudden interest in her past, it didn't show. She remained cool, just put a hand on her hip and looked at him with a curious glint in her eye.

"Why do you want to know?"

Dean shrugged, "Just do."

"What, you think you'll hold me close and listen as I cry and tell you all about my past. You think one event can explain why I am the way I am. You truly think that little of me that you believe I can be defined by one simple story? Do you think you'll feel differently about me if I tell you?"

Dean didn't know what to say to that, what could he say? He didn't even really know why he'd asked her.

"Truth is, you don't want to feel differently. You want to carry on hating me, so why don't you just continue to do that and I'll continue not giving a damn."

Bela smiled at the blank expression on his face. She looked from him to the pool table and back again.

"Give it your best shot."

It took Dean a moment to realise what she'd meant. He moved round to the other side of the table, took a deep breath and made his shot. They both watched as the ball rolled, bounced off the side and away from the hole. He'd missed.

"I win!" Bela breathed.

Dean sighed and ran his hand through his short hair. He could not believe he'd lost. Again. To her. Looking down at the ground for a moment, when he looked up, she was gone. Bela was gone … but the amulet she'd won was where he'd left it, on the side of the pool table.