Once More, Please

By Casper


AN: Yet another chapter for Chase and Cameron.


Disclaimer: David Shore owns em. Not me.


Rated: PG / Rated: T (implied adult situations)

This...was going to be a problem.

He tried not to stare, really he did. But his eyes couldn't stop the journey up those long legs wrapped in fish net stockings. The right thigh had a silk black garter and a huge slit up to her mid thigh in the black skirt that matched the garter.

"I think it would be good to finally see everyone from Princeton. House is probably still torturing interns and doctors to have his way..." Allison turned and found her husband eying her backside up like it was made of gold. She blushed. "Robert..." She trailed when his dazzled eyes finally met hers with haze in them.

"...What?" He asked, shaking his head a little to try and clear the sudden problem with concentrating and blinked. "Sorry. I just can't seem to get my eyes off you."

Laughing, Allison tilted her head to the side. "We can't keep doing this you know. Eventually were going to have to get dressed, stayed that way and leave. And this garter is a pain to get on."

He gave her a once over. "Please? Just this once?"

Oh, the damn puppy dog eyes! Allison cringed. "Damn it. Fine!" She pulled at his belt. "But just a quickie, we only have fifteen minutes."