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Hikari Adams and Banira are starting this series of small one-shots together as a collab fic. It's going to have some odd pairings, but as the title says we're hoping to revolutionize them. It's going to include SasuHana, Saika, ItaSaku, and maybe another. They are all centered around a prompt. The prompt for this one would be names. The other prompts will be for stories of all genres. From tragedy to humor, and possibly parody, we hope these stories will spark interest in the more obscure pairings of 'Naruto'. By showing the various aspects of the characters' personalities, the idea of what a 'crack pairing' can be may change and it may not. These stories are for everyone, and we hope that the reader's enjoy them.

It was a warm summer day, most were inside escaping the heat. Though Sai, clad in his black clothing, was walking around the small village of leaves. He came upon a woman, hair and eyes the color of blood, under a tree. Immediately recognizing her he plopped down next to her, hidden from the sun by the cool shade of an oak tree.

She had been eating a yellow fruit, resembling a pear almost. As soon as he sat down she nearly dropped it in surprise. Sighing, she saw it was only the enigma that she would run into far too much.

He smiled, a fake smile of course, "What kind of fruit is that? I have not seen it grow here."

She wrinkled her nose and took another bite of the fruit. He watched as she chewed, a trace of juice running down her chin.

"It's a quince," she replied simply.

At first glance he had not known what the fruit was. After hearing the name, he vaguely recalled something about it. Though never actually seeing a real one, he had read about them in a book. Up close the quince looked peculiar, even more so when being held by this ruby woman. He decided it was an odd, but strangely appealing sight to see her eating this fruit.

"Ah, aren't those supposed to be bitter raw? I would assume you would cook it so that it tastes different."

She narrowed her eyes and looked to the fruit, "No," she said softly, "I like it bitter…it's not right sweet," she turned her gaze to him, "Did you know my name means quince? It's not native to Konoha, it's mainly found in the northern regions."

She laughed, a sound akin to the taste of the fruit, "It's just like me, bitter and not belonging in Konoha."

Sai then proceeded to snatch the yellow quince from her hand and take a bite. His face lost composure from the strong bitterness, but returned to the calm façade, "Though it turns red and the bitterness leaves once you cook it, once you take care of it."

The tracker's face turned scarlet, "I do not need to be taken care of!"

With an amused grin, maybe not so much fake this time, he spoke, "I was talking about the fruit."

She opened her mouth to say something, but closed it with the turn of her head. The woman had been caught in her fury it would seem, and had been embarrassed because of it. He saw this, wondering if he was supposed to do something to make her feel better. Perhaps there was a good topic to talk about?

"The name Tsunade gave me, one meaning is difference," he spoke, breaking the silence.

Karin turned her head back at him, looking straight in his eyes. Slowly her lips curled to a smirk. The normal Karin was back, "Really?" she laughed, pride lacing the bell sound, "It makes sense, you're so incredibly different after all. It fits you, because you are different from everyone and don't fit in!"

He only blinked in response. That was an insult, or so he thought. Was he supposed to be offended? He wasn't really at all; she had merely stated the truth. Still, he felt an unpleasant feeling when being reminded that he didn't fit in.

His fake smile made its way to his face again. Everything was hidden again, using a smile to cover it up. The seemingly emotionless man guessed she probably didn't know it was a fake, unlike his female comrade.

"But Karin-san," he spoke pleasantly, as if he were not about to insult her right back, but if he were bringing good news, "You are different too, are you not? I believe you once said that you don't fit in either, so we're alike then."

Her expression turned something akin to mortification, "I am nothing like—"

"But you don't have a place anymore, Sakura was filled back in for Sasuke remember?"

"I…" she began in response to being cut off. Her words only trailed off, not being able to counter his statement. That was the thing that hurt her most. In all her perfections everything must have a place, and yet she herself had none. The boastful Karin was not affected by most, but that was the one thing that would cut the deepest. She didn't want to remember that she wasn't as good as that wonderful girl. It had been bad enough watching the stoic Uchiha subtly fawn over the girl, but to be reminded of it when she was just getting over it. It was a harsh comment, and it was, sadly, one that he had not meant to be cruel. He was merely stating a fact, as if he were saying that it was sunny that day.

Once again they sat in silence. Sai remained quiet, afraid another outburst would occur of he were to say something. Karin on the other hand was thinking, her thoughts racing through her mind like a storm. He then observed as she sighed, then paused wide eyed, then laughed. Confused, he tilted his head to the side.

"Saika…" she whispered with a grin. Though it was a bitter grin, the emotion she fit best. She saw that she had lost her companion in her musing and shook her head.

"When you put our names together, it makes Saika. And if you think about it, some meanings of Saika are mistake, catastrophe, accident, and so on. It's funny, when you put us two together, already different and bitter, it makes mistake. It fits doesn't it?"

"Two broken souls, but wouldn't they stay with each other if they had nothing else to hang on to?" he asked.

"I would suppose so, but I guess we are a catastrophe aren't we?" she laughed not so bitterly. Somewhere he took note of it, he liked it when she truly laughed, because it sounded like rich velvet.

It was then that he realized something of his own about their names. Quinces must be treated differently than most fruit. It is only then that they will turn that gorgeous red, that he thought resembled her so much, and not so bitter. So then maybe the different boy does just need to take care of the bitter girl. And maybe, it was that the meaning of their names together didn't mean they wouldn't work, it was just describing those two broken people that clung to one another just to get by.

Sai did not believe in Neji's 'fate', but maybe the white-eyed boy had something with that theory after all. His name, as well as Karin's, could not be a mere coincidence. Names held power, and he wondered just what that power would do to his life.

We looked up the meanings of all the names, and it's slightly funny how well it really does fit the characters and the pairing name itself. It was roughly translated, so it may not be 100 percent accurate. Other than that, thanks for reading!

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