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Summary: Jack downs a few beers then goes to sams trying to say something he didn't have the courage to say

Who's strange?

Jack had finally worked up the courage to knock on her front door. Truth was he knew he should have done this years ago just chickened out, which he was contemplating doing as the door in front of him opened to reveal a very sleepy looking Major.

"Ok so I know that there are these regulations that say all that crap about me not being allowed to love you but the truth is not even the entire Gou'ald fleet could stop me loving you!" he blurted out before she could say anything and before he lost the courage to do so.

She looked at him sleepily opening the door further to let him in. When the door was closed again she said "Jack O'Neill you are a very strange man" and turned away, walking down the hall away from him.

"Okay so not the response I was going for!" he replied following her quickly.

She stopped and turned around to face him with a contemplative look on her face.

"Yes well that is what you get when you come round at…" she looked around for a clock 'damn why don't I have any clocks in my hallway' she thought frustratingly, she grabbed his wrist and looked at his watch "… 0230!" She let his arm drop back to his side without affection.

"I'm going to bed to sleep; now you can come with or you can keep standing there with your mouth open catching dust if you want!" she added before turning her back on him and walked into her bedroom leaving a baffled colonel in her wake. He looked from where she was standing to her bedroom door and back again before making his way to her bedroom he did another double take looking down the hallway before flicking off the light switch and going in.

The morning light was filtering in through the gap in the curtains waking Sam up. She turned over and looked at the relaxed features of her CO's face. Reaching up to lightly touch the stubble on his chin.

"Hey!" she said as his eyes opened

"Hey to you too!" he said a small smile on his lips

"I love you too by the way!" she said a grin on her face as she leaned forward to kiss him lightly on the lips.

"Yeah you better kiss me!" he said with his lips still against hers.

"And she says I'm strange" he exclaimed dropping back onto the pillow pulling her with him.

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