Kitsune-sensei:Konnichiwa minna-san welcome to '10 things sasuke's not allowed to do'

sasuke:I rater it be '10 things sasuke's allowed to do'

Kitsune sensei:well,to bad I'm not bending to your will again this is already under romance.

Saskue:well anything that involves MY Naruto should be under romance. I do love him after all.

Kitsune sensei:-mumbles-more like an obssession with him

Sasuke:did you say something kit-sensei

Kitsune-sensei:nope. Hey you're not here to argure with me, you're here to do the disclaimer.

Sauske:Fine. Disclaimer:Kit-sensei does not own Naruto.I own naruto, isn't that right kit sensei.

Kitsune-sensei:-eating a cookie-huh? oh yeah whatever you said on with the fic

1. I'm not allowed to kill or hurt Sakura for yelling at and hitting my Naruto.

2. I'm not allowed to put love potions in my Naruto's ramen.

3. I'm not allowed to take pictures of my Naruto while he's sleep.

4. I'm not allowed to take pictures of my Naruto while he's taking a shower.

5. I'm not allowed to tell my Naruto that if he wears a sexy maid outfit he can be Hokage.

6. I'm not allowed to kill, hurt, threaten, or scare Hinata Hyuuga for having a crush on my Naruto.

7. I'm not allowed to drop things on purpose and tell my Naruto to pick it up just to look at his ass.

8. I'm not allowed to tell my Naruto he can have man-babies because of Kyuubi even though he can.

9. I'm not allowed to tell my Naruto that the council ordered us to revive my clan.

10. I'm not allowed to call my Naruto "my Naruto", but I do any way.

Kitsune-sensei:well how was it?

Sasuke: I hated it.

Kitsune-sensei:you're just mad cause you can't do what you want.

Sasuke: I'LL KILL YOU!!

Kitsune sensei:You can't I'm already dead and if yu try to I'll write a gaanaru fic

sasuke:you wouldn't.

Kitsune-sensei:wanna beat.-opens 'microsoft word'-