Naruto: The Jinchuuriki Chronicles

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When the world was created, it was looked over by 9 supernatural beings. These beings are known today as the Bijuu. The Bijuu watched the changes the world has undergone throughout the millienia. Prehaps the biggest change came about two thousand years prior to this story. When humans being dominating the earth after the dinosaurs became extinct. That is when the peace that has existed began to go away. Five hundred years prior to this story, nine major hidden ninja villages were developed. One by one, these villages began to discover the Bijuu and, while some trusted the fact that they were only there to protect, some had the thought that they could destroy the human race at any time. So, one by one, starting with the one-tailed bijuu, the Ichibi no Tanuki, they were sealed. As the years turned into decades the other tailed bijuu began to be sealed. Now, as the Ichibi was sealed into a tea kettle, the new sealings were much worse. They began to be sealed in humans at a very young age. These humans became known as the Jinchuuriki, or the "power of human sacrifice", and became a human prison for these Bijuu. These Jinchuuriki were different from normal humans, so, as human nature unfortunately orders, these children were seperated from the rest of society. These humans also were subjected sometimes to abuse. Why you might ask? Well most, if not all, humans believe that Jinchuuriki are simply the human incarnations of the Bijuu, or as they refer to as "Demons", and therefore, depending on who sealed the Bijuu in the child, should be killed in some way so that the demon dies along with the jailer. 300 years after the sealing began, only one Bijuu was left, that one being the strongest, the Kyuubi no Youko. Now most human beings believe that the Bijuu, or again "Demons", are male and have no emotions whatsoever. This however is not the case at all. In fact, of the 9 Bijuu, two are female, that being the Kyuubi no Youko and the Shukaku no Ichibi. And they all have emotions, all 9 of them. In fact, dispite the fact of the 9 being so far apart, they were all very close. They also never have the urge of betrayal like humans have the tendency to do. So, obviously, when Kyuubi was the last one left, she felt very alone and not wanted. So, she cried herself into a long deep slumber. Now, as the 288 years between her sleeping and her reawakening lots of things have occurred. Konohagakure, or the Village Hidden in the Leaves, was formed just 125 years prior to our story by two individuals, the Shodai, or First, Hokage and a man known as Madara Uchiha. He was the founder of the legendary and well-known Uchiha clan. It is said that Madara and the other founding members of this clan were at one time members of another legendary clan, that of the Hyuugas. However, these were members of the lower-class Branch House and were branded by a seal that forced them to a life of servitude. Madara however was different in that about 7 years prior to the founding of Konoha, his eyes changed from the Byakugan white to red and black. So, as the clan was founded, these eyes became known as the Sharingan. As the years went by, two levels were discovered, the comma and the Mangekyo. About three years after Konoha's founding, Madara acquired a rare form of the Mangekyo known as the Eternal Mangekyou. Unfortunately, he then began to become what one Sasuke Uchiha is becoming now, which is arrogant, and, as some including one Minato Namikaze and later on Naruto Uzumaki would say, having a ten foot pole shoved up his ass. Then, just as the Nidaime , or second, Hokage came into power, the Uchiha clan gained so much power that it was planning a takeover of Konoha and making it all-Uchiha. However, a spy was in the clan unbeknownst to them and gave Nidaime the news and Madara and his co-conspirators were expelled from Konoha as traitors. Four years later, he formed a group of nukenins known as the Akatsuki, and became known for their black cloaks with red clouds. For a while, it seemed as though they were just nothing more than a typical gang of mercenaries. However, only two members knew of the true plans of the group. That being Madara and one Orochimaru. He was formerly a member of the genin team who was under the eye of the future Sandaime, or Third, Hokage. He was expelled after it was found that he was doing experiments on comrades and innocents, both enemy and ally, in order to create new justus never before created. But back to the Akatsuki, their true goal was to round up all the Bijuu, whether they be in a Jinchuuriki or still out there somewhere, and become so unstoppable that they could conquer all of the ninja world. However, before Orochimaru could be a part of this, his immortal wishes came into life as he tried to take the body of a fellow member of the group. Unfortunately, that member happened to be a great-great-grandson of Madara, Itachi Uchiha. The reason he was in this group was because he and Madara is planning the massacre of the Uchiha Clan. But why this one's mind reels is that Itachi is not doing this of own free will, but rather, he is under the mind control of Madara that is so tight nothing can break it. Then, after Madara caught this, he order Orochimaru out of the group, and he took off with one of Sand Nukenin Sasori's Leaf spies, Kabuto Yakushi. Afterwards this really made things complicated, as now Madara was forced to change tactics. Instead of an all-for-one strategy, they now split into 5 Groups of two. This is now were we find ourselves in the beginning of our story. Madara was getting tired out of the fact that the Leaf Village was continuing to grow stronger and stronger almost every year. This was especially after the last Great Ninja War, which could be compared to one of another dimension's World Wars. So, in order for Madara to get one less monkey off his back, he decided to recoup with Orochimaru for one more plan, which was part of the plan itself. First, Madara would act as though he was reconciling with the being that one would describe as something close to a snake youki, or demon. Then, they would plan on awakening the Kyuubi no Youko by summoning her and then, they would kill Kyuubi's mate, who was also asleep for the same time period, and their kits as well. Then, since they obviously would have Leaf hitat-ite, or headbands, on, Kyuubi would more than likely take revenge and destroy the village she once was responsible of protecting. And then, after the village is out of commission, they would take it back over. This was around the time that one Minato Namikaze became the Yondaime Hokage. He quickly gained a reputation around the world after the previously said war. He was married to one Kushina Uzumaki, once the heir to a powerful clan in a village that was destroyed back when the original members of Akatsuki were all one group. About three months before the the events that lead up to our story begin, Kushina became pregnant with their first child. When word spread, every Konoha-nin became joyful. Then, just as Kushina was in labor with the one now called Naruto, the Kyuubi did indeed take her revenge on what she thought "Konoha" had pulled and attacked. As the leaf-nin were getting constantly battered by Kyuubis massive strength, Minato decided that it was time to take action. Unfortunately, this had to involve the sealing jutsu that caused the Kyuubi sadness in the first place. And, even more unfortunate, it would have to involve Naruto. So, as Kushina sadly passed away after birth, Minato used Naruto to became the prison of Kyuubi no Youko. Before he performed the justu and sacrificed his soul to the shinigami however, he discovered the whole situation by hearing what was going on in Kyuubi's thoughts and decided that maybe his son, if he was as to be anything like him, could be the one that brings her out of this situation, if he didn't. And finally, his final wish, as he told Sarutobi, who know was to retake his position, was to have Naruto be known not as the Kyuubi herself, but as a hero and the one who is keeping the danger from them. Minato, in reality, made a seal that was to have Naruto's chakra, whenever he acquired it, to be mixed with Kyuubis whenever she awoke in her new cell. Kyuubi, before entering the child's body, discovered that the whole thing wasn't planned by them at all as she remembered that the murderers had a distinct line across the leaf symbol and that these nin, including Minato, did not. And as she entered his body, she promised that with her now jailer, they would find the ones responsible and kill them ASAP. Too bad for both Minato and Kyuubi, little did they realize that their dreams, especially Minato's, would be hard to accomplish, being a Jinchuuriki. Now, as we end this little pre-story, let us mention the two other Jinchuuriki that will be talked about in our story. The first was the one who will hold Shukaku no Ichibi. His name was Gaara. he was ordered to have Shukaku sealed in him after hearing of the Kyuubi incident next door in Konoha by his father, now the Kazkekage. As Gaara's mother passed away, she cursed their village, Sunagakure, or the Village Hidden in the Sand. Our other one is one Yugito Nii of Kumogakure and the one who will hold the Nibi no Nekomake. She had the Nibi placed in her for reasons like most of the Jinchuuriki, to make her an unstoppable machine. We don't know much of this one's history, but nonetheless her childhood would be like most childhoods for these children, that being a living hell of a one. Little does this one, or any others that hear this story, is that these three Jinchuuriki would become a team, a team like no other before them, even the Sannin before them. However, the meeting is one that breaks the heart of every one who hears of the story. It would all start on one night...

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Naruto Uzumaki, the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, finds two other children in his hiding place during the annual celebration of Kyuubi's defeat. He then soon discovers why he has been treated harshly as Kyuubi awakens in her mind. Then, he finds two other children just like him. What's next?

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