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No Escape!
Written By: Sparky16

Edited by: Pikajenn

Greetings. I am Hikou and I have heard many tales over my time but none have been so horrifing as the tale of The Children Of Legend What!? you have never heard of the tale? Then gather round and listen to the tale of wonder, deseption and a child of legend.

It's been one month after
the fifth pokewar, and the pokemon won. The all powerful Mewtwo had lead the pokemon to a glorious victory, and he now reined as king of the world. The humans were punished severely. Adults would slaughtered, shoot, or killed. The children would have their memories, thoughts, and smarts zapped from their bodies and were contained in a generator where the high energy these gave off would be turned into electrical, heat, and other types of energy the pokemon could use. Thanks to Mewtwo's psychic powers, pokemon were as smart as people ... actually they were smarter, more technically advanced and more advanced in any other region a human would ever be. They could talk, walk, and act like people!

The children that were spiritless were kept as pets. They were basically kept the same way pets were kept, but if you want a top quality human you had to get them from top quality breeders. The children were trained and taught to serve their masters, the pokemon!