Chapter 10 "The Final Battle"

The true king hovered effortlessly against the blood red sky as Ho-oh, the true King looked down at the city below, past the Pokémon, past the humans and focused on the four children lying on the ground staring at him in bewilderment. He smiled evilly and gave a chuckle.

"So you are the Children of Legend, the ones that have been causing me so much trouble and I take it you were also the same ones that had freed the Kanto area from my control." Ho-oh explained, his voice was calm but deep.

"But we thought you were dead like the other legendaries?!" Jaime shouted, "It even said so on the sign in the Ice Caves. "To see were that last lie look no further than the Lake of Rage." she quoted.

Ho-oh smiled "Yes well, I never specifically put down that it was me and Moltres, although I was referring to her. I knew someone like you would stubbornly come along sometime and try to stop me so I never mentioned that it was just Moltres at the bottom of the lake. Now, seeing as how you're the Children of Legend I am willing to strike up a one-time deal with you kids. You can either give up now and I'll gladly drain you of your memories and powers and you can be returned to Kanto and live a happy life as a pet or I can destroy you here and now and trust me, it will be very slow and very painful."

"You're sick!" Katie yelled.

"Not sick my dear, just sane. My kingdom is as legendary as I am. Not only do I have control over every government but also the Pokémon and humans as well!" Ho-oh laughed.

"You're horrible, what would ever drive you to treat humans and Pokemon like
this when you're a Pokemon yourself. Hundreds even thousands have died because of your poor ruling!" Jaime said, "We will not give in to you, we will not stop until your bloody carcass is used as a rug for our feet!"

Ho-oh looked angrily down at the four teens, his eyes were beginning to fill with a fiery rage. "Very well humans, I have given you your chance and you have denied to take it so now you can have it your way but I will not show mercy."

"Good, because neither will we." Gary chuckled.

Ho-oh let out a cry of war and that's then the sky suddenly clouded over and went black. The sound of thunder was rumbling lightly, sheet lighting snaked quickly through the clouds. There was no breeze and there was no rain, this was the setting for the ultimate fight that would go down into history and now, whether they were ready or not, there was no turning back. It was now or never.

With a giant flap of his rainbow colored wings, Ho-oh took to the sky and belted out a blazing show of fire down towards the children. However, at the same moment they took each other's hands, powered up and created a barrier just as the fire was about to hit them. Then the children retaliated with a powerful psychic beam that Ho-oh dodged effortlessly.

Suddenly Ho-oh came thundering down to the ground and hit with such tremendous force the ground shook and the kids were thrown off balance. At the same time more houses and building came crashing down causing more explosions and more damage to Blackthorn. The King laughed as he watched everything around him turn to dust in a huge cloud of smoke.

"That was his Earthquake attack!" Gary explained, "And if he does that again we'll never get a descent shot."

"Then we have to attack separately," Jaime said, "Now scramble before the dust and smoke die down."

Ho-oh contained his chuckles as he heard the painful screams of people and pokemon dying at his feet. Suddenly a dark ball of energy irrupted from the dust and smoke and exploded on impact as it hit the side of Ho-oh's face.

Ho-oh took a deep breath and hailed fire down in the direction the attack had come from when suddenly another dark energy ball hit him upside the head. Then another came from the smoke in front of him as another dark energy ball zoomed at him, hitting him and nearly knocking his beak off. Ho-oh was not going to take this harassment as he took a deep breath and let rain scolding hot flames down into smoke and debris. The dust exploded into flames creating mass destruction at Ho-oh's feet.

He laughed but his laughter was quickly followed by another. A childish laugh, a playful laugh, a mocking laugh. Suddenly he saw a figure raise up from the burning mayhem, surrounded by a purplish pink glow. A young girl otherwise know as Jaime and she was smiling brightly?!?

"Oh please is that the best you can do? Do you really think a few tiny little explosions are going to get rid of us?" she laughed merrily. Ho-oh growled, then spouted fire at her, but when the fire was gone Jaime was fine. Her smile twisted into an evil grin "Well think again! MERRY CHRISTMAS BUDDY!!!" She shouted as she let her powers lash out into a massive beam, knocking Ho-oh right off his kilter and then sending him flying right into Blackthorn Mountain. She watched as the gigantic bird took the last half of the mountain down with him and into the hot lava lake. Jaime lowered herself next to her friends.

"You take all the fun," Sean said.

"It's not over yet," Gary said as he pointed back at the lake of molten rock, which was furiously beginning to bubble. Suddenly Ho-oh exploded from the lava in a raging fury. He cried out to his surroundings and suddenly the very ground the children were standing on began to shift then crack and before the kids knew it they and hundreds of tons of bedrock had been lifted into the air. This concluded to one thing: Ho-oh was psychic! But how? With just a few flaps of his wings, Ho-oh turned the children and the rock into a whirling tornado.

The King laughed mightily then blew flames into the whirling tornado and it quickly became a spinning fiery funnel sucking everything into it. Suddenly blue, green, pink and purple beams of light erupted from all sides of the fiery inferno and the tornado stopped dead in it's tracks and broke apart. Then the huge huge boulders hurdled themselves at Ho-oh, knocking him back and scaring him in the face.

The pokemon cried out in pain then roared at the children and suddenly something knocked the four right out of the air and sent them crashing to ground a hundred feet below. A building. Ho-oh had literally dropped a ten story apartment building on them from up above but he wasn't done there, oh no, he then spit a deadly acid onto the pile and a mound of lava onto it and watched it melt before his very eyes. He smiled, the Children of Legend had been defeated.

He let out a laugh of pure evil, when suddenly the sky changed color. Instead of a
blood red sky it turned into a inky black and the storm clouds began draw fork lighting instead sheet lightning. Suddenly a bolt stuck the very center of pile of acidy lava and the cry of Zapdos rang loud above.

"Wha?" Ho-oh said, as he looked around but unable to see the bird. Then the
harmonious songs of Articuno and Lugia wavered and a small beam of pure light ripped a hole through the clouds and shone down onto the wreckage.

Suddenly Ho-oh saw them. The Legendaries flying high in the sky but why were
they transparent? Ho-oh gasped in realization, it was not the true legendaries, it was their spirits and what they were trying to do was most noticeable; they were calling to 'them.'

"NO!!!" Ho-oh shouted.

Another bolt of lightning stuck the middle of the pile and the children suddenly erupted from the rubble. They were scared, bruised and battered. They were weak and Ho-oh knew this and he swooped down and grabbed Jaime then swooped back to the volcano and dived towards the lava pool at an alarming rate.

"JAIME!" the children screamed in fear as Ho-oh dove into the hot plasma lake with Jaime in his talons. Ho-oh released the girl and quickly reemerged and then flew triumphantly into the air and let his laughter boom across Johto.

"NO!" Gary screamed and he lashed his power at the bird. Suddenly Ho-oh's
laughter turned into a cry of pain. He looked down at his rear to see that his beautiful tail feathers had exploded right off his rear. Ho-oh wasn't too happy of the sudden and unpleasant draft, nor was too proud of the boy that now wore a headdress of rainbow colored feathers.

Suddenly Gary cried out in pain and fell to one knee, clutching his chest near his heart. His link with Jaime was killing him. Since the two were Joined they could share the same thoughts, same powers and in this case the same fate and there was nothing anyone could do about it. Once Joined, always Joined and you couldn't ever break that bond.

Darkness, nothing but darkness surrounded a small spirit.

"You must go back and defeat him." A deep voice echoed into the empty soul.

"I can't." it replied.

"You will, You must destroy him." the voice ordered.

"But you can not destroy a Legendary." Jaime's sprit pointed out.

"I know." the voice said.

"But please, tell me who you are!" her spirit pleaded.

"You must go back and destroy him." The voice urged again.

"But how, I'm dead as is my chosen."

"No, not entirely. I will give you that one last chance. Remember, alone you
are strong but together you are invincible!"

"Who are you?!" Jaime's spirit shouted, but the darkness was quickly being swallowed up by a light, and Jaime felt herself slip into unconsciousness. Then within the depths of the Magma, a blue aurora formed itself into a human and remained as a protective barrier for the unconscious girl. Suddenly Jaime was propelled up towards the surface.

Gary and the others were lying on the ground Ho-oh had taken full advantage of their moment of weakness and had literally dropped the blows of all blows on them. The children were almost to the point were they wished that he would finish them off. Suddenly something exploded from the lava lake and they all looked to see Jaime floating unconsciously in mid air. Sparks of magic swirled round her and the blue aurora quickly engulfed her and with a brilliant flash her clothing had changed into a white flowing dress and cape.

The bare butted Ho-oh screeched and flew towards it's new objective to destroy when a sudden flash of power from the unconscious girl blew him back. Finally she was lowered onto solid ground and she opened her eyes to stare at her foe.

Her hair shone and waved in the hot wind, her complexion still sparked with the magic that remained. Ho-oh spat fire at the girl but Jaime calmly raised her hand in front of her and held the fire back with shield.

Ho-oh didn't like at all but before he could attack again Jaime allowed herself to be engulfed by her powers and lashed out at Ho-oh with a deadly psychic blast. The blast caught Ho-oh and sent him into a huge wall of rock and rubble at breakneck speeds, and when he hit Jaime heard a loud snap come from the bird; she had broken his neck. Finally she psychically spoke as she slowly walked forward towards him and her friends.

"For years you have caused great misery and suffering to all people and
pokemon alike. Killing adults and treating the children and pokemon like animals, mere play things. Pokemon have died in your name and you show no remorse. You have conquered us and tortured us. You heart is full of evil and those who have killed want revenge. You have murdered and destroyed many. Do you deny it?"

"No" Ho-oh said in a deep evil tone.

"Then so be it. It all ends here Ho-oh. You will cause no more suffering, you have done enough damage. Asta lavista birdie!" and with that Jaime looked at her friends. They slowly got to their feet and when Jaime held out her hands, they all took each other's hands, and stood in a circle. Then the same aurora that had surrounded Jaime earlier shone and traveled through each child, restoring their strength and engulfing them. Then magically replacing their clothes to white outfits. Katie wore the same as Jaime but without the cape. Sean wore the same as Gary, white pants and shirt, the same Gary wore at his Joining. Then together they chanted out, "As one we are strong but together we are invincible," and at that same moment Ho-oh began to rise off the ground, and float high into the air, then hover over the children.

"You can not destroy a Legendary," Ho-oh claimed as he struggled against the
psychic bond that was holding him.

"I know," Jaime chuckled, "But we can destroy you!" she said coldly and Ho-oh
gasped in fright. Then, as the children concentrated, they let their powers swallow them, and their bodies and spirits dissipated and formed into a large energy ball, each the color of a child's power. The energy balls glowed brightly as they flowed in place for a second. Then they charged at each other and merged into a swirling mass, then the swirling mass of energy shot up as a beam and impaled the bird above, and quickly expanded, dissolving the king's body as it expanded.

Then the energy made his head explode and globs of pink goo landed on the pokemon below. The beam then exploded and bits of magic began to fall towards the ground, and as it did the ground and everything on it began to light up, and everything around began to restore itself! People and pokemon were revived; building and ruins were rebuilding themselves, the landscape was returning to its beautiful self.

Suddenly the cry of Lugia, Zapdos, and Articuno echoed out happily as they flew out from the ice cave and the happy cry of Moltres could be heard as well as he flew towards the others; all of them very much alive and well. The people and pokemon that had been frozen within the ice cave were now beginning to emerge to bask in the warmth of the sunlight that was now shining through the disappearing dark clouds.

When the glow of the ground vanished, the entire Johto region had been fully restored to its rightful state as it was before Ho-oh had taken over. Everyone looked around for the heroes of the day but they were no where in sight. All anyone could see was a stream of colorful magic glitter across the bright blue sky.

3 years later

Mewtwo stood on the balcony of his castle. Things had been restored to the best of their abilities and there were only a few differences. Mewtwo was now king and that's the way all people and pokemon wanted it because he was a wise ruler. People were revived and living their normal lives once more. The Pokemon kept their abilities of speech, intelligence, and so on, and together with the humans they worked in harmony to develop a brighter and better world. The search for the Children of Legend has still continued to this very day and Mewtwo had just received word that a human girl was wondering through Viridian forest. Mewtwo was doubtful. They had received many tips like that and each time it was usually a prank or a false alarm.

"Your Majesty, we've found something." The Captain of the guards reported to

"Show me." Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo was lead to a hospitalized room where he saw a young teen, worn and
weak lying in bed. A small incubator was in position beside her bed. When Mewtwo looked into it, he saw an infant boy sleeping peacefully. Mewtwo went to the girl's side. "Kateline" he said softly. Katie looked up to see Mewtwo standing above her.

"Findbefore it's" she said with gasping breaths. Then she fell into a dark slumber, never to wake up.

Katie was dead.

Mewtwo looked at his guards and shouted with great urgency, "Quickly, search the cities towns and forests. I want every single guard and officer in my kingdom on the search for the last child. There's one more out there and we can't let that one perish. Don't just stand there you buffoons! GO, and that's an order!!!"

"Yes sir!" the captain and others shouted, and they ran out of the castle. Then, before Mewtwo's eyes, Katie's body disintegrated into sparkles of magic and disappeared. He figured that's how psychics perish; they leave no corps. Mewtwo shrugged. No matter, he had to get to Mark and Sora's to tell them the news.

It wasn't long before Mewtwo had arrived. At first the two pokemon had feared that Jaime had been found dead, but when Mewtwo had told them the news their hopes soared. Ray was also there and he too heard the news and Jaime's possibility of being a mother. Ray shook his head. "No, I'm afraid that's impossible. A few years back, I had performed a small procedure on Jaime by injecting a strong poison into her that would kill any eggs she had. Although the poison won't harm her, it prevents her from getting pregnant unless the poison is flushed out." Ray explained.

"Then perhaps Katie meant find Jaime before she died." Mewtwo summed.

"That's a possibility." Mark said.

Out in the forest, a young soul, weak, hungry, and tired, continuously marched
towards a planned destination. Guards were everywhere, she heard them yell, "Hunt her down," and she would avoid them as she had been doing the past two years.

Her will kept her going even though she was tired. She had not slept in the past week, trying to keep going and knowing that the time was near and drawing ever closer by the minute. When her friend had collapsed the guards had taken both her and her young. The boys had gone with the promise they had made to keep going no matter what the odds. She was close to her destination and as she emerged from the forest, she could see it, a little farm at the crest of a hill past the mareep pasture. She quickened her pace, she would make it, she would be back where she belonged and she would go where she felt most lovedhome.

The opening of the kitchen door caught everyone's attention and they rushed in to see a young figure in a black cloak collapse on the floor. They all rushed to her aid and when they removed the cloaks' hood they nearly jumped for joy. Jaime had returned to them.

Mark carried the exhausted human to her room where a proper and comfortable bed awaited her, and there Ray would get her a check up. Ray seemed to be in with Jaime for quiet a period of time, making the others worry that something was wrong, but when Ray appeared from the room he was smiling. "Well, I certainly now believe that miracles happen."

When they entered the room, a wonderful sight met their eyes. Lying next to
Jaime, wrapped in soft blankets, was a little baby girl fast asleep, her mother fast asleep as well and cuddling next to the child. Mark and Sora cuddled Jaime one last time before the exited the room and went to the main room to celebrate. After a few hours passed and Mewtwo felt a strong tug within him. Something was happening and it had to do with Jaime, so he drew himself away from the crowd of Mark and Sora's friends and went to Jaime's room. When he entered the room she was awake and she smiled when she saw him.

"I wondered who I would reach," she said weakly, "You're just the one I need
to see."

"Do you need something?" he asked.

Jaime nodded "I do."

"What?" he asked ready to get her some food or a drink but Jaime's request
would be much deeper.

"I won't be around much longer and I need you do something for me." she said.

"No, we have doctors that are going to take care of you and your offspring."
Mewtwo explained but Jaime shook her head.

"No, it's much to late for that now but I need you to do something for me and
for the others. Sort of like a last request." she paused on those last words.

"Anything." he answered.

Jaime smiled and nodded. "First off, my baby. Emery is her name and she is to be
raised by both you, Mark and Sora, as is Don, Katie, and Sean's son."

"So you have chosen names for them."

"We have, they are names from our family heritage." Jaime paused to sigh before she heaved herself to sit up and though Mewtwo was going to stop her she argued not to stop her so he helped her. She closed her eyes and focused her powers into the palms of her hands, but her powers weren't the only ones within her. Like in the beginning, Gary, Sean and Katie had handed their powers back to her and in her palm appeared four colorful crystals. A Pink one, a Purple one, a Green one and a Blue one. Each representing the four children's powers. She fell back against her pillows, careful to avoid young Emery. She handed the crystals to Mewtwo and explained, "Build four small shrines. One to the North, one to the West, one to the East and one to the South. Place one crystal on top of each shrine. Our powers are within those crystals and will protect the Johto and Kanto regions from danger. Please fulfill this last request."

"I will" Mewtwo said.

"And tell Mark and Sora that they've been wonderful parents and I wouldn't want them to change. And Mewtwo?" Jaime said.


"I can honestly say that you were the greatest pokemon I've ever trained and it was an honor to know you." Jaime commented as she coughed.

No, Mewtwo wasn't going to accept the fact yet, he wasn't ready yet, no he
wouldn't let her go, Jaime could tell.

"Mewtwo, even though I'll be gone doesn't mean I'll be gone for good." she said.

"What do you mean?" he asked confused.

"I'll be living on in your heart, as long as you don't forget me and you don't forget who you are."

Jaime motioned for him to draw closer and with the last of her strength she sat up and hugged him tightly. This time Mewtwo wouldn't hesitate to return the affection like in the olden days after they won battles at gyms, but still Mewtwo had to know something. "Why didn't you give up on me when I was so cruel to you?"

There was a slight pause before Jaime answered "Becauseyou're my pokemon
andI careabout you," she answered in a soft whisperish tone. He held her
tightly and a twinkle of a single tear formed in his eye. He could feel her breathe and hold on tightly to him when slowly but surly her grip gave way. Mewtwo looked down at his former trainer and knew the reality. She had slipped away in his arms, then like Katie before her, she disintegrated into sparkles of magic and vanished.

Mewtwo was caught between many emotions but never showed any. He wiped the
lonely tear from his cheek and then carefully but gently picked baby Emery and looked at her. She had her mother's features and looks. The baby smiled at the King pokemon, and at that point Mewtwo swore that he would keep Jaime's spirit with him, and tell both Don and Emery the tale of their parents and their act of courage and bravery to rid the lands of a horrible king that caused much misery and suffering.

As for Jaime's request, Mewtwo was true to his word.

He had build four shrines at the edges of Kanto. One at the farm to the West that held the pink crystal, Jaime's, one at the forest where they four had traveled to Johto in the East; that held the blue crystal, Sean's. One at the beach where Gary met Jaime to the South and had the purple crystal, Gary's, and one to the North, the Castle's gardens held the green crystal, Katie's, to mark her grave. People and pokemon gather to these shrines on the day the king was destroyed to honor and give thanks to their freedom and to commemorate the lives lost in the pokewars. As for Emery and Don, they would grow up to know what heroes their parents really were. The tale of the Children of Legend would not be forgotten and is continued to be told to this very day and some say, the can still see the four of them laughing, telling jokes while sitting on a cliffs' edge just like in the days before the wars.

The End

Answers: How many of you were smart enough to figure out Ho-oh's secret? and the hidden message at the end well here are the answers.
Ho-oh's secret: This ho-oh was actually a ditto!!! Yes a ditto. The parts that should have given that away was when the the Mysterious talk said the following!

"You will, You must destroy him."
the voice ordered.

"But you can not destroy a Legendary." Jaime's sprit pointed out.

"I know." the voice said.

And finally the globbs of pink goo that came from the exploded head of Ho-oh was not brains it was ditto goo! (oh pleasent :p) I don't know what happend to the real Ho-oh!

Hidden Message: And the hidden message was this, but let me point out something first. If you all have notices Jaime had been the brave one, the all guts and brains person of the story but when she knew she was leaving' she was scared for the first time, I mean really scared though she was to stubron to show it as her character had pretrayed through out the whole story. Mewtwo as we pokefreaks know is the most powerful pokemon in the world, Mewtwo IS power and strength. now the message, Jaime was scared of dying and she had ran out of strength to keep her own fear back. When the two hugged Jaime saw Mewtwo as the strength she needed to come over her fear and she wanted to hold onto that, even if the strength was not hers. If no one gets this please e-mail me and I'll try to explaine.