Luffy was staring right into her pale eyes, and she was staring right back, into his black, as their dnace brought then nearer and nearer. 'He's so close...

Their faces were incredibly close, and Nami was drawing closer to the two, still not having seen them yet, thanks to the thick crowd. 'She IS really cute...

And they both had no IDEA that she had even showed up. Miyami's pale orbs flickered down to his lips as the slowly spun round, enjoying the slow song. And Luffy noticed that brief glance down to his lips. And to tell the truth, he really didn't mind. After all, it WAS valentines day...


Luffy sighed as he was jerked out of the memory by the sensation of navy blue hair tickling his nose, the sensation making him sneeze a bit, into his napkin. And he looked up into the pale eyes of Miyami, who smiled down at him as Nami got up to yank him to his feet. "Come on Luffy! Let's dance!" He chuckled as he leaned up to kiss his second girlfriend, then they both pulled him into the crowd, and he forgot all about reminiscing as the three danced to their favorite tune. "Okay okay! I'm coming!"


Byakuya let out the first laugh in a long time as Soi-Fong twirled back into his arms, followed a split second later by a giggling Yachiru, who nuzzled her pink head into Byakuya's chest as he caught her, and she was having the time of her life right now. "Having fun Byaku-kun?"

He smiled warmly as the two beautiful women leaned up to kiss him Yachiru on the left, and Soi-Fong on the right, then the three of them heard the fast paced tune, and they enjoyed themselves as they danced the night away. Now THIS was heaven."I am now." Then one of his rare grins spread across his face as he twirled them out, just as the Sandstorm song began to play.

He was truly happy now. "Now let's party like there's no tomorrow!"


Lee, now in his released form, but not as muscular, crossed his arms over his chest, before he blew a strand of blue hair out of his eyes (remember now, his released form is Broly) now wearing a white muscle shirt over his chest, and still the same pants as he always wore. A grim smile appeared on his face, as watched everyone dance, a resigned look on his face as he watched everyone having a good time. "It would seem that this is a most festive occasion. Although it is a shame that I seem to not have a-

Then he felt someone tap his shoulder, and he looked over it to see a girl with long orange hair, brown eyes, and clad in a simple light purple tank top and a dark purple skirt. And she looked extremely nervous, as she tented her fingers in front of her, much like Hinata always used to do. "Um...Would you like to dance with me?" Intrigued now, the student of Gai took her hand in his own and kissed it, drawing a small blush from the girl, as his blue eyes gleamed out at her. "And may I ask you your name?"

She stuttered a bit, taken aback at his kind demeanor, whereas on the outside, he looked truly fearsome."Sasame. Sasame Fuma." Lee nodded at this, he had heard about the Fuma clan once or twice. "Well then Sasame Fuma, my name is Rock Lee." Her eyes sparkled a bit at his kind manners, like she had found her night in shining armor. "And I would be honored to dance with one as beautiful as you."


Sarutobi wore a smile on his aged features as he looked down at the party. "It would seem that we have quite the crowd assembled for this occasion. And a rather large one at that!"

Then a familiar voice caused him to turn around from his place on the balcony. "It sure seems like it, you old geezer." The Third Hokage stiffened a bit at that, but then he recognized the voice, and turned around, to find none other than Jiraiaya, a cup of sake in his right hand, as he smiled warmly at his teacher, who gave him a big bear hug, despite his age. "What's up gramps?"

"Jiraiya! Its good to see you again! But What brings you here?"

But then, before the legendary pervert could speak, another voice did, this one feminine, and sounding quite drunk behind Jiraiya, just as a blond woman grabbed his arm, making the perverted sannin shake his head in embarrassment as she leaned on him, her hazel eyes hazy from drinking WAY too much again. "What, ya fergot about lil ol me?"

Now, the old man burst out into laughter. "Tsunade! It is good to see you again, and with Jiraiya nonetheless! But what brings you two here to the village?"

At this, the drunk sannin seemed to sober up, briefly, that is. "We're not here for the party, although I have to admit, (hic) they DO have some great (hic) sake here!"

Jiraiya sighed in exasperation now as he shook his head. "What's she trying to say is, (and failing quite miserably, I might add) is that we found out that Orochimaru is on the move."

Sarutobi frowned now. "Already? What is he planning this time"

Jiraiya looked dead serious now, for indeed he was, despite the pounding music and flashing lights. "The Destruction of the Leaf. He's going to strike during the Chunin Exams."