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Chapter one

I closed my eyes as I sighed basking in the hot Phoenix heat for probably the last time, ever. Ugh, Forks Washington, I think I've finally lost my mind nothing but coldness and rain. Both of which I detested with a power, but when it came to my mom's happiness, I would go to the end of the world and back for her. I guess you could say I was a momma's boy, but when you grew up to only having a mom around and a dad you'd see for a month once a year you tend to make your mom your best friend.

But here I stood in the crowded of Phoenix International Airport bidding my mom goodbye.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Renee asked as looked up into my eyes silently pleading me to reconsider, but I saw past this. She knew if I stayed I'd hold her back from Phil, Phil was her new husband who traveled a lot due to the fact that he was a baseball player in the minor leagues. I also knew that he made her the happiness she's ever been in many, many years. And I knew I could never do that to her.

"I'm VERY sure" I said reassuringly as I hugged her a final time smiling softly.

She reached up and placed both her hands on the side of my face, "I love you, call me when you get settled"

"Of course, I love you too" I turned and walked towards my gate looking out to the sunshine for a final time.

"Tell Charlie I said 'hi!'" She called waving. I waved back and boarded my plane.

During the four-hour flight from Phoenix to Seattle, another hour in a small place up to Port Angeles, I thought about all my childhood memories spent in Forks, the summers I spend up there visiting Charlie, all the fishing trips with Billy Black and Henry Clearwater and playing with all the La Push kids. Remembering spending half my visit cooped up in the house due to the rain and I groaned as I tried to prepare myself for all of this for the next year or so.

I then remembered the hour drive from Port Angeles to Forks, I knew it would be very awkward. Me and Charlie got along great but he never really was in my life so there really was nothing to talk about. I was praying for a comfortable silence between us and a very fast drive home.

When I landed in Port Angeles I wasn't surprised to see the rain, I sighed as I pulled out my parka and threw the hood up. And there was Charlie in his police cruiser, I also expected this but found it very embarrassing.

"It's good to see ya, Ed" Charlie said smiling as he hugged me awkwardly. "What has Renee been feeding you!? You've grown a foot seen last year!" He exclaimed teasingly as he grabbed my suitcases and loaded them into the cruiser.

I chuckled as I claimed into the car settling for the hour of awkwardness that I knew was ahead. I glanced at Charlie's face as he got into the car and I knew he had some 'exciting' to tell me.

"so," He started, "I got you a car" a grin spread across his face proud of what doing something good for once.

I smiled, "oh really?" I asked interested.

Charlie's face fell a little, "er, it's a little older…."

I raised an eyebrow, "how old?

Charlie's face fell slightly but I noticed, "well, he bought it back in 1984. He's done a lot of work on it though!! The thing runs great!!" Charlie exclaimed, he knew how much of a car fanatic I was.

I sighed, "well how much was it?" I began calculating how much money had to see if I was able to pay him back.

"Free, Billy's in a wheelchair now so he doesn't have much use of it."

Hm, old and free just my luck. I smiled, "thanks Charlie, you really didn't have to do this for me"

Charlie grinned sheepishly, "It was nothin' really"

And so began our comfortable silence…

As we pulled up to the house the first thing I noticed was the big red truck parked by the curb and I winced, it was nowhere near my taste in cars. In the corner of my eye I caught Charlie eyeing my cautiously. Once parked I hopped out off the car and ran my hand along the side of the car as I checked it out.

"Thanks dad, this is great!" I beamed.

Charlie looked a little uncomfortable but nodded and was like "I'm you like it, I just wanted to make your stay here as nice a possible. I knew that this was he way of showing he cared I smiled again and lightly punched his arm.

"You're doing a great job."

Once inside I headed to my bedroom on the west side of the house facing the front yard. My room had basically been the same ever since I was a baby except for the fact that there was now a bed instead of a crib and a desk with a computer so I was able to e-mail Renee. Also a few summers back me and Charlie built shelves for me to stash my music collection, but by the look of the shelves and my one suitcase alone filled with CD's I knew I needed to build more.

I sighed as I got to work unpacking, once I was done and finally reached to the bottom I found that Renee had snuck in a picture of her and I and I felt a tug in my chest as raw emotion crept up. But I pushed them back, Renee was happy now and that was all that mattered. I placed the picture on the desk and headed downstairs. There, I found Charlie on the couch watching the game. I headed to the kitchen to grab a coke to join him.

"Hey Ed," Charlie called,

I peeked my head slowly around the corner raising a suspicious eyebrow, "yes?"

"Do you mind cooking dinner? I mean I would say order out but I don't get paid till Friday."

I sighed but nodded I wasn't much of a cook but compared to Charlie I was a culinary chief! I had Renee to thank for that. With her experiment cooking I had learn to cook by fixing her mistakes into something edible. I looked around in the kitchen to find a box of noodles, frozen meatball, and sauce. Looks like spaghetti was on the menu tonight.

I hummed a tune as a cooked once in awhile joining Charlie in the living room to catch some of the game.

Dinner was...nice, I began to belive that maybe things between me and Charlie wouldn't be nice. After everything was cleared off and I had showered I popped in a CD and lay in bed thinking about how school would be tomorrow. I was dreading it, I got along great with people partly due to the fact that I was so great at reading people almost as if I was reading their minds that I was able to avoid awkward situations and confrontations. But starting over again was not something I was looking forward to.

And as Coldplay played softly in the background the tears that I fought so hard to push back in the beginning of the day now sprung up on me once again and this time I let them go freely.

What did I get myself into?

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