A/N: Okay, so I lied

A/N: Okay, so I lied. I am done with this story. Don't expect too much more from me any time soon. The baby is coming soon! I'll have some one UD for me to let yall know when she gets her.

Lot's of love to all those who have stuck with me threw my first fan fic, and then continued with this one. (rin & kyo's fav just to drop some names)

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WARNING! Graphic lemon - harsh language!

"Bel-la!" I gasped. I was about to cum. She looked up to me with wicked eyes, my wide cock still embedded in between her swollen lips. With that, she took my entire shaft into her throat and sucked hard, swallowing my entire release. I went soft momentarily and she took the initiative to lick every trace of fluid from my sensitive dick and balls. She laid on top of my chest and kissed me. I eagerly obliged. But now - it was my turn for fun.

I flipped her over onto her back and growled deep in my throat. She let out a brief squeal of shock, then laced her fingers in my hair. I took one of those beautiful nipples into my mouth and sucked on it's bud being cautious of my teeth. When all I got was a light whimper, I flicked the tip with my tongue. She moaned harshly. Still not enough. I wanted to make her scream my name. I placed one hand behind her lower back, and used the other to get rid of the lacy fabric that hid her hot core from me. she gasped again. I slid one finger inside of her, reveling in the heat and wetness.

"Mmmmm…." She purred. I added another and began to pump in and out of her molten cavern. "Edward-" she began to pant.

"Yes, my love?" I teased, releasing her tit. She whimpered.


"Please what, love?" I said against her earlobe, flicking it with the tip of my tongue.

"Edward! Fuck me already! I can't take any more!" she wined.

"Patients love, patients." I hummed into her neck as I added a third finger. Her hips bucked in response. I moved down to her opening, kissing her parted thies. I in hailed deeply enjoying the intoxicating aroma she offered me. I with drew my fingers and licked the white cream that lingered from her pussy, then I enveloped my tongue into her warmth. Her hips thrust up of their own accord and pushed my face further into her mass. I grabbed her ass to bring her closer as I ate her to oblivion.

All the while she was screaming my name, getting louder, and louder the closer she came to her climax, and when it finally hit, I drank in every bit of it, so much sweeter than her blood could ever be. I traced a trail from her opening, across her clit, up her folds, navel and stomach, to her neck, and finally her mouth, where I stole her in a kiss. She eagerly accepted and replied with wild passion.

I broke away so she could breathe. She looked up at me, her cheeks flushed a beautiful red. I kissed them and pushed my erection against her wet pussy. The wicked glint returned to her eyes, and her hand shot down and put my fat tip at her hole. She shoved her hips against mine, enclosing my cock into her about an inch. I didn't need to be told twice. I thrust into her, all the way to the hilt. Instead of the rebuke of pain I expected, I was met with a loud passionate moan and her legs shot up into the air. I smiled widely and grabbed her ankles. I pounded into her, her tight pussy matching my hard cock thrust for thrust. We climaxed together, screaming out each others name in euphoria.

Then, I bit her.