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"Alice," I hissed as I beckoned the spiky haired female over to where I was, "so, how's my wedding going to turn out?"

Normally, this would be a really stupid question to ask. Of course everyone would say, 'oh it's going to be great!' But they didn't know the future, because they were a vampire. And further more, they wouldn't see the future.

The spiky haired vampire closed her eyes, a frown appearing on her thin lips. She opened her eyes to reply to what I said before Rosalie came over and interrupted. This was unusual, something was fishy around here.

"Oh come on Bella," the shockingly beautiful, blonde haired vampire moaned, "you know that it's going to be fine."

From her tone, I would tell that she was somehow trying to hide something from me. How did I know? Edward. Being the over-protective fool he was, no matter how much I loved him, he would always lie to me to keep me 'safe'. I glanced in Rosalie's direction, trying to get her to spill the means.

Rosalie saw that I was looking her direction and gave an innocent smile before skipping to Alice's side, murmuring something in her ear so low that I couldn't hear. Stupid overly-sensitive vampire ears.

Alice nodded once more turning to face me, "Rosalie's right. You're wedding's going to be a blast!" She said with a giggle that I couldn't help but believe. Still something was strange. I knew that Rosalie was trying to be nice to me and everything, but I didn't expect her to pop up out of no where and reassure to me that everything was going to be ok. No, something was wrong here.

"Alice, tell me the truth" I hissed back, trying to fix an angry look at Alice, which proved to be harder than I thought.

"This is the truth Bella; it's going to be ok."

The answer seemed plain; far too plain for Alice. I stared at her again, this time with a 'I-know-you're-not-saying-everything-you-know' look.

"Going to be?" I asked in return, sighing hopelessly.

"Oops," Alice laughed, "let me rephrase that. Everything is and will be ok. Though you might not like what I have in store for you after the wedding!"

This time, I couldn't say anything back. She had something else in store for me. "Not a party…" I managed to whimper, my eyes still on Alice.

Alice gave a happy, bubbly laugh before skipping off, leaving me to finish dressing up.

I looked down at myself and remembered that I still had on my pair of jeans and an old T-shirt. I sighed softly to myself and quickly tore off my pants and shirt before shrugging on my beautiful white dress that Alice had some how acquired for me. So much more not letting the Cullens not waste any money on me. Throwing off my ragged black tennis shoes, I stomped around the rather large bride's room, looking for the matching white shoes. After a moment I found them, hiding. I pulled the shoes, which look dangerous to me, and tugged them on with some effort.

"Knock, Knock!" I heard at the door. Instantly, that grabbed my attention, making me stand up too fast, making me fall back down. Stupid heels.

"Bella?" Alice popped her head in as she heard my crashing on the floor. I didn't blame her. With all the trouble that I attract, just a simple fall could have made the dress be fitting for a wedding with a vampire.

"I'm ok" I growled back as I stood up, more slowly this time, rubbing my backside. "And Alice, why the death trap?" Pointing at my heels, I stared at Alice, looking for an explanation.

"Oh come on Bella, someone's going to be holding on to you the whole walk down the isle. You would fall! Edward won't let that happen."

I clearly knew that she was right and I stood no chance of winning an argument with her.

"You do this" I said, adding emphasis to my heels, "but you can't change me into a vampire"

A frown appeared on Alice's beautiful face, "Bella, you know that I'm worried about accidentally killing you."

If Edward was here, Alice would have defiantly have gotten a mouthful of his fist.

"I know Alice," sigh, "But couldn't you somehow like… Get me more comfortable shoes?" I gave Alice a 'pretty-please' smile, hopping she would say yes.

"Sorry Bella, but this is going to be your only wedding as a human, and I can't let you pass out on the experience!"

I could tell that she was lying.

"Come Bella, it's time!" Alice finally said after what seemed like 10 minutes of silence. She pulled my arm and dragged me to where Renée, Charlie, and Phil were.

"Wow, Bella, you look amazing!" Charlie said, making me blush.

He walked up to me and embraced me before he took my arm with a proud smile on his face.

"Ready Bells?"

I could tell that he himself wasn't ready. He and Renée of course didn't want me to get wed this early. They both thought that getting married early wasn't a good idea. They wanted me to go to college 

and get married after I'm thirty or something. But no way was I going to be thirty years old when Edward was going to be forever a teen. No, nineteen was already hazardous enough.

"Nervous?" Phil asked from behind me. I gave a faint nod in return before I heard the piano playing the formal wedding piece that I called, 'here-comes-the-bride'. I quietly hummed the piece to myself as I stumbled down the isle with many people's eyes on me. Of the people, I could tell some of the people there: Jessica, Angela, Ben, Connor, Mike, Eric, and… Jacob. Wait… Jacob?!

"Bella? Is there something wrong?" It was the velvety voice that I knew and loved.

I looked up at Edward, strikingly beautiful in his black tux. Wow. And I thought that he couldn't get any more beautiful than he already was.

"Bella?" He called again with a worried look on his face. Sometimes, it's a pity that Edward can't read my mind.

"No, it's nothing" I quickly whispered back with a smile, and the wedding continued.

The whole wedding, I heard nothing. I was too absorbed into Edward, and Edward only.

"I do" I heard him say after a while. And before long, he looked down at me and nudged me, mouthing the words, 'I do'.

I then noticed that it had been my turn to reply back those faithful words. I turned to find that Emmet was standing in front of us. Edward didn't go back on his word after all. I smiled and replied in a proud, yet quiet voice, "I do."

"You may kiss the bride."

With that, Edward leaned down to my face, and his cold lips pressed against mine, as gentle as ever. I felt Edward's lips slip off and I opened my eyes to meet his adoring glaze.

As with the time Emmet was talking, I continued to look at Edward's angelic features through out the whole wedding. Except for the picture taking when Renée somehow managed to get my attention to the camera.

"Say cheese!" I heard the camera guy yell out, trying to get everyone's attention.

"Cheese?" I replied back, a moment before I heard the camera click.

The huddle broke apart soon and Alice was soon by my side, "Oh Bella, you're going to love that picture!" She said in between giggles.

"Alice? You didn't see anything because Jacob was there… Am I right?"

Alice froze and I heard her mutter something unintelligent under her breath though to Edward and the rest of the vampire family, it was clear as a bell.

I awaited Alice's answer patiently. I had already pushed my luck to its extent with the heels, no need to push it any further.


"So you lied to me about the surprise?" I asked, seeing Alice's gloomy mood and hoping that I could clear her up. After all, the wedding was a success and Alice was the only one that I could thank for that.

As I had intended, Alice's face immediately lit up, "Nope! That I know for sure that you're going to scold me, even a little!"

I glanced up at Edward to send him a help signal, but he didn't seem to be standing next to me anymore. Wow, he was fast. I looked around for Edward, and found him next to Jacob. I gulped as I remembered our Wolf guest and ran towards Edward and Jacob. Too bad I still had my heels on.

"Bella!" I heard Edward gasp and I could feel the pain rippling through my arms. Good, I caught myself just in time.

"Alice, I told you that these heels were just a death trap!" I managed to growl as Edward lifted me up and into his cool, hard chest.

I looked up from where Edward was holding me, and everyone was gathered around us in shock. I guess it wasn't everyday that the bride fell on the floor flat on her face from her high heels. I blushed and my face turned crimson red as I buried my face into Edward's chest in embarrassment.

"Bella," Edward's soothing voice whispered into my ear as I silently fumed to myself. "Bella," he repeated, "it's ok, no one's looking. And everyone was just worried."

"But I must have been the only one that ever…" I mumbled the last word so that Edward wouldn't be able to understand what I said. Too bad he did.

He chuckled and first, then pulled me away from his comforting chest and looked at me, "I'm sure it's been done before."

I suppose he was trying to help me there, but pulling me away from him did no good. I saw Jacob in my eye shot, and he was looking down as if he had done something big, and bad. I was glad to see Jacob still in one piece. After I noticed Jacob at the wedding, I was almost sure that he would have torn himself into pieces by the picture taking with the 'stench' of vampires that he couldn't 'stand'.

"No eavesdropping Edward." I mumbled as I managed a smile, and then walked towards Jacob cautiously trying my best not to fall again.

Jacob was the sad old Jacob that I knew and loved. Well, maybe not the same. Of course, he had grown slightly bigger and his hair seemed to be a bit longer than it was the last time I saw him. I gave him a weak smile as he looked up at me. Probably smelled Edward on me. I looked back at Edward to see him still watching me and threw him an angry glare. He promised don't to eavesdrop, and he surely wasn't going to break it.

"Hey Jake" I said, my tone sounding brighter than I felt at the moment.

"Bella!" As he said my name, his voice and eyes seemed to light up as if I was the only thing in the world that he wanted. "Bella," he mumbled his eyes somber once more, "that blo- I mean, Edward…" Jacob paused, as if he tried to make the words in his mind sound right, "he's going to change you. Into one of them I mean."

I tried to look away, but those puppy-dog eyes were something that I couldn't just ignore.

"Listen, Jake," I offered with a clouded expression, "I want this."

"But the treaty!"

"We'll go away first." I heard Edward's voice from behind me.

"Edward!" I growled at him, shocked, "You said you wouldn't eavesdrop!"

Edward just shook his head, his glaze still on Jacob and Jacob didn't seem to have anything else to say to Edward, seeing that Edward could just read his mind and reply to him that way.

Even though Edward had promised not to listen in, I was half glad that he did. I don't know what I would have said if he hadn't come. It wasn't like I could make a decision for the Cullens, even though I was also a part of the Cullen family now.

"The treaty has no boundaries." Jacob growled at Edward, breaking the silence.

My eyes instantly turned to Edward to see his expression, only to find a blank, cool, and collective look as always. Though his expression said other wise, I could tell that he was quite annoyed at Jacob.

"And you can't get someone else to turn Bella for you."

"So that's what this is?" I said angrily at Jacob, "You came to our wedding just to lecture Edward on how he can't change me?!" I was really mad at Jacob. He didn't even congratulate me even once.

Edward ignored me, "That wasn't part of the treaty."

And Jacob ignored him, "No, it's just… A warning I guess you can call it. I didn't come just for this…"

"Then what else?" Even to me, my voice sounded a bit too harsh. He came after all though. I tried to soften my expression, but they stood at their angry state.

"Listen Bella," he said, lowering his voice, "I love you and I know you love me too…"

"Just not the same way I do Edward Jake. You know that." This was going for the worse. Though Jacob knew how to control his rage and all, I couldn't risk him changing in front of Charlie, Renée, and Phil. "Jake, I want this. Don't you want me to be happy?"

"But I don't want you to change though."

"I'll still be Bella. I'm just changing physically to make me more…" I searched for the right word.

"Durable" Edward finished for me.

Once again, Jacob took the liberty of ignoring him, "Bells, I know you want this now, but trust me. You'll regret it later!" Jacob looked desperate to get me to change my mind. But that was NOT going to happen.

"Jake… I'm sorry." I couldn't say anything more. It would just hurt him. I would hurt him more than I already did. I looked up at Edward for help, and he put his arm on my shoulder, and we turned around, walking away.

"Sorry Jake" I mumbled once more over my shoulder, "I love you."

"Just not enough to make a difference…" Jacob mumble back, his expression still solemn.

"Guess who caught your bouquet." Edward seemed to be trying to lift the mood. Too late.

"Huh? Who?"

"Me!" Alice popped in between us, exactly on Edward's on time. I guess that wasn't really hard to do if one was a fortune teller and the other could read minds.


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